“Poland wants to give Ukraine Leopard tanks as part of coalition’

Used Wagnerites

“Poland is ready to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine that Kyiv requested, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced on a visit to the eastern Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Warsaw is willing to deliver the tanks “within the framework of an international coalition,” the EU member’s head of state said after meeting his Ukrainian and Lithuanian counterparts.’

Comment: Why not? The Ukrainians are fighting their battle for them. pl

Ukraine-Russia latest: Kremlin clashes with top mercenary leader over Soledar claims (telegraph.co.uk)

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4 Responses to “Poland wants to give Ukraine Leopard tanks as part of coalition’

  1. Whitewall says:

    “Used Wagnerites”
    Love that caption. May their numbers increase quickly. Especially occupied uniforms.

  2. Jimmy_W says:

    That’s a nice way to reduce tank types in their fleet. Will Abrams be next to go?

  3. Leith says:

    Better choice than the Brit Challenger I’ve been told. They are both 3rd generation armor. But the Leopard has more mobility, more horsepower and better tracks. And it has a better gun system.

    As someone said: “go to America for aircraft, UK for electronics, Germany for tracked vehicles”.

  4. Bill Roche says:

    W/i the confines of an int’l coalition; and who might they be? Poland, Lithuania (friends old are new again), and will Finland and Slovakia be next? Note this is not NATO but what the TTG mentioned last March … an East European Defense Coalition. Yes Col. Lang you are right. Ukraine is fighting the battle for all eastern Europe. As I have posted (ad nauseum) this is fight against a resurgent Russian Empire. Putin would rtn to 1914 and Zelinskyy and others say that ship has sailed. Better for all Slavs if the fight is finished in Ukraine. Hungry and Bulgaria ought to get a move on as well.

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