“Senator Proposes UFO Transparency Amendment to NDAA.”

Reporters question Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., a negotiator on the paid leave proposal in President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WVa., had earlier refused to support it but the measure is now back in the far-reaching social spending package. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

“The Gillibrand amendment, building on Gallego’s transparency efforts, requires the government to submit annual reports on UFO activity in an unclassified format, and encourages the new Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office to field immediate investigations of suspected UFO sightings.

It mandates that NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the intelligence community share UFO-related data with the new office.

”It would require that the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence set up permanent structures at quite a high level,” Johnson told The Debrief. ”Not just an office with some paper shufflers, but actual apparatus where this UAP office would have command authority, so to speak. The ability to instantly tap into designated existing military assets to do rapid field investigations where UAP encounters are reported.”

The amendment also establishes a 25-member ”Aerial and Transmedium Phenomena Advisory Committee.”

The panel’s membership would include NASA scientists and representation from independent scientific organizations.”

Comment: Unusual for this woman to want to do something sensible. She must have drifted away from the self-appointed goal of gutting the armed forces. pl


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  1. JK/AR says:

    I knew this fellow, Donald Loedding awhile back, early and then into the 2000s. At the time he was heading the Geology department at a school I had some connections to.

    But for the purposes of this comment it was his Dad that’s pertinent.


    Just a little blurb on Don:


    Don was of the firm opinion his Dad was onto something. See ‘Project Sign’ precursor to the better known Project Blue Book. Don’s enthusiasm was contagious.

    • akaPatience says:

      Interesting read in the first link, JK/AR. Thanks!

      In summary, in the late 1940s when they first appeared, UFOs were feared by US military brass (and J. Edgar Hoover) to be Soviet/German collaborations, since German engineers and even Alfred Loedding in the US had already designed saucer-shaped aircraft.

      • JK/AR says:

        Welcome akaP,

        Geology of course. What’d happened was Don asking his “students” to bring in intriguing examples of stuff (rocks) that he’d then “explain.”

        Years earlier I’d picked up a solid piece of basalt from the environs of Labrador. *There were mysteries* I could never obtain ‘good info’ on – but following, in about that same timeframe I was “acquainted” with a former U-2 pilot who directed me to Don.

        … And then Don hit me with the contagion …

        (Not like Covid of course. Another variety.)

  2. Colonel: I think the following definitely deserves a post of its own:

    Rep. Nunes Hammers Military General [DIRNSA Paul Nakasone]
    Over Politicized Purge Of Career Intelligence Official

    This is right in your area of expertise: The politicization of the IC.

    From the cited article:

    That opening qualifies as a civil service position, meaning political considerations are off-limits.

    [Paul Ney, the general counsel for the Defense Department]
    held sole authority to select the individual to fill the NSA general counsel position.
    Yet almost immediately
    [DIRNSA Paul] Nakasone began interfering in the appointment.

    Upon reading Nakasone’s memorandum,
    Ney, who remember has the ultimate hiring authority, wrote to Nakasone, stating:
    “Your concerns do not supersede the merit system principles or process.
    At least some of the concern you expressed in today’s and your earlier memorandum to [the Under Secretary of Defense] has no basis in fact, while
    some of your stated concerns appears to be inappropriately injecting partisan politics into the merit system process.”

    Back to me, Keith Harbaugh.
    It definitely seems to me that this issue deserves to be raised in this blog.
    Phony security issues being raised as a pretext for political blackballing? Hmmm.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I have lots on my plate. Want to do a draft?

      • Thanks for asking. I’m really not competent in that area, just enough to recognize that this is going to be a problem.
        My hope was that a stand-alone post would provide a peg for those truly knowledgeable to weigh in on.
        Just a thought 🙂

  3. jim ticehurst says:

    When One sees all The Real Data..and Top Level Intelligence that Senator Gillibrand has Access too.. (MIB that has Amassed Since Bluebook…..combined with International Data…and Incidents…It has scared the Hell out of her and she feels the People ..in and Out of Government have a Need to Know..There are many Spooky Things happening in The Alien Contact Arena..Perhaps to the Level of Msnipulation..Or Cooperation Via AI…Robotics..Priviledged Technology…Perhaps….we should ask HAL..

  4. different clue says:

    If the relevant parts of our government are going to get, or be made to get, sincerely interested in admitting to and analyzing evidence of current and recent UFO activity, then perhaps those parts of government may also decide to circle back in time and look again at old and ancient evidence of past UFO activity.

    An amateur video maker named Praveen Mohan videotalks about archeological sites in India and elsewhere and sometimes discusses what look to him like evidence of UFO exposure and/or knowledge. Here is one such video called . . . “Chakra Vimana, Ancient blueprint of UFO found in India?” Here is the link.


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