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MULTIPLE MASSIVE explosions have occurred in the western Russian city of Bryansk, according to reports. Large fires have been reported to be raging throughout the area with some reports indicating it could be a possible Ukrainian attack on an oil pipeline transporting oil from Russia to Europe through Ukraine and Belarus. Journalist Alexander Bunin revealed two fuel tanks are engulfed in flames after “several explosions” took place, but no official information has been released thus far.

He told his Twitter followers: “On the outskirts of Bryansk, two fuel tanks are burning in a military unit on Moskovsky Prospekt and an oil refinery at Snezhetsky Val. “No official information yet.

“There were two explosions near the Selmash plant in Bryansk. Now the flame.”

“Several explosions were heard in Bryansk.”

Meanwhile independent Ukrainian media outlet Euromaidan Press announced the explosions and reported it may be part of the Druzhba pipeline which transfers oil from Russia to Europe.

Comment: This article was entitled, “Druzhba Explosion.” I think assuming this blast interrupted the Druzhba pipeline is wishful thinking by the author and the Euromaidan Press. But there was a series of explosions and two separate fires observed at a Bryansk oil storage facility and a military facility of the 29th brigade of the Russian Railway Troops where, coincidentally, a lot of ammo was stored. While Russian authorities admitted the explosions took place and the facilities are on fire, they gave no reason for the “mishap.” No one else has claimed responsibility  either.

Russia has been plagued by such mishaps lately. Some was obvious enemy action such as the missile strike and Hind strike in Belgorod. Was this a drone strike? Russian sources showed wreckage of a downed Bayraktar TB-2 in Kursk Oblast this morning. Quite possibly, but that doesn’t account for the many fires, damaged railway lines and even a collapsed dam. Some could be freak accidents or even covert action by Ukrainian or Western forces. But I think it’s something far more sinister than that, sabotage by Russian citizens. If Russians are not pleased with the way the war is going or where Putin is leading them, they can’t stage protest rallies or, God forbid, violent riots before an open press without risking severe consequences like years in a Siberian penal colony or worse. So they act out in other ways… surreptitious sabotage. Word of these acts will spread like old Soviet samizdat. It won’t stop. Putin and his security state should be shitting themselves in rage and fear. They would have been better off with a few embarrassing peace rallies or a couple of looted and burned out department stores.


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  1. SRW says:

    Any thoughts on the possibility of Ukraine taking out the 18.1 km Crimea/Russia bridge?

    • TTG says:


      I’m sure they’d like to take it out, but it would be a pretty tall order. I also think there would be other targets higher on the priority list, but it would at least have the same psychological effect as sinking the Moskva. It would take precision guided missiles. Dumb bombs seldom work. There was a bridge in north Viet Nam that we couldn’t do squat to until we used some type of precision munition. I imagine the A2/AD would be pretty intense from Sevastopol to Kerch.

      • Revenire says:

        That and if the Nazis try Boris and Natasha told me Kiev is toast.

        • Leith says:

          Reveneire –

          Russia’s Nazi-n-Chief tried to toast Kiev, but got his arse kicked by the Ukrainian Army and territorial militias.

  2. James Nawrocki says:

    Here in Chicago we have a saying:
    There are no coincidences.

  3. Leith says:

    Perhaps the Moldovans are fighting back now with Sabotage also. An explosion just happened in Transnistria at the Tirapol office of the Russian backed Ministry of State Security. But the Moldovan government is denying it, saying it is a false flag by Putin.

  4. Leith says:

    Kerch bridge could be taken down. There are reports it was built on an area of the Strait with poor geological conditions – i.e. “deep-lying mud volcanoes and a sludgy bottom that is unsuitable for bridge foundations.”

    So even just a near miss with a 50m CEP weapon like their Hrim-2 SRBM might destabilize it enough to impede rail traffic.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    CCP will absolutely stop Ukraine from re-generating. WEF is a threat to them as well. If anyone thinks otherwise they will find this out eventually and accept a reality that counters their own. Ukraine is over. It was over the day they allowed the CIA coup them with a Nazi proxy group and puppets. Even if peace is agreed right now a decade to recover. The destruction is real. The refugees are real.

    • TTG says:


      What is CCP?

      Ukraine is far from over. Her identity and spirit is becoming stronger each day. But you’re right about the destruction and refugees being real. It probably will take a decade to recover.

      • James says:


        Because Ukraine has a single unitary identity and spirit huh? You keep singing that song.

        I can imagine two Ukraines coming out of this war – East Ukraine and West Ukraine. And I can imagine West Ukraine quickly becoming much more western.

        I lived in Warsaw for a year in 1997-1998. The changes in that one year were dramatic and were highly accelerated by the Poles getting visa-free travel to all of Europe. I had a private student who I was teaching English to who disappeared for 6 months and who I ran after those 6 months on a tram. He had been in Edinburgh working in a kitchen during that time and I was astounded by the enormous leap in his mastery of English. I can imagine that in a few years everyone west of the Dnieper (who is under 30) will speak English and will have lived in Rome or London. If we want to conquer Ukraine then assimilation is the way to go.

        • TTG says:


          The changes in Poland were even more pronounced in the early 90s. Back then East Germans, the much detested Ossies, were viewed as foreigners in the rest of Germany.

  6. Leith says:

    More sabotage in Transnistria. Persons unknown bombed two of Putin’s AM transmitter sites there. They were the most highly powered transmitters in Europe. Putin has been using them to broadcast propaganda and fake news to Ukraine (and elsewhere). No casualties reported. Some are claiming Putin’s ‘dezinformatsiya’ is still being sent over the radio waves from there, but at significantly reduced power.

    I’m assuming it was Ukraine special ops. But it could just as easily have been Moldovans. Or maybe an anti-Russian group within Transnistria itself. At the last census in 2015 Russians only comprised about 30% of the population. The rest self-identified as Moldovans, Ukrainians, Romanians, or other ethnicities. Perhaps they have been emboldened by the success of Ukraine’s resistance against Putin’s invasion.

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