“…  reports capturing many POWs.”

” Ukrainian troops expanded their territorial gains Monday, pushing all the way to the country’s northeastern border in places, and claimed to have captured a record number of Russian soldiers as part of the lightning advance that forced Moscow to make a hasty retreat.

A spokesman for Ukrainian military intelligence said Russian troops were surrendering en masse as “they understand the hopelessness of their situation.” A Ukrainian presidential adviser said there were so many POWs that the country was running out of space to accommodate them.

Blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flags fluttered over newly liberated towns across a wide swath of reclaimed land. The Ukrainian military said it had freed more than 20 settlements in 24 hours. In recent days, Kyiv’s forces have captured territory at least twice the size of greater London, according to the British Defense Ministry.”

Comment: I hope the Ukrainians understand their responsibility under international law to care for these PoWs. pl

Ukraine reclaims more territory, reports capturing many POWs | AP News

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  1. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Down Range..I Am now Going to See What Comes Out of the Meeting Between
    President Xi and V. Putin next Week September 15th and 16th In Uzbekistan
    in Smarkland..at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization..Money Matters For Sure..
    Other Options..??

  2. blue peacock says:

    Russian troops surrender en masse as they realise ‘hopelessness of their situation’ amid Kyiv’s lightning counter-offensive


    This is the smart decision for many Russian soldiers. For those claiming 64D chess withdrawal while asking the question where are the POWs – c’mon man be patient. It takes time to process all these people and weapon systems.

    • Fred says:


      The obvious retort is that this means Ukrainians have taken so many prisoners that their offensive has stalled. I’m surprised that the usual suspects haven’t said that yet.

      • Sam says:


        IZIUM/1330 UTC 13 SEP/ UK Intel discloses that the prestigious Russian 1st Guards’ Tank Army has been destroyed. This top-teir force is the largest single unit lost by Russia since World War II. Information is evolving, but captured RU troops may number in 10s of thousands.


        It would appear that the Ukrainians will need time to digest their gains if those surrendering are in the thousands. They’ll need to be shipped to camps where they would need to be fed and provided medical care.

        In any event this counter-offensive has got the Russian military on their back foot.

        • Pat Lang says:

          No. If they allow themselves to lose momentum, the r probably screwed. Tag’em and sent the to the rear under militia guard.

        • Fred says:


          The Russian 1st Guards’ Tank Army of 2022 is nothing like the veterans of 1945. Neither is the generalship seen to date.

  3. Bill Roche says:

    The best way to win international respect and always admiration from your enemy, is to show decency in handling POWs. The reverse is obviously true. Pray the Ukrainians understand that. They need international acceptance as the legitimate state they are.

    • ked says:

      given the war crimes committed against civilian Ukrainians by Russian forces, it is indeed important to treat them according to those norms. may not be easy, though.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Yeah, that is one of the reasons officers still exist. As one of my senior grunts once said to me” We don’t for you to tell us how to fight.”

  4. Mike B says:

    Given the Russian love of shooting “deserters” to stiffen morale, wouldn’t Ukraine be smarter to simply push those Russkies close the border across the border and let the escapees fight it out with what remains of the Russian army?

  5. different clue says:

    I have generally avoided commenting on these strictly military progress-related threads in order to avoid making my ignorance of military affairs too big honkin’ obvious.

    There may be an aspect to the subject of this particular post which is not strictly military. That is this . . . before the Russians actually invaded, these threads and many commenters were willing to address the subject of the amount nazi-type attitudes and sympathy-centers here and there in Ukrainian society and armed groups. When Russia invaded, such concerns faded into the background. When the RussiaGov spray-painted the word Nazi on every wall and facet of Ukrainian society, such concerns faded even more.

    But how carefully were Azovi/Banderi/Pravy Sektor and Svobodaform types of people sprinkled throughout the Ukrainian warfighter groups and organizations? How much power do they excercise over the Ukrainian government decision makers, given their possible willingness to use threats and/or violence against those decision makers to get the decisions, actions and permissions they want to do what they want to do? Who will make and carry out decisions about how to treat these POWs? Members of the vast Ukranormal majority? Or not?

    And how much Russian warfighting weakness might be due to many Russian soldiers’ lack of belief in the rightness and justice of their cause . . . waging what could look and feel like a war of colonial conquest against Ukraine? How many Russian soldiers and civilians firmly believe Crimea to have always been Russia’s ever since Catherine the Great’s conquest, and to have never been any part of Ukraine, Communist Party gift-giving to the contrary notwithstanding? And if the vast majority of Russians see Crimea that way, would their morale based on justice-and-rightness of the cause return to them if they felt called upon to defend their Crimea from Ukrainian Conquistadorial ambition? Is that a possibility which the Ukrainian authorities really want to test?

    ( If these thoughts and questions are without merit, I assume I will be told that, and I may even be told why).

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