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ON BOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM KAZAKHSTAN — Pope Francis on Sept. 15 backed Ukraine’s right to defend itself from Russia’s violent, seven-month-long invasion, and, for the first time, appeared to lend his support to other countries that are supplying Ukrainians with arms and war material. “To defend oneself is not only licit, it is also an expression of love toward one’s homeland,” Francis told reporters during the seven-and-a-half hour flight back to Rome following a three-day trip to Kazakhstan.

Francis characterized the decision of other nations to supply arms to Ukraine as a “political” calculation that “may be morally acceptable” under the right conditions. But he cautioned: “It can be immoral if done with the intentions of making more war.”

While the pope backed Ukraine’s right to self-defense, he also reiterated his earlier calls for dialogue between Russian and Ukrainian leaders. “I don’t exclude dialogue with any power that is at war, even if it is with the aggressor,” he said. “It may smell, but one has to do it.”

While both the Vatican’s secretary of state and its foreign minister have previously offered a cautious justification for supplying weapons to Ukraine, the pope’s remarks marked the first time he had directly addressed the question.

Francis spent three days in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian nation and former member of the Soviet Union that shares a 4,700-mile-long border with the Russia Federation, as a participant in the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. The Congress gathered global interfaith leaders to promote coexistence and anti-extremism among world faiths.

During his first day in the country, Sept. 13, Francis blasted the war against Ukraine as “senseless and tragic.” On the following day, the pope criticized religious leaders who seek to justify war and violence, which was widely viewed as an implicit criticism of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who has used religious language to justify his support for the invasion.


Comment: So it seems Putin and his war is enough to piss off the Pope. Back in the early 80s I remember the rumors of Jan Pavel II entertaining the idea of leaving the Holy See behind and joining Solidarność when it went underground to join the battle to free his beloved Poland. Would have been a hell of a statement. As it was, I also remember when the Pope visited Poland and General Jaruzelski was shaking like a leaf when he greeted him at the airport.


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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Hi Pope!

    Can Theo La Tippie Canoe play too?

    China: Balancing a flounder in gRussia and Dan Gree Americans;

    Germany and Russia

    Sorry, girl’s money, “Russia” has us and sia init and in Cyrillic s is c making sia into ..
    So maybe da Coke’s on you.

    Mr Zeihan can be a bit enthusiastic but he is selling his consulting services so being downcast would be a downer.

    He says that Germ Many seizing Russian Physical Ass ettes foretells serious beezwax histormically. Is Z for Zuess, Zeus or Suess? It’s a mountain setting. He has a beard.

    Thank you,
    Mister and Misses Theo La Tippie Canoe of Miss Understandey Land, LandyLandia

    • LeaNder says:

      He says that Germ Many seizing Russian Physical Ass ettes foretells serious beezwax histormically. Is Z for Zuess, Zeus or Suess? It’s a mountain setting. He has a beard
      Your guy is wrong. German didn’t/can’t nationalize Gasprom & Rosneft, they use the legal tool trusteeship. Serves to calm people working for the firms in the east and elsewhere, quite a few. Guys you won’t loose your jobs. Trusteeship isn’t = nationalization/expropriation


      BACKGOUND, Instead of nationalization or expropriation
      What is trust management?
      Status: 09/16/2022 5:36 p.m
      Control of the funds
      Controlling the assets is particularly important. The Federal Network Agency supervises the assets of the companies managed in trust. This means: No money can be withdrawn to Russia.Nevertheless, it is not a takeover, so it is not a nationalization. The trustee does not take over any company shares. The companies – Gazprom Germania and Rosneft Germany – remain in the possession of the previous owner. You keep your turnover, profit and loss. After the end of the temporary trust management, the companies can be continued as before. In the case of Rosneft Germany, the trusteeship is initially limited to six months.

      Puppets on Strings … If we would nationalize the firms, we would need to compensate Russia. But that’s not what you guys in the US wants. Or do you? Does Zeihan?

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Thank you. A large part of what Zeihan does is cheerleading which is double edged. He will marshall data impressively and he works with a huge fund of historical reference. If you watch him you’ll see he has to remind himself to show empathy and he does so with his characteristic cheerfulness. So he’s smart enough to understand that when he giggles after outlining how China will crash to half it’s population by 2075, it doesn’t make a particularly good impression on people who can visualize just how much suffering and misery that entails. But he sees what he sees and he thinks it’s urgent that the wakeup calls go out. Could his lack of empathy be due to his childhood as an Orphan? Orpheus returned from the underworld (and singers are sirens and they are vitally important) and did anyone have a childhood worse than Oedipus who tried to save Thebes? Anyway, thanks again.

    • LeaNder says:

      By the way Forth.a.L.
      the guy is reporting from Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

      And sorry, for the mess. Only very late did I copy and paste your second to last paragraph, and forgot to close html tags.

      • Fourth and Long says:


        Go-to the article on the leaked Branding iron document in pdf form. Is it a legit site? I ask bc they feature a Vitamin D article on same front page and that is often a tell here in ameritopia that crewss are loose but not always. It says Germany being weakened is a carefully thought out US policy which they knew or estimated would occur if R could be provoked into attacking Ukraine. See p 3 for executive outline. Could be a Zimmerman telegram hoax fabrication for all I know.


        • LeaNder says:

          I read about the Rand document rumor. Noticed it made it into a Wikipedia page by now. But have no intention to take a closer look.

          It no doubt mirrors a strong anti-German sentiment in the US coming and going in the most diverse groups of the society. I guess I would miss it if it would disappear. 😉

          We deserve it, don’t you think? We shouldn’t dare to spent that much on social security instead on military and weapons, completely against American desires for decades now, don’t you think? And shouldn’t we have shouldered Greece debts. So Americans can invest again more securely there eg. in the quite promising Israeli-Greece-Cyprus energy triangle for Europe? And don’t get me started on North Stream 1 and 2. Wasn’t it easy to see, America successfully stopped all Russian energy pipelines into Europe successfully for more then a decade? How rebellious was it to ignore that? They think, they are their own masters. In what illusionary world are they living. Please???

          • Fourth and Long says:

            I’m a strict conservative and like to build on the traditions of the past. I’m very annoyed at the decrease in arson, looting and general riotous disorder. Only two million illegals in through the southern border? Why so few? Well, I better stop before I really start feeling nostalgia and want to have history taught in schools again or dabble in crazy ideas like arms limitation treaties or considering insider trading by Congress a conflict of interest. Now take me back below that Mayo Petey transportation line! Oh poll facts, poll facts, how I love you how I love you my dear old poll facts ..

  2. Leith says:

    Someone has passed the ammunition to the Ukrainians. But it was retreating Russians not the Lord. They left behind huge caches of 152 mm artillery rounds and 125 mm tank rounds in Izyum.

    That and the 350+ captured Russian tanks and almost 400 captured Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicles make Putin the biggest contributor of weapon systems to Ukraine.

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    What the Pope says is of no value anymore. He lost his credibility long ago.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Malcolm Nance lost his credibility too. (He never had any with most people). And they said the same about Nancy Pelosi. But she’s in Armenia (the H is silent so why include it) where the Russian flags were replaced with the Stars and Stripes. No one takes what the grand duke of the child molesting takes seriously, not if they have two braincells to rub together. But why start there? Virgin birth? Maybe the practice of confession led to priests hearing tales of children being molested by their parents and relatives and rather than ruin families and communities there were priests who took it upon themselves to falsely say we do it too, and take the sins upon themselves? No, more like – see, you can talk to us about it, you need to seek help.
      The point isn’t his lack of credibility? No, you’re right, it is, especially given the history of some church figures during WW2. The point is that a warrior culture is draping itself in holiness by using him as a puppet? The point is that the supreme suspension bridge salesman of all time is back in business because blood can be sniffed in the water? Sorry. I agree with you. But another point is that someone else whose name starts also with P has lost credibility. And a bunch of powerful European countries including the US just proposed security guarantees to Ukraine independent of Nato and it’s article 5.
      Same day the popesickle made this announcement.


  4. Leith says:

    Some RU cannon cockers were apparently not happy with The Pope’s comment. They reportedly shelled a bus carrying Cardinal Krajewski on a humanitarian mission along with several others in Zaporhizhzhia Oblast.

  5. JK/AR says:

    I am, personally, a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian branch of the faith but as I’ve watched this video of a, presumably, Catholic Fellow I find myself wondering “with” his issues


    Is it spelled ‘principles’ or is it spelled ‘principals’ I’m wondering?

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