Starlink launch

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  1. jim ticehurst says:

    So Impressive…Worth Researching Everything Elon Does..Including Wiki..He Built the Raptor for $4 Billion Less tthan Government Cost..His Whole Arena is Hugh….Fast Moving..Dynamic..Surreal.. ..Why..As a Child My friends and I laid in a field at Night..Looking for Sputnik… We had No TV…A Crank Phone…and Did a 50 yard dash to the Outhouse…By “Willy Makit.” ,.Bi-planes. Then…Yesterdays were the Space Shuttle..One Augen Blink…later…Raptors and Starships…Ready to Finish…That
    “Giant Leap for Mankind..'”for those who “Dream”

  2. Lars says:

    I watched the launch last evening and as usual it was spectacular as always when it is dark. It had to be a rather heavy load, since it went a little slower than usual. In the meantime, NASA are wasting billions on yesterdays technology, stretching timelines and busting budgets.

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