KAZAKHSTAN. Major trouble. Started, they say, with the doubling of the price of LPG but now clearly another “colour revolution”, complete with a “leader” who is out of the country. (Page 121 in RAND report). Korybko, Escobar and Bernhard worth reading. President Tokayev promises to be “as tough as possible“. CSTO troops already on the ground and very strong counter-actions underway. We’ll soon see if I was correct in what I wrote. But the authorities’ reaction is promising: lay down your weapons or be destroyed. Who wants to live in Ukraine. Libya, Afghanistan or other recipients of NATO’s democracy promotion? (Interesting speculation: “The best way to root out such problems is to let them unfold first as it reveals the actors.”) My guess is that the authorities will regain control pretty quickly.

TWO DIFFERENT LEAGUES. NATO likes to gas on about its quick reaction forces. Russian spetsnaz were in Kazakhstan 13 hours after Tokayev asked for CSTO help (agreed). More are coming.

PRESS CONFERENCE. (Rus) (Eng) Very much internally-focussed, not so much about garbage disposal as in the last couple of years (I guess it’s getting better) and markedly less of “Batyushka, can you fix my roof?”. Foreigners given less opportunity to pose, hector and interrogate. But those who did gave Putin a chance to put the Russian POV: “And you are demanding guarantees from me. It is you who must give us guarantees, and you must do it immediately, right now..”

A THOUGHT. I have long been puzzled why Putin has evidently fallen for the COVID hoax (yes, Virginia, there’s a disease there but it’s not very deadly and mostly kills people with one foot in the grave. I’m just a simpleton who looks at the data: check out Canada’s official data on ages of deceased.) I think that Waggaman is on to something here: Putin may be, as Atlas might put it, being “Trumped”.

GUNS. New things keep coming. The S-500 SAM tested in Arctic (I wonder how many of NATO;s weaponry has been). The S-550 is already in service. Volley-firing of Tsirkons. An American study finds that one little Russian ship has the same hitting power as two of the USN’s main destroyers. Palate-cleansers, so to speak, before the security talks.

DOESN’T MAKE ANYTHING. Another monster icebreaker: four-metre ice.

RUSSIA DOESN’T FORGET. Two suspects in the Khattab/Basayev 1999 invasion of Dagestan arrested.

BRITISH INTERFERENCE IN RUSSIA. Hackers – Underside – have released documents showing London’s investment in “democracy” “civil society” and so on in Russia. (Docs) (Docs) (Docs). All sounds very nice but it’s aimed at subversion. Imagine the reaction in the West if it had actual documents from Russian sources rather than invented nonsense like Putin weaponising humour.

MEMORIAL. Memorial International and Memorial Human Rights Centre have been shut down. Whatever Memorial was when it started (and I remember it from then) getting money from the UK for LGBT matters is some distance from its beginnings in the 1970s.

NOT JUST FOR KILLING PEOPLE. Tank art and – look down the comments – tank bartending.

WHAT RUSSIA WILL DO IN UKRAINE. My bet anyway. “Товарищи, отойдите подальше!” But only if it has to. And maybe Kiev is seeing reality: sees no troop buildup at the border now. But Kiev doesn’t control the Ukronazis. Lieven suggests “Finlandisation” for Ukraine: it’s a solution, but I don’t see it as likely these days. But Ukraine did start out with neutrality hard-wired into its Constitution…

A GOOD THING TOO: the P5 have just declared “We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” Now if US/NATO would only understand that they can’t win a conventional war against Russia, maybe we could all calm down.

THOSE PESKY RUSSIANS. “Putin outsmarts EU as new China gas deal to pump ‘same amount’ as banned German pipeline“. The commenters are pretty scornful of the absurd headline.

THE DEATH OF IRONY. Make up stuff, get caught, whine.

TABAQUI REPORT. Just after saying only “winners” can demand, Borrell demands.

EUROPEANS ARE REVOLTING. Poland next? Now, if only Warsaw could realise that, in terms of values, it and Moscow are singing from the same songsheet…

NEW NWO. China’s Excellent, Very Good Year.

UKRAINE NPP. I very much hope this report is not true.

THERE ARE NO NAZIS IN UKRAINE. The New Year’s march is becoming a Kiev fixture too.

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12 Responses to RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 6 JANUARY 2022 by Patrick Armstrong

  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Thanks for your sitrep Patrick.

    Mike Whitney’s interview with Moscow-based Riley Waggaman is a depressing read. It truly does appear that Putin has not fallen just for the “COVID hoax”, but for the entire WEF Great Reset agenda – which Waggaman describes as being aggressively implemented in Russia. Hard to believe that the same guy who gave that famous televised dressing down to Russia’s oligarchs has sold the country out to a different bunch of international oligarchs, but the evidence seems overwhelming. I just can’t see someone of Putin’s caliber not understanding exactly what it all means. Thank God there is some vocal resistance in the State Duma.

    FWIW I agree 100% with Waggaman’s assessment that forms the title of the interview; “I Believe We Are Facing an Evil that Has No Equal in Human History”. The biggest surprise for me is not that a group of ruthless and very wicked men would dream up a plan to enslave humanity, but that so few would fail to see what is happening right in front of their eyes for what it is. We are at the edge of an abyss and this one stares back hard.

  2. Christian J. Chuba says:

    If you think Putin / Russia reacted quickly to the unrest in KAZAKHSTAN, just wait until our elite Treasury Dept. springs into action and imposes more sanctions (global trade embargo) against Russia and even Kazakhstan without wasting any more winter days.
    Covid is not a hoax. Russia is averaging 2x the death rate of the U.S. after squandering an early response and vaccine development
    They are underperforming the U.S. and we started a Cold War w/China to cover up our incompetence

    Russia has been averaging 1,000 deaths a day. A normal flu season would result in less than 20k deaths per year. Drink bleach, nothing to see here.

  3. I believe that Kzahstan was induced to sign a disadvantegous contract with Chevron under which the
    country’s oil/gas has been exploited with only a pittance remitted to the country.

    Given the current situation, with a color revolution instigated by NED of the USA, Chevron’s country, would it not be sensible to attribute the unrest to Chevron itself??
    In that case would it not be appropriate to SEIZE ALL CHEVRON ASSETS in the FSU??? Worldwide??

    Just asking,


  4. Babeltuap says:

    Covid is a hoax. It can’t be isolated. If it was not a hoax the US would have shut down the border. They refuse. It has also been proven the most effective way to implement a vaccine is by NOT using restrictive measures. Dr Donald Henderson who rolled out smallpox, the most successful vaccine implemented said it would never work. People would lose trust in governments. And looked what happened…meh. Now why do the exact opposite of what he said? Because it is a hoax.

  5. ISL says:

    Tank Art!!! Thanks.

    Color revolution Kazakh suggests President Putin has his answer about the Blob / Borg and its response to the ultimatum (irrespective of what sounds issue from the mouth of President Biden).

  6. Martin Oline says:

    The Ukraine NNP link is easily overlooked but very alarming, and not just for the terrible advertisements. It informs that the power utilities are going to run all of their poorly maintained nuclear plants at the same time. An excerpt from the link “A new experiment with the inclusion of all units at the same time against the background of the deplorable state of nuclear power, can lead to fatal consequences for the entire country.”
    Perhaps Putin would be well advised to keep his troops far away from Ukraine. Soldiers that glow in the dark make good targets.

  7. TonyL says:


    I wish Covid-19 were a hoax! So far more 800K deaths in the US.

    Covid could kill 10% (34 million) of the US population who are diabetics. And it could also kill about another 10% (37 million adults) who have uncontrolled hypertension.

  8. different clue says:

    Here is a story I have just stumbled upon which if it is true could have very big impact on Ukraine and parts of Russia near Ukraine. Is it true? It is presented as being true. I offer it in case it may be considered worth being looked into.

    • different clue says:

      ( Now that I read the Russia Sitrep Report more thoroughly, I see that Mr. Armstrong had already himself already seen this article and posted it. Shame on me for not having noticed he already did that. At least I can console myself with the thought that it had indeed been proven worthy of being noticed. And lets hope it all works out less badly than it could).

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