Sadly, very sadly my opinion is that Newsom will survive politically.

“Monkey woman” swings at Elder security man.

Comment: Ah, woke democracy in action. This silly woman should have been knocked on her butt when she landed the first blow. The man she hit could probably have broken something and given her something to remember him by, but alas…

Nevertheless, it is my considered opinion that the percentage of sane people remaining in what was the Golden State is not high enough to get rid of Newsome. That factoid is reinforced by the flood of Lefty money supporting Newsome and the perpetual aid of the Goebbelsian mass media for anything hostile to conservatism.

California deserves what it will continue to get. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    Biden & Harris are working harder to keep him in office than they did to get Americans out of Afghanistan. I exptect this afternoon Biden will be announcing his mask mandate/lockdown/citizen tracking initiative under the mantle of covid fear, which can only aid keeping the left in power a little long. The polling sure doesn’t support any of these policies.

  2. blue peacock says:

    California is a one party state. The Democrats have had two-thirds majority in the legislature for some time. The densely populated areas in Los Angeles & the San Francisco Bay area are one of the main epicenter’s of wokeism.

    Polls show Newsom handily defeating the recall by 10+ points.

  3. Babeltuap says:

    Conservatives did a fine job making the recall happen and have inspired conservatives who stopped voting to show up this time. I think he gets recalled. Removal is another thing but I do feel the election face off does happen. Even with voter fraud mixed in. The conservative push has a lot of momentum.

  4. Deap says:

    Here is my math take, in this Democrat, teacher union owned super-majority state:

    One K-12 classroom: 25 students – one teacher
    One teacher union vote NO on the recall
    Fifty really angry parents vote YES on the recall

    Replicate that 50:1 ratio up and down this state. Too bad so many K-12 parents in this state are now illegals and can’t vote.

    But a lot of the legal voting parents got very woke after the unending teacher union covid porn destroyed their lives and they got to see what teachers were actually teaching their kids viewing their online classes at home for the past year.

    Democrat registration numbers and heavy union GOTV efforts are daunting. But even discredited RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger noted the current mood in the state is very similar to the one that led to his recall victory: crime, schools, fires, vagrants, water.

    Obviously the 20 past years of Democrat super-majority since RINO Schwarzenegger sold out to the unions has not solved a single one of those underlying and chronic state problems.

    Our terrible schools are in the faces of the parents. The masses of vagrants camps are in the faces of everyone else. Fires and droughts – 100% impact on everyone. And the shock of the $31 billion dollar “covid” relief fund fraud mismanaged by Newsom makes everyone mad.

    Underscoring yet again however, growing the size of government, growing the size of government employee union members, and growing the size of those dependent on its handouts creates an indomitable voting block.

    The deep state exists. And self-protection is the order of the day. All they have to do is show up one day every few years and vote – how hard is that to protect their lion’s share of the public pie. They will be out in their usual dominant numbers. They do show up, when others just throw their hands up in learned helplessness.

    The only wrinkle in this self-perpetuating system this time is how many parents across all lines are really, really mad at the teachers unions in this state. And the teachers union are the bread and butter of the Democrat Party. This is the wild card that just may defy the overwhelming Democrat registration numbers.

    Don’t forget, a number of teacher union-SEIU backed ballot initiatives did fail in the last election. Some degree of voter common sense did stop their relentless money and power grabs.

    I am glad this election has wider interest outside of California, because the same seeds can be planted everywhere and maybe just not yet sprouted to reach critical mass yet. The battle lines are between Big Government against those left to pay for more Big Government.

    The takers versus the makers. That primal division any state can relate to. Except the biggest makers in this state (Silicon Valley) are in bed with the Democrats and that skews the outcomes in this state more than anything else. Top 1% pay nearly 50% of all state income taxes in this state -a very unstable revenue base. But when they talk, Sacramento listens.

  5. AK says:

    While it would be tempting to hope the people of California see a change of course as necessary and beneficial, I hold no such faith. Even if Elder prevails, he faces re-election in just a year, at which point he will unceremoniously ousted as the people of California decide to continue their glorious march to whatever they think their utopia is and install another well-credentialed leftist with the right faculty lounge vocabulary.

    In my mind, what few sensible people are left in the state are now willingly participating in an abusive relationship. You can either stick around and try to salvage the mess you are in, or you can cut your lines and escape a toxic situation that is surely sucking your soul dry. Sooner or later you have to save yourself and let the other party wallow and wither in the catastrophic decisions they have made. I chose the latter four years ago.

    I will now sit and watch from afar as a place I once dearly loved devolves into ruin. But I and my family will be secure and prosperous, something we could never have achieved in today’s California. I said to a relative who lives there and is fully bought-in to the utopian dream of the neo-marxist progs, “I hope you get the society you are asking for, and I hope I am nowhere near it.”

  6. Laura Wilson says:

    Let’s see…if preserving the lives of citizens is ANY part of a Governor’s job, then Newsome is doing VERY well. 7 day rolling average of deaths (per 100,000 citizens) from C-19—CA is 29th. 7 day rolling average of cases (per 100,000 citizens) —- CA is 42nd. Good job, Newsome!

    • Fred says:

      Laura Wilson,

      What’s the 7 day rolling unemployment rate; homelessness rate; drug OD rate; inflation rate; etc?
      Good job Newsome!

      When he wins he can double down.

  7. Pat Lang says:

    California kept Newsome as I expected. So sad, so bad.

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