SST will be open for business on 2 August

ArrowRight There are just too many things to talk about to stay shut down longer.  pl

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16 Responses to SST will be open for business on 2 August

  1. Leanderthal says:

    Glad to hear that.

  2. R. Makinde says:

    Great news. Thank you Sir.

  3. John Minnerath says:

    :)There are indeed sir.
    The world seems hell bent for absurdity.

  4. Laura says:

    Wonderful news. Thank you.

  5. Sherry Long says:

    Great! We missed you.
    Sherry and Rob

  6. knut royce says:

    Hooray! I was afraid I was going to lose the second hero in my life. The first, pitcher Bob Feller, retired decades ago. Welcome back! cheers, knut

  7. Jay McAnally says:

    Yeah! Huzzah! HooooRAY!

  8. David Habakkuk says:

    Very glad to hear it.

  9. different clue says:

    Your previous post about retreat for a month made me wonder if you were thinking about closing the blog altogether after that month.
    I am glad to read that you are not planning to shut the blog down, if I understand correctly.
    If and when you do decide to retire from active blogging, I hope a way may be found to keep this material up and readable. Perhaps all of it, the posts and the comments; printed into a book if enough people were willing to pay-in-advance to make such a thing possible.
    Blogs do close. Someone else referrenced Billmon in that regard. But I think what upset people in Billmon’s case was the way he closed his blog. One fine day he just took everything down. There are Billmon honor-sites to be sure; but they don’t have the pictures, charts, graphs, diagrams. That stuff has stayed gone.

  10. Mark Stuart says:

    Thank you Sir, for your invaluable knowledge, wisdom and contribution.

  11. JBV says:

    but where to start, where to start

  12. It’s OK Pat! The Surgeons are perfecting the Cell Phone removal surgery now. After that possibly moving on to Blog Removal Surgery?

  13. Margaret Steinfels says:

    Excellent decision; my mornings’ cogitations were on the lame side without SST’s news and observations.

  14. Jay McAnally says:

    Col. Lang:
    I know you’re not scheduled to return until Monday, but I’d like to ask that you consider commenting on Colonel Reese’s Memo as published in the Times and elsewhere ( once you’ve settled back in.
    I lack the experience to evaluate his argument, and I’m inclined to discount the polemics I’ve seen elsewhere on his views, but I would welcome your reflections on the matter.
    Thanks. Enjoy your weekend; I’m looking forward to Monday

  15. Charles I says:

    Great, you’re back!
    I thought there was a lot to talk about too, but as you were off, I’m just going out the door today, my 51st b/d for three weeks at the web-less cottage.
    And here you are already, you restless noble bugger! Creation is better for it, so thank you very much.
    Now, the one credit card I, being allergic to plastic and computer consumption tracking due to an old head injury, just broke down and ordered, solely to hit the tip jar before the site went down, did not make Friday’s mail! So the tip is in the mail.
    So will you all please keep the really big and interesting explosions and seminars thereon to a a minimum until I return? I’ll be jonsing for this daily fix no matter how many fatties I blow at the mosquitoes!

  16. PS says:

    Col. Reese’s memo is consistent with my observations with economic development in poorly governed countries — if they don’t want to do it themselves, no amount of training and capacity-building will overcome that fundamental resistance to reform and performance. Countries find a way to muddle through or disintegrate, but the outsider can’t control the situation.

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