“Russians Fighting for Ukraine Vow To ‘Destroy the Putin Regime'”

“Soldiers of the Freedom of Russia Legion—formed weeks after Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine began in late February—number in the hundreds and have been involved in some of the most intense fighting of the war in east Ukraine, he said.

Caesar—the military callsign of the spokesperson and fighter who was unwilling to share his real name due to security concerns—said the Legion now has “two fully-fledged combat units” in Ukraine, which they hope will ultimately form the vanguard of a new Russian revolution.

“This is our main task,” Caesar said of the ambition to unseat Putin. “The armed forces of Ukraine will liberate the Donbass and Crimea, but will not go further. And we will go to liberate our home—Russia—in order to destroy the Putin regime and establish a new free country in Russia, so that from the territory of Russia there is no longer a threat to the outside world.””

Russians Fighting for Ukraine Vow To ‘Destroy the Putin Regime’ (msn.com)

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20 Responses to “Russians Fighting for Ukraine Vow To ‘Destroy the Putin Regime'”

  1. cobo says:

    God speed and God bless.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    I’m quite sure that a few hundred people will overthrow Russia. /s

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Peter Williams

      We are told that a few hundred people almost succeeded in overthrowing the US government on J6, so why not. \s

      The dissident in the “Russian revolution” Newsweek article names Mishustin as the best hope to head a caretaker government and lead the transition from Putin’s rule. I doubt the Russian Prime Minister is very happy about his being named in this theoretical capacity, it’s the kind of thing that could get you falling out of windows.

      • Fred says:

        Barbara Ann,

        On J6 those ‘insurrectionists’ had a shortage of firearms and ammunition; but apparently no shortage of infiltrators. How many of the later do these units have? As to the former is Victoria Nuland & co. seeing to it that they are fully funded like the other ‘color revolution’ people?

        • Barbara Ann says:


          My understanding is the the J6 ‘insurrectionists’ inexplicably left all their firearms at home, unlike the Capitol policeman who executed Ashli Babbitt. I’m sure funding for the Russia legion(s) won’t be a problem.

          • Al says:

            Barbara Ann,
            Weapons left not at “home”, but stockpiled nearby in hotels and some contained in vehicles
            A bit of trivializing on your part!

          • Barbara Ann says:


            How do firearms left in hotels and vehicles make the unarmed invasion of the Capitol an insurrection? Someone needs to do some trivializing to even out the insane exaggerations coming out of the Reichstag Fire J6 Committee.

        • Al says:

          Barbara Ann, specific point being your choice of “home” was a trivilixation and revealed your bias..

          BTW, Trump attempted multi times to order his DOD Sec Epsey to start shooting peaceful protestors in area outside the WH.

          • Barbara Ann says:

            You found me out. I confess my bias against a witch hunt designed to demonize millions of Americans as potential or actual enemies of the state.

          • Fred says:


            Where did “ordered” come from? According to NPR, which quotes Esper directly:
            “”We reached that point in the conversation where he looked frankly at [Joint Chiefs of Staff] Gen. [Mark] Milley and said, ‘Can’t you just shoot them, just shoot them in the legs or something?’ … It was a suggestion and a formal question. ”

            Why did Esper wait, let me check, TWO full years? For that? How does “a formal question” become an order? How is a “suggestion” an order? Do you have a record from elsewhere? Maybe a copy of a written order with Trump’s signature on it?

            “Weapons left not at “home”, but stockpiled nearby in hotels and some contained in vehicles”

            HOW DARE THEY!
            What’s the law on a firearm “contained” in a vehicle in the State of Virginia or the State of Maryland? How many firearms is a “stockpile” that is illegal under the law?

            How many people are charged with “stockpiling” firearms in either hotels or vehicles? Did this attempt to violently overthrow of the US Government have simultaneous ‘insurrections’ in other cities? Did anyone sieze any tv or radio stations? Maybe even a police station? How many rounds of ‘firearm’ ammuntion were expended? (Not to include the one that killed Ashely Babbitt?)

          • TTG says:


            When a commander expresses his desire, it is customarily considered an order. Although in this case, I think it was more a case of frightened exasperation.

            J6 wasn’t wasn’t supposed to be a lethal coup. I doubt most had any intention of hanging Mike Pence. They didn’t have to seize TV or radio stations. Their side already controlled the government machinery. It was supposed to stop the certification of the electoral count. That would have given the Trump team time to try something more drastic whether it be fake electors, declaring martial law or some kind of national emergency. The goal was to thwart the constitutionally mandated transfer of power.

            They also tried the constitutional method of changing the election by objecting to and debating state electors. Every losing side tries it, even if it’s just kabuki theater. The Republicans could have objected to every state’s list of electors and drawn the process out for hours or even days. They just didn’t have the votes in either house to carry the objections.

          • Fred says:


            ROFL. “Their side controlled….” tell me again about Russia Collusion and how “their side” controlled the conduct of the FBI and DOJ? Tell me again about how ‘their side’ controlled the tv and radio coverage for four years.

            More importantly, how did the “Their side already controlled the government machinery” not manage to get all their policies enacted, or, on this particular day, the crowd under control? Or was Ray Epps & Co really working for Trump the whole time? LOL

  3. Leith says:

    They are not alone. There is another group or two of anti-Putin Russians either fighting alongside the Ukrainian Army, or conducting sabotage within Mother Russia. I’m wondering if they are ethnic Russians? Or are they minorities?

    Plus there are at least two anti-Kadyrov, anti-Putin groups of Chechens also fighting with the Ukrainian Army against the Russians: the Dzhokar Dudayev Battalion and the Sheik Mansour Battalion.

    • TTG says:


      I also wondered if many of these anti-Putin Russians are Buryats and Yakuts. Perhaps there’s a battalion or so of Crimean Tatars in the 4,000 Russians still in Ukraine’s training pipeline. Once the Russians are kicked out of Ukraine, they are going to be fully occupied in holding onto the far reaches of their existing empire. Belarus will also be in play.

      • Bill Roche says:

        We agree that Belarus will be in play once the Russians are forever finally kicked out of Ukraine. But why is Belarus not “in play” right now?

  4. Stefan says:

    Some 10,000 Germans fled Hitler and fought with the British forces. In this case a Russian force in the hundreds will have limited/no battlefield value, but most certainly will be used in propaganda, much like the very small numbers of the “Britisches Freikorps” of the Waffen SS. British recruits who fought for the Nazis.

    • Leith says:

      Stefan –

      120,000 + Russians in Vlasov’s Armt fought for the Wehrmacht in WW2. And that dooes not count the other many tens of thousands of Russians who fought as part of the Waffen SS against Stalin.

      But tell us more about these 10K Germans fighting for the Brits. Are there any references?

      • Bill Roche says:

        Booo, Happy Holloween to all correspondents. Want to see horror? Go to Ukraine and see what Putin has wrought. But a little more on this business of some Russians fighting for the Germans in WW II. It was NOT that unusual for people in Russian/Communist occupied countries to fight w/t Germans. That d/n make them sympathetic to NAZIS, anti semetic, or advocating German control “Uber Alles”. It made them want independence from Russia and by the ’30’s communism. Finns, Balts, Ukrainians, Armenians, Slovaks, and Hungarians all had people fighting Russia in German uniforms. I have no idea if any were effective.

        • TTG says:


          Interesting article, but a quote from the book’s author confirms my suspicion about those more than 10,000 Germans. Those Germans were already marked for extinction by the Nazis. Of course they fought Hitler.

          “Helen Fry, the book’s author, estimates that 85 to 90 per cent of the Germans and Austrians who fought for Britain were Jewish – many lost family members in the Holocaust – with the remainder consisting of anti-Nazis and the ‘degenerate artists’.”

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