Perseverance landing tomorrow

Good luck little friend
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  1. Hal Rounds says:

    I shall be glued to the TV watching the landing on Youtube tomorrow. We watched the Curiosity landing some years back, it was very exciting. I wonder what the view of Mars from the spacecraft is now, must be spectacular.

  2. Larry C Johnson says:

    Site looks great.

  3. The Twisted Genius says:

    I remember watching the landing of Curiosity. That seven minutes of terror is an apt description of the mission control center during the landing. That’s where all the action will take place since we won’t see squat from the Martian surface. The apprehension and exultation exhibited by those rocketeers at mission control is worth watching.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      NASA have wisely gone the full Hollywood this time. There is a look up camera to capture parachute deployment and the descent stage has a downward facing camera to capture the crazy rocket hovering sky crane part. The lander itself has both upward and downward facing cameras and a microphone. Should be quite the show. The attached link has a good illustration.

      Anyhow, I’ll definitely be tuning in live – well around 11 minutes behind Mars time like the rest of us. Shame we have to wait until the 2030’s to get the rock samples back to Earth for analysis.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      My bad, you are right. I now see the data upload speed is the limiting factor. Still shots of the landing will be forthcoming after the fact – assuming it is a success.

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        Even if we have to wait, all those cameras and the microphone now on the rover should give us a thrilling account. I hope some of those cameras are video cameras. That one short video released by the Chinese of their Mars explorer entering orbit was terrific. It only showed the craft vibrating from the rocket firing to slow it down, but it was exciting compared to just still pictures.

  4. Walrus says:

    Its landed safely. What a great demonstration of American technology.

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