“Sidney Powell Posts New Evidence Of Election Fraud In Ga.”


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25 Responses to “Sidney Powell Posts New Evidence Of Election Fraud In Ga.”

  1. Yeah, Right says:

    I’m not saying the video isn’t evidence of voter fraud (it sure looks like it to me), but if Powell thinks this is “new” evidence then she need to go back over her previous statements.

    Sidney Powell seems to me to be very good at talking the talk on many issues, but her track record of success seems to be particularly unimpressive.

    I can’t remember, but did she even manage to get Flynn exonerated?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Yeah right
      Statements are one thing. Evidence is another.

      • Yeah, Right says:

        And success is a third.

        Powell is a lawyer, and so she should be measured on her track record of convincing a Judge of the merits of her argument.

        On that measure her success rate has been woeful.

        The evidence that she presented in the article that you linked to is evidence that was already used by her in court, and her arguments were dismissed.

        Yet here she is presenting that evidence again as if it were “new”, which it isn’t, and as if it would sway a court, which it hasn’t.

        Again, that isn’t to say that I think there was no voter fraud. I am convinced there was.

        But it is to say that I think everyone should be very wary of relying on anything that Powell says on, well, anything.

  2. FWH says:

    General Flynn had become buried three feet deep in a six foot deep grave. It was the result of immense corruption of thought and principles in the legal system, political system and in the news media, all acting in concert against him. Ms. Powell somehow unburied him. She is still standing against the corruption. What she has accomplished is extraordinary.

    • Deap says:

      Flynn recently stated the obvious, which was obviously buried in the media; ……….Covid was a distraction used to cover the 2020 election fraud……..

    • Yeah, Right says:

      Powell was completely unsuccessful in getting criminal charges against Flynn dropped, and was close to exhausting all legal avenues to have Flynn exonerated.

      Flynn was actually “unburied” by Trump’s Presidential Pardon.

      • akaPatience says:

        True, but it seems you’ve forgotten about the unethical and irrational judge who was hearing the case. Gen. Flynn was a bone the Russia Russia Russia dogs refused to let go of.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          Look, I wasn’t in that court room and, I suspect, neither were you. One person’s “unethical judge” is another person’s “stalwart upholder of the law”

          But this is an uncontested, irrefutable fact: Powell has made numerous statements on many issues loudly proclaiming what she would prove once she got the case into a court room.

          And every time she has had her day in court she has been completely unsuccessful in arguing her case.

          I mean, hands up, how many people here were under the impression that she got Flynn’s conviction overturned?

          Be honest now.

          There comes a time when her track record can only lead a dispassionate observer to conclude that Powel knows more about how to make headlines than she does about how to argue a case in court.

          • Gallo Rojo says:

            You’re out of your fucking tree if you think Sullivan trying to appoint a private prosecutor to continue going after Flynn (who was indeed framed by the FBI for process violations via 302 forms) was ethical.

            When the entire system is rotten from top to bottom, yeah someone playing by the rules is going to have problems. GTFO out of here with that hair splitting pilpul. There’s plenty to criticize Powell about, but her legal effacy in the face of a rigged game isn’t it.

          • Jim says:

            There was much discussion last winter pre-state of emergency/COVID-19, through the spring and summer 2020, here.

            A minority asserted Lt. Gen. Flynn could not escape his coerced guilty plea; most of various persuasions saw this criminal operation against Flynn for what it was.

            We, here, were among first to note that the motivation of Judge Sullivan, back in May 2020, was to delay this so a new president could begin to prosecute Flynn all over again — among other things.

            At this point, there is no denying that there is a narrative pushed most hard by those that hate Flynn and the president he briefly served as NSA: this narrative is Russia Interference, etc. etc. etc.

            Despite the facts, this narrative has not stopped, and it is not in interest, apparently, of politicians and those in military and state dept. and congress and businesses including Big Tech and Big Media, to do otherwise and “come clean.”

            At this point, whether the Judge Amy Berman Jackson [Roger Stone case], who adopted this narrative, as did Sullivan, and most certainly the unctuous AG and former Judge Merrick Garland — at this point whether they believe this narrative and BS or not: the outcome is the outcome — they all operate as if this narrative, this is true.

            With corrupt judiciary as it is, a ‘dream team’ of Johnnie Cochrane and a dozen others could not have altered the Flynn legal matter outcome.

            Simply because the outcome was already cooked, and no one could stop them, period.

            Recall that under Barr, the DOJ demonstrated there was no case against Flynn and no substance to any of the allegation and no premise on which to charge him in the first place.

            Contrast this with George Floyd, an actual criminal, who died from a drug over dose — Fentanyl — and President Biden stating: “Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

            This is as good an epitome, a harbinger and metaphor of the grotesque sickness we are now living under.

            A US General that was framed is still maligned; and an actual criminal via the president’s own pie hole feted — as more impactful to humanity — in contrast to among the greatest men this country every had blessing of coming to be.

            Remember: after DOJ totally exonerated Flynn, a three judge appeals panel told Sullivan to do what he is supposed to. . . and Sullivan appeal to the 10-person DC Circuit “En Banc” panel, which, said nothing to see here, Sully’s a good man just doing justice, etc.

            On this En Banc Panel was Judge Merrick Garland.

            The only saving grace for me with Garland as head of DOJ is that it is not Sally Yates or Andrew A. Weissmann.

            But in time, we may come to see more and more and more evidence of the utter corruption of Garland.

            He is a bastard and fool.

            And in this sense: ‘perfect’ man for this job in the Biden administration of ongoing dividing of our American Nation.

            They, too, will reap what they are sowing. . . .

            As for Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, and her attempt to withdraw Flynn’s guilty plea [this well over a year ago, prior to Barr’s sudden interest in the case]: Sullivan stated the following at a Dec. 18, 2018 hearing – that Flynn “further agreed that a breach of the plea agreement does not constitute a basis for him to withdraw his plea.”

            Thus Powell had zero chance for withdrawing guilty plea, based upon her pleading that the government “breached” the plea deal, according to Sullivan’s own words.

            This is an actual Powell error.

            Otherwise, considering the fix had been in, all along, with our WOKE JUDICIARY, banging her head against the wall is hardly fair.

            Whatever other valid criticisms of her, the fact she had courage to take on the Flynn case is worth a lot.

            Look at the intimidation of lawyers, post-November presidential election especially.

            This is a reign of terror, an actual reign of terror preventing [certain] folks from getting legal representation.

            And recall that Yates’s communications with Comey — while Yates was the Acting AG under Trump — since she was Comey’s boss at the time, and since she has told the world she was intimately involved in that operation – of Jan. 24, 2017 – this is all directly relevant. In fact, she was directing that operation, as the nation’s Attorney General.

            There is certainly a rational argument to be made that Trump threw Flynn under the bus and ‘invited’, as it were, the malicious prosecution of the general.

            I can’t say for sure one way or the other: there is however a lot still to learn about this particular dimension.

          • Deap says:

            My own recollection is at odds with your presumptions, Yeah Right – Trump finally had to pardon Flynn because of the egregious machinations of the Sullivan court that was holding Flynn’s fate in eternal limbo …AFTER the DOJ even refused to further prosecute this case.

            The most vivid memory I have is witnessing the capriciousness of our legal system. To which we can add the jury’s rush to judgement in the George Floyd case, under threat of more civil mayhem if they did not convict the person who happened to be present when Floyd died from his own lethal drug overdose.

            The legal system is created by human beings – it is not divine, it is not infallible. But it was intended to be operationally functional. We just had two vivid representations of its inherent frailties. Just like the daily revelations of the weakness of our election systems.

            Much is at stake, and personal peril, when we expand Big Government into more aspects of our lives. The Big Deep State as not what the Founders intended. But this is where we are now 250 years later.

            I am currently delving into the French Revolution on a Great Courses series – there is much to learn from their past when compared to our present – themes are similar, just the names and players are different.

            While idealism was the goal of the French Revolution, the carriers became the mobs that destroyed it from within. It did not end well

            …….. “It is a Republic ma’am, if you can keep it.”

          • Yeah, Right says:

            Everyone, calm down. Hysteria is never becoming.

            Look, I can do no more than make this point: there comes a time when the “system” so disappoints your expectations that you really need to sit down and mull the concept that maybe, just maybe, what you are railing against is a “feature” of that system, it is not a “bug”.

            And my beef with Powell is that she has consistently – and knowingly – been feeding your belief that the system can be bent to fit your perceptions of what it is if only she can have her day in court.

            She can’t, because your perceptions are wrong.

  3. Deap says:

    The kraken croaked on this one.

  4. TTG says:

    That video, the entire video, was analyzed and investigated by the Georgia’s Republican election officials and the GBI last year. No wrong doing that Powell claimed happened actually happened, including this rehashed claim. Even Powell declared in court that no reasonable person should believe her bullshit. Her newest excuse is that a lot of people were making false claims so she shouldn’t be singled out by Dominion in a lawsuit.

    • English Outsider says:

      That last looks a little hopeful on the part of Sydney Powell, TTG! I don’t think anyone gets out of a speeding ticket by saying “They’re all doing it”.

      Sydney Powell did Trump no service. Many of the claims made should not even have been hinted at by lawyers hoping to be taken seriously. Not without masses of proof that was clearly not available here. It is significant that soon after the election Sydney Powell was barred from the White House. Trump’s team would not wish to be associated with wild claims either.

      The result of such claims is that when discussing the 2019 Presidential election most dismiss allegations of fraud as nonsense and look no further. We’re not prepared to countenance assertions taking in such claims. So we’re not prepared to countenance any assertions.

      My own doubts were raised before the election. They were on more mundane matters and arose from fears expressed by a lawyer with more credibility. Also with a better knowledge of what was happening on the ground. William Barr. This is the interview that for me set that election in context –


      • English Outsider says:

        2020 Presidential election! Apologies.

      • Fred says:

        Remind us all which court reviewed any evidence of any of the claims made by anyone.

        • English Outsider says:

          Well, that’s the other part of the puzzle, Fred. The frantic efforts made afterwards to suppress enquiry. Barr’s statement before and those efforts to suppress after are sufficient to indicate there was something seriously wrong.

      • Deap says:

        How exactly was that Georgia convention center duplicate ballot scanning, after all the observers were sent home and captured on camera, “thoroughly debunked”. I missed that. I heard excuses, but I don’t think they ever rose to the level of proof.

  5. confusedponderer says:

    Powell IMO shares a problem the politicos Cruz and Hawley – who are amusingly self declared anti-elite (elite) and went to Harvard and Yale.

    There they were educated by excellent teachers. Both universities have an excellent reputation despite some of their students. Being an optimist I assume generously that the two even learned something there. If so, they don’t care about it at all.

    When they tell BS like an infinite wait loop they deliberately lie.

    The difference between them and Powell then would be this: When she says silly things, adding that she never thought people would take her allegations seriously, she does not deliberately lie. IMO she just doesn’t know any better. Too bad.

    But it practically makes Cruz and Howling far more dangerous than Powell. While not exactly smart, they are sufficiently clever to deliberately cause harm.

    It’s the not so subtle difference between “Oops, by accident I just burned my advent wreath” and a pyromaniac lunatic running amok with a flamethrower in a football stadium during a game.

    In Cruz style that would mean putting on a hunting jacket, a silly hat, be driven to the border and the still largely fictitious wall, see imaginary migrant border breakers who are mocking him for his silly beard attempt, angering him. Then angering him even more is that in all that stress he just forgot his favorite ma deuce with the 5000 round belt of his favorite ammo Raufoss Mk 211 HEIAP.

    Hawley in his personal style greeted the capitol stormers on January 6, 2021 with a raised fist. That was not just another silly thing of mister empty suit. It has to be understood as a symbol of political solidarity with and encouragement of some ill chosen buddies. Likely the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and the like would eat him for breakfast and still be left hungry.

    Not entirely unrelated:
    A few years ago an aunt told me that about 1935 her mother told her that Hitler was a bad guy, referring to this speeches, saying “Just listen to him. He does not know any friends. He only knows enemies. He’s a dangerous no-good.“. Clear thinking.

    That said, I didn’t so far hear Cruz or Hawley speak of friends either. They’re IMO just some nasty POS – and of course eager wanna-be presidents.

    As for speaking of friends, I can say the same thing about Trump. Gold, yachts, houses, big houses, bigger houses, biggest ever houses, dollars, golf clubs and golf carts are not friends, just things – just status toys.

    It immediately makes me suspicious from a business point of view when a guy or gal brags all the time how rich he or she is. Likely it is about about the opposite of that.

    Trump has a bad reputation of stiffing contractors (metaphorically) by not paying them for services provided (…well, if you don’t like that, sue me, hehe … meet Roy Cohn). I once worked in a company led by people who talked and acted like that. They went bankrupt.

    That said, I probably pay more tax every month as Trump does in a year or two. Not because I’m stupid. I’m just honest. Is he?

    • Deap says:

      There are currently two Sidney Powells – what the media says she said, and what she actually said. You can view her website for more clinical proof of statements and context. Not unlike the media Trump and the real Trump. Not sure we have heard the end of this story – I am personally keeping my powder dry.

  6. Deap says:

    Track what Sidney Powell is doing on her own website – court filings state by state:

    https://defendingtherepublic.org/ Yes, you can also donate to her efforts.

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