Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on Vaccine mandate.

“The federal U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit based in Cincinnati, Ohio won a lottery Tuesday to hear the consolidated lawsuit that challenges President Joe Biden‘s vaccine mandate for workplaces with over 100 employees.

The circuit was randomly selected by a court clerk, who drew the name from a container holding each of the twelve regional appeals courts, according to The New York Times.

The case will be heard by a three-judge panel, and the ruling could potentially represent a major blow in Biden’s efforts to uphold his mandate. The majority of the judges in the 6th appeals circuit were appointed by Republican presidents, and the circuit as a whole leans heavily towards the GOP.

It has not been made clear, however, whether or not the trio will simply file an injunction blocking the enforcement of the mandate pending review, or would attempt to strike down the mandate altogether.

The filing represents numerous states challenging the legality of the mandate and consolidates at least 34 individual lawsuits into one case.

Most of the states involved in these lawsuits are led by Republican governors, including Missouri, Indiana, and Florida, among others.

Comment: This is even better than if the 5th Circuit had retained control of the case. PL

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  1. robt willmann says:

    OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is part of the federal Department of Labor, is now changing its tune after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay order of 12 November 2021. The agency now says: “While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation”.

    The acronym ETS means Emergency Temporary Standard.

  2. akaPatience says:

    E T S:
    Eschew The Science
    Exact Tyranny Somehow
    Exhort The Sheeple
    Exaggerate The Safety
    Expect Total Submission
    Enable Truth Suppression
    Enrich The Sleazebags

  3. FWH says:

    As with some constitutional issues the outcome may turn on balancing interest. A genuine plague would justify outcomes that would not be justified by flu like outcomes. An array of possible standards could come out of a court proceeding.

    By way of example: Is the vaccine proven safe through testing of short, medium and long term results; has the decision making been done without signs of bias, undue influence, or self interest; is vaccine injury and death being fully and accurately logged.

    On the other side of a coin of examples, is the degree of danger being accurately measured: by death statistics that are not conflated or misleading as to cause; by testing that is known to be reliable; by the absence of alternative medical procedures recognized by experts; by uniform rather than conflicting outcomes between jurisdictions.

    There is a smokescreen of exaggerated news reports and of fear mongering by public officials justifying their actions. There may now be enough firepower and resources in the game to blow away the smokescreen

    • Barbara Ann says:


      With respect, I couldn’t disagree more. Issues of vaccine efficacy, safety etc. are irrelevant. This is not the moment for balance of interest arguments, something far more fundamental is at issue. No, this is a golden opportunity to prove the worth of the much neglected Ninth Amendment. My body my choice as applied to medical treatments is the perfect example of an unenumerated right retained by the people. This is the only argument the 6th Circuit need to defeat the premise that the federal government has the right to determine what gets injected into citizens’ bodies. Furthermore, a successful Ninth Amendment challenge would set a precedent to ward off other such dystopia creep.

      Be bold 6th Circuit, strike it down.

  4. longarch says:

    The backlash against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates continues.

    The Oklahoma National Guard announced last weekend they will not impose Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

    Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino wrote in a memo that “no negative administrative or legal action will be taken” against anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine.

    The extraordinary move has sparked some concern within the administration that other Republican-controlled states will follow Oklahoma’s lead, …

    In related news, people all over the world are playing Merle Haggard to celebrate Oklahoma:

  5. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Austrian people to the streets, a clamor fro stopping this revival of the III Reich, police union refusing to ask for Covid Pass…

    • longarch says:

      Google Translate has:
      Austria rises against “health dictatorship”
      November 16, 2021- 15:33 by Emilien Lacombe

      The police and the army refuse to control the health pass in the name of “freedom and human dignity”. They will join a large demonstration against compulsory confinement on November 20, 2021 in Vienna.

      Just days after Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg decided to confine unvaccinated people, politicians and unions, call for a vast uprising against this unique freedom-killing measure.
      The leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) Herbert Kickl, called for a ” mega-demonstration” on November 20 in Vienna.
      Shortly thereafter, Austrian Armed Forces Union (FGÖ) President Manfred Haidinger followed suit and joined in in a letter published on 14 November. He intends to “defend fundamental rights and freedoms”. The FGÖ specifies that “everyone” is authorized to demonstrate, even in the event of confinement!

      Comment: Some skeptics claim that few police will rebel against this pseudo-medical tyranny. I hope that a large number of police demonstrate in Austria, just as I hope that a large number of Oklahoma warfighters refuse tyranny in the USA.

      Of course in almost every country, there are self-serving bad actors who hold positions of power and falsely claim to serve the common good. (The FBI’s Strzok and the DOJ’s Lisa Page spring to mind, although Fauci is a strong contender for a “most criminally insane” trophy.) If the common people see police and military personnel risking their reputations and careers in the process of resisting tyranny, then the people will realize that some servants in uniforms are truly doing their best to serve the people. The next few years are likely to involve civil unrest in several countries no matter what happens, but if the common people and the honest cops stick together in major countries, the international freaks like Soros will find it harder to work their mischief.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      Well, to be honest, since there are people in the comments below this video stating these are images of football followers from two years ago, I have no means to test whether that is true or not, Daniel Estulin do not usually posts unconfirmed info, but, anyway, everybody is out these days for being taken for a ride, yes it called my attention the impresively noisy, such coordinated in chants, mainly male demonstration….Encouraging…and scaring, in case of being true, it is…

      Anyway, what is really true that in Austria, both, the police and the army, refuse to demand vaccination passport on the streets, and will join the demonstration called for Saturday in Vienna against confinement …Waiting for the images…

  6. Babeltuap says:

    CDC says 13% in the US are unaware they have AIDS yet no mandatory testing. They are free to romp around and infect others:

    Aids still kills up to 1 million a year globally, mainly Africa.

  7. Aletheia in Athens says:

    I have just heard economic analysis by collaborator of César Vidal, and it is happening that the dollar has got a revaluing with regard the euro.

    Obvioulsy the derogation of vaccine mandates in the US along their enforcemet across Europe has neccessarily to have something to do, since social unrest is to be expected in Europe out of these dictatorial apartheid measures being impossed plus a likely escarcity of employees to come, what in no way favors investors coming, except after all is ruined, the usual hedge funds to fall as vultures on the undervalued assets…

    It would be goood that out of imitating dictatorial measures in the US, which them end being derogeg by the high tribunals there, we would end, again, with our economy destroyed, our social fabric ruined, and immersed in a harsh fascist dictatorship as it was the outcome of the past great war, to be rescued with the following gorwing debt resulting, which equates a renewed conquest and submission…

    Of course, people like Thierry Breton, managing and for sure profitting from “Covid Pass” impossition and the surveillance state he is building in the EU through the satellites he as well controls, will not care about the fate of Europeans and the huge impact on their savings, wages and pockets, plus the loses the vaccines will make in their health capital, as he seats at the board of Bank of America, amongst many other corporations, like Atos, in joint venture with US tech corporations….
    This is, along his collegue of government Macron, along the European “Greens” soon to be rised to power in Germany, the true Troy Horse into the EU against their peoples…

  8. Aletheia in Athens says:

    10.000 showed to protest the impossiton of “Covid Pass” in Prague….×900

    With a quarter of this ammount the EU and NATO asked for a “peaceful transition of power” in Belarus…after pass elections…

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