Starlink 20

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  1. Oilman2 says:

    The most interesting advantage to this LEO system is that it should be resilient to the magnetosphere flattening in the event of solar minimum – normal sats will be much more vulnerable to cosmic rays should the low solar activity continue into the future. It’s sort of an interesting twist to things that this would help to maintain connectivity in the event of a CME as well…

  2. Leith says:

    My son signed up. For now he occasionally gets 500 mbps download speed, but the average is 40 to 50 mbps. That is fine with him, it allows his kids to watch HD videos on separate IPADs without interfering with his wife’s home office work. He says with more satellites launched it will quadruple.

    He is very happy with it.

    Hardware was ~$500. He installed it himself, easily he claimed. But then he has always been good with his hands, does his own electrical, plumbing, and automotive repairs.

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