Starlink Group 4-8

A batch of 46 satellites for Starlink mega-constellation – SpaceX’s project for space-based Internet communication system.

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3 Responses to Starlink Group 4-8

  1. Pat Lang says:

    For those who don’t like my space launch posts, get lost.

  2. TTG says:

    Keep ’em coming. I like them. My advice for those who don’t like them is stop wasting your time whining about it and just scroll past. It’s not that difficult… Karen.

  3. d74 says:

    IMHO continue with the information on space.
    The caravan is travelling by, oblivious to the uncaring.

    I think space is a new frontier but without humans, only controlled stuff from earth.

    I think it’s not Christian to go and inhabit a planet, Mars for example, for the sole reason that we have so messed up the Earth and its mankind that it has become unlivable.

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