RED LINES. Eng. Rus. Putin lays them down: “we will insist on the elaboration of concrete agreements that would rule out any further eastward expansion of NATO and the deployment of weapons systems posing a threat to us in close proximity to Russia’s territory… we need precisely legal, juridical guarantees, because our Western colleagues have failed to deliver on verbal commitments…” What do you do when someone is threatening you, lying about you, breaking every agreement, getting closer and closer to you? Salami tactics: each step is small but there’s always another. Eventually some thin slice will be one thin slice too many. I think that this is the last time Putin & Co will ask; I really get the feeling that they’ve had enough. Read the speech yourself – the important bit is short and the Western propaganda mill will distort it. As the joke goes, it’s not a threat, it’s a promise. Kinzhals off the US coasts? Poseidons lurking at every port? Burevestniks in a holding pattern just offshore? How about these things? Destroy the Azov Battalion to illustrate will and capability?

PUTIN-BIDEN. Neither side is saying much about it (Kremlin, White House). Maybe the only significant outcome is this: “The two leaders agreed to instruct their representatives to engage in meaningful consultations on these sensitive matters.” Western propaganda predictable: “warning“, “warns” “confronts“, “strong response“. There are reports that Biden is telling Kiev to back off and Doctorow sees Western propaganda easing a bit. A NATO/Russia meeting is coming. The Saker is hopeful. Want my take? First tell me who’s in charge in Washington: all I see are bulldogs fighting under a rug and nothing to indicate that Washington is agreement-capable. Let alone Kiev which has yet to act on any part of the Minsk Agreement. Biden is capable of reading threats from a script but is he capable of the give-and-take of real negotiations? We’ll see.

INDIA. More significant was Putin’s visit to India. Joint statement (note “mutual settlement of payments in national currencies”). Lots of agreements signed; pretty widespread interaction.

DOESN’T MAKE ANYTHING. On Tuesday Moscow opened ten new Metro stations completing another piece of the 70-km Big Circle Line.

SWIFT. If Russia, China and the other “non-democracies” weren’t thinking of setting up their own system for moving money and credits around, they are now. (Of course they have – what we don’t know is how close they are to pushing the button and how much gold that button will have.)

AURUS. Interesting video on the development of the luxury Aurus car (and Putin’s ride). Has much to say about import substitution, Soviet engineering and Russian qualitative development.

PORTENTS OF THE END. Just watch this and weep. This guy is on the US Senate Armed Services Committee and is supposed to know something. Any US warship entering the Black Sea to “rain destruction” would have three or four minutes to detect and deal with a swarm of hypersonic missiles coming at it. As to nukes, Russia has them too. Crazy dangerous empty ignorant threats.

AMERICA-HYSTERICA. Media taking a “limited hangout” in reaction to the implosion of Trumputin. NUGGETS FROM THE STUPIDITY MINE. Nyah nyah, we’re not coming! But you weren’t invited.

STASIS. While a poll finds that 52% of Americans see China as the “greatest threat” to the USA, they have little confidence in much, not even the military. Another shows American youth pretty pessimistic. Not the strongest foundation for firing threats in all directions. Particularly when 30% think the POTUS is illegitimate and few believe the MSM. And Trump would beat Biden today says a poll.

BELARUS. Developments crawl along. Lukashenka promises a new Constitution for people to vote on soon next year. Suggests Russian nuclear weapons might be stationed in Belarus if NATO moves farther. And he promises to “team up” with Russia if it faces “aggression from Ukraine. Once again, Washington’s policy unites people against it.

TROLLING. Beijing trolls USA on democracy in US practice. Both Beijing and Moscow are getting less polite. Check out Lavrov’s picture and its probable meaning. The correlation of forces is changing.

EUROPEANS ARE REVOLTING. The new Norwegian government says it wants Norwegian forces patrol the border with Russia. Is this a way of saying “we don’t want our oafish provocative allies to do something that we’ll have to pay for?”. France isn’t joining in.

UKRAINE. Zelensky has begun actions against Rinat Akhmetov after accusing him of being behind the alleged coup attempt. Not likely to make his position stronger.

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6 Responses to RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 9 DECEMBER 2021 by Patrick Armstrong

  1. blue peacock says:

    Russia and India have had a lot of bilateral trade especially defense procurement in rubles-rupees for decades. Not anything new.

  2. jim ticehurst says:

    Isnt the Bitcoin Barter system The New Primary…I Read the CIA has its Focus on all that…Banker..? If Biden saw a Red Line..He would trip over it..Or Thing I was a Red Carpet for Him…The Ukraine…Thats a Push..Roll The Dice…Remember Merkles Vice Chancellor..Olaf Scholz…NOW Germanys New Chancellor.(Who dropped “ISo Help Me God” from His Swaering In Ceremony.. I .The 63 year Old University Marxist activist in 1984..Chairman f JUSUS..very active in Student Protests..Made Trips to the GDP for Student Marxists Events…Wants Good Relations with China…Irritated with The USA over its tampering with the Pipeline..Sounds Like Germany is the New Progressive Power in Europe…TAKE Down the Old Charts..There is a New Dealer..a New Deck..and LOADED Dice..All drinks…Straight Up…..

  3. Ghost_Ship says:

    What ships? There are strict limits on the number and tonnage of ships from non-Black Sea countries that can enter the Black Sea via the Bosphorus. Or will the “international rules-based order” toss that bit of international law in the trash can?

  4. William RAISER says:

    Thanks for these updates. I would like to know more about the reality in Russia. Difficult to get any of that in the MSM.

  5. elkern says:

    “Once again, Washington’s policy unites people against it.”

    Sadly, way too true. IMO, it’s largely a result of our pay-to-play electoral system.

  6. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Joining NATO is always framed as part of Ukraine’s sovereignty but joining an organization is not intrinsic right of an applicant.

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