“Pete Hegseth says Hamas ‘must be crushed:’ They’re trying to ‘wipe Israel off the map'”

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the brink of causing a full-out war after Hamas, the terrorist organization in control of the Gaza Strip, rained down rockets on Israeli civilians – leading to Israeli retaliatory strikes against the radical militant group.

The latest escalation in the region is considered to have caused the most serious bloodshed in the longstanding dispute since 2014. “

“The issue is one of the world’s longest and most controversial conflicts. Fox Nation’s Pete Hegseth recently traveled to the region, where he spoke with residents on all sides to offer viewers a detailed history of the conflict as documented in the exclusive Fox Nation documentary, ‘Battle in the Holy Land.’

“Hegseth told ‘America Reports’ on Thursday that he traveled to the Holy Land to give viewers “the context of what the state of Israel faces from Hamas and from its enemy who wants to wipe them off the map.”


Addressing the recent escalation in the region, Hegseth said it is critical for viewers to “understand why this war is so important for Israel, and why Hamas must be crushed.”

Comment: Who is the man Pete Hegseth? He is an arch Zionist who has the Crusader Cross tattooed on his right breast a foot tall. Is he a Jew? So far as I he is some sort of upper Midwest Holy Evangelical Protestant sporting the most Catholic of symbols, the Cross of the Five Wounds. His animosity toward the native peoples of the levant is disgusting. he believes that God is a real estate agent who renewed Theodore Herzl’s lease on the Holy Land. What a fool! God did not give the Jews someone else’ property. Thy simply took it by force majeur.

The Israelis are extremely good at blowing smoke up the ass of people like Hegseth. They know a victim when they see one. pl

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18 Responses to “Pete Hegseth says Hamas ‘must be crushed:’ They’re trying to ‘wipe Israel off the map'”

  1. John+Merryman says:

    It’s tribal. There is no give and take, no yin and yang, when you’ve been chosen by God Almighty.
    If Hamas is hiding behind the Palestinians, does that mean the Zionists are hiding behind the Jews?

  2. mcohen2 says:

    the whack a turkey is about to start

  3. Leith says:

    We dodged a bullet when the DAV, VFW, and the Legion convinced Trump to pull Hegseth’s nomination as VA Secretary.

  4. Bakshish says:

    Look, the old antisemite is back, a bit more foggy, speaking gibberish, nevertheless, still full of hate.

    • Carey says:

      Commenter “Bakshish”: can you say a little about the power-relations between
      Israel- and their many powerful, interested backers- and the Palestinians?

      Thanks so much,


  5. EEngineer says:

    The real question is if the kid even understands those symbols have ANY meaning at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just thought they looked cool, or bad ass, or whatever when he rolled into the tattoo parlor at 2am lit up like a Christmas tree.

    We used to say some people were born without self awareness just as if it were a form of mental retardation. The current generation of youth have been so bombarded with stimuli overload that even most of those who posses the seed of it have never had the calm necessary for the reflection it needs to develop.

    • Carey says:

      > The real question is if the kid even understands those symbols have ANY meaning at all. <

      Good call, IMO: poor dude Hegseth likely doesn't even know (or care!) what it's shilling for: "they paid me.. what's the problem?"


  6. Pat Lang says:

    Ah, The old hasbara is back.

  7. Matthew says:

    The public relations campaign from the latest attack on Gaza did not go as well as Israel had hoped. The panic is palpable. And the Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham videos with Netanyahu were an absolute embarrassment to the Great Republic.

  8. Yeah, Right says:

    …”where he spoke with residents on all sides”…

    I have no interest in watching his nonsense, but I might hazard a guess that what he means by speaking to “all sides” is that he started out by talking to some Zionists in Tel Aviv before going and speaking to some Zionists in Hebron.

    You know, in order to be “fair and balanced”.

    Or is that being too harsh?

  9. d74 says:

    ” the Crusader Cross tattooed on his right breast”

    Bad omen: the Eastern Christian states collapsed as soon as the West stopped supporting them, some 800 years ago. Izzies, and their supporters, must become smarter if they are not to suffer the same fate.

  10. Christian J. Chuba says:

    I do not pretend to be an expert but if I just look at the sequence of events, Hamas acts rationally. At the very least they are trying to keep the support of the Palestinian population.
    They fired a salvo of rockets at the peak of the Jerusalem eviction / Mosque provocation after giving a short but actionable warning and they offered a ceasefire within the first 24hrs. This allowed Hamas to show they unlike the PA, they are trying to both do something and not using the people as canon fodder.

    I still believe that the only reason Netanyahu stopped after 11 days was that he had a real fear that Iron Dome was going to be depleted and lots of Israelis were going to be killed / hurt, at least much more than they are used to (next to none). So Netanyahu offered a ceasefire. If I am right, then Hamas had a choice. They could have kept up their missile attack since they were on the verge of exacting revenge but instead they accepted the ceasefire. They did the second to keep the support of their population who would be pissed off if one got turned down knowing how ruthless this IDF is.

    In short, even Hamas, as extremist as they are, are more concerned w/survival than in dealing out death to Israelis. Maybe I am wrong, but unlike Pete, I am not imposing a narrative on the world, I am trying to understand what I see.

  11. Mal says:

    He gets paid to spread lies, reads of the script, you can’t work in MSM otherwise. To contextualize his sputum one should run pictures of the Palestinian children the IDF uses for target practice along side his pic; balanced reporting, right?


  12. Pat Lang says:


    People like Bakhish keep areoind for group amusement.

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