“Study: U.S. Media’s Covid Coverage Slants Heavily Negative”

“In July, a Franklin Templeton-Gallup poll found Americans had a poor understanding of the risk of Covid-19 death for different age cohorts:

  • Participants said people aged 55+ accounted for a little over half of the deaths, when the actual share was 92%.
  • Those under age 25 accounted for just 0.2% of deaths—participants overestimated the share by a factor of 50.

The results aren’t surprising, given the media’s compulsion to accentuate rare occasions when teens and twentysomethings fall victim to the virus.

In June, CNN served up a particularly flagrant example of Covid scaremongering: an article titled “Healthy teenager who took precautions died suddenly of Covid-19.

The many who skimmed the headline received an anecdotal infusion of fearful misinformation. The minority who made it to the tenth paragraph would finally learn that doctors treating the purportedly “healthy” yet visibly obese teen found he had Type 1 diabetes with a blood sugar level 10 times the norm.” starkrealities


Comment: The COVID pandemic has shown today’s Americans to be “the sheeple.” Easily herded, easily intimidated by people like Fauci the Great, easily made into serfs by dimwits like Biden and K. Harris. Americans are not the people their ancestors were. You are undoubtedly tired of hearing about SWMBO’s genealogical labors, but she keeps discovering more and more about my New England colonist forebears and insists on telling me about them. They were a very tough lot. My ancestors had money, position and status in England but they left home to make a trans-Atlantic crossing in a leaky wooden boat. Then they got off the boat on a hostile shore where they found a rotten climate, stony soil and forests full of Indians not keen on their ever growing presence. I can only wonder what those folks would have thought of us today. pl

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24 Responses to “Study: U.S. Media’s Covid Coverage Slants Heavily Negative”

  1. BillWade says:

    I still don’t know a single soul who has died of the Coronka. I know of two neighbors who had it and recovered without fanfare. On the other hand, one of my daughters is very active on social media and and can give me numerous examples of younger folks who have died. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for and where. One guy I used to socialize with was really fat but has lost most of the excess weight but he’s still quite fearful. I’ve seen him once in public this past year and he’s more or less dressed for a moon walk while still riding his mobility scooter, you’d have thought with his commendable weight loss he’d be more willing/able to walk a bit.

  2. TV says:

    Media lying?
    Anyone not living under a rock knows that the media is a) an arm of the Democrat party, b) shares the Democrat agenda and biases the news accordingly and c) the big one…….are grossly incompetent, cannot get simple facts right as anyone who has personal knowledge of a media “story” can attest to.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      The media is criminal. Nothing new. Hearst, yellow journalism, Pulitzer. Murdoch. If it transpired that they arranged Charlottesville in 2017 in a fashion similar to throwing two fighting roosters in a ring it wouldn’t surprise me. Savings and Loan scandal? You heard about it when it was all accomplished and no sooner, if that. Mortgage disaster in 2007, preceded by years of phony paid for stock evaluations from accreditation firms – oh what am I saying, it never happened, and why? Because of the sterling crack reporting up down and coast to coast. They prevented it. They are salesman for gladiatorial bloodfests and little more. We like to talk about the degenerate woke battalions and rightly so – but what about young women beating each other half to death in the “octagons?” Progress, right? Equal rights. Feminism. Fair is fair.

  3. The Twisted Genius says:

    It’s all part of the “if it bleeds, it leads” mindset. The coverage of the terrorism threat to the US is a far greater lie. The threat is miniscule. So 3,000 are killed in one day. Beyond those immediately affected, so what? We can’t bear as a nation and move on? Instead we turned our world upside down, far beyond what we did to ourselves in the last year. What about the nationwide threat of Antifa? What a joke. How many have they killed? The threat of a right wing civil war is also a joke. They usually have trouble gathering enough of their fellow cosplay clowns to hold a decent rally. They crashed the Capitol with the acquiescence of the administration and couldn’t even slow down the final vote count. Neither I, nor anyone I know, have personally seen any real threat from left wing or right wing violence. I saw the burning Pentagon and lost a couple of friends there, but I got over it and moved on.

    I think we’d all be better off if we relied on local print newspapers for our news rather than the internet, especially social media, and cable news for our news sources. With local newspapers, the editors and reporters are within easy reach for reader’s feedback. Delivering local newspapers is also a great job for kids to learn discipline, responsibility and all aspects of money management.

    • Carey says:

      >I think we’d all be better off if we relied on local print newspapers for our news rather than the internet, especially social media, and cable news for our news sources. With local newspapers, the editors and reporters are within easy reach for reader’s feedback. Delivering local newspapers is also a great job for kids to learn discipline, responsibility and all aspects of money management. <

      Agree on all of that (former paperboy here, LA Herald-Examiner): We need
      local, reliable, close-to-the-source reporting by seasoned and rightly cynical reporters like we used to have, rather than idiot kids who are in essence paid
      to *not* know as we now have..

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        Even our remaining local papers are but a shadow of what they once were. I’ve seen my local paper, the Free Lance-Star decline since I first read it in 1988-89. Nevertheless, it’s still part of my morning ritual and often a source of joy, laughter and/or calm.

        I delivered the New Haven Register a kid for years, leaving the route and my canvas paper bag to my brothers and sisters when I turned 16 and had a paying job at the Roaring Brook poultry farm.

    • Deap says:

      The Capitol Hill gang did more than “slow down” the electoral college vote count; it materially changed votes and the final direction of the proceeding into an instant fait accompli. Pretty much mission accomplished. Plus the bonus of vilifying anyone who dare question the process, as allowed by the US Constitution.

      All advantage of the alleged “riot” accrued to the Democrats. Just like “covid” ((covid hysteria and covid porn) — all advantage accrued to the Democrats.

      Scary times – but as pointed out it takes a willing populace to let this happen. I feel more in common now with the 1960 hippies than I do with my fellow Americans today. And I had zero sympathy for the 1960’s when it was happening, right under my own nose my senior year in college.

  4. Bill+H says:

    NBC News ran a piece about a “healthy person” who had Covid and developed heart problems “as a result.” They described him as a person in good health and normally active, etc. Then they showed a picture of him before he became ill from the virus. My immediate thought was that he might have developed heart problems from the virus but that the fact that he probably weighed 350 pounds almost certainly had more to do with it than the virus did.

    Yes, in this country being morbidly obese is considered “good health” if you have not actually had a heart attack. Yet.

    • akaPatience says:

      An apparently little known fact is that nearly 80% of people who died from Covid were obese. I read this news fairly recently, but of course it wasn’t trumpeted like the usual Covid scare mongering we’re subjected to on a daily basis.

      • AK says:

        Anecdotal evidence, but still… My mother-in-law is a COVID ICU nurse at a mid-size hospital in Central Florida, and she confirms this. According to what she’s seen in her unit, every single person under 50 who died of it was obese, along with a majority proportion of those in the high risk age group.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Yes. Your anecdotal evidence is a true sample that reflects the larger population pattern.

          Obesity is associated with a wide variety of serious health issues (and a large amount of the annual expenditure on healthcare). Hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, renal disease, diabetes, respiratory issues are particularly salient when covid is involved.

          I would be curious if your SWMBO-in-law would also confirm if her experience is that the younger covid patients – meaning 50 – 65 – tend heavily to be poor minorities. As I have said many times, we are not seeing a covid problem in our commercial employer group risk pools; nor in our ACA membership – not even so much in Medicare Advantage plans. Consultants say the reason is that covid is hitting the poor/minorities disproportionately; and they don’t purchase insurance. These are mostly Medicaid members (even if the are over 65 – Medicaid pays for their nursing home). There seems to be a significant educational and cultural component to covid IP hospital stays and deaths.

          • AK says:


            To your inquiry about ethnic demographics of the fatalities — a while back (maybe four or five months ago), my SWMBO-in-law did mention that a significant majority percentage of the fatalities in the under 50 age group were minority, Hispanic specifically. She didn’t mention any ethnic demographics for the above 50 crowd, though one would assume the trend would hold there.

            Another piece of anecdotal evidence – in April 2020, a close friend and former colleague of mine died of COVID at age 34. What none of my other acquaintances in the same circle would acknowledge was that he always struggled with weight issues, had an awful diet for as long as I knew him well (I was around him nearly every day for five years), and he was one of the first wave of infected patients that got slapped on a ventilator immediately upon showing up at the hospital, which we now know was virtually a death sentence for those people. As my SWMBO-in-law also said, “Oh yeah, once you went on one of those ventilators, you weren’t coming off it.”

            To boot, he was a Mexican immigrant with no health insurance.

            Whenever one of my family or friends tries to use him as a justification for the insane political and scientific malfeasance that we’ve witnessed over the last year (“But look at Uriel, he was only 34!”), I tell them if I ever die of this thing (which I won’t because I take great care of myself), or the next viral thing, or a terrorist attack, or a mass shooting, they are forbidden to use my death to advocate for the erosion of fundamental American rights and liberties. I will haunt them to the end of time if they do. That seems to get my point across.

        • Fasteddiez says:

          Obese, kidney issues, liver issues, brain issues, heart issues, lung issues, etc. This without even mentioning that Blacks and Latinos were much more likely to get Covid if they had any of the issues listed above. I asked my regular doctor last winter what was up with Covid. He had lunch with an infectious disease specialist who said Covid would be more deadly if the patients had any of the above ailments. Covid is the first domino in line. as it falls it knocks all the above-named dominoes down one by one.
          Next comes Pneumonia and/or Sepsis, then death.

    • Deap says:

      Obesity acts like an inflammatory disease – so any foreign infection hits an already overly stressed immune system. One’s own fat cells apparently send out all the same inflammatory markers, as those that respond to outside agents.

      The more fat cells, the higher the internal chronic inflammatory reactive state. Which was also the covid mortality link the UK saw in those who also presented periodontal disease (chronic inflammatory gum disease).

      The numbers of people who take massive amounts of high doses supplements, without any medical regard or monitoring, is worth further exploration too – this “self-treatment” with multiple bio-active substances may well set up a chronic inflammatory state as well.

  5. Harlan Easley says:

    People in my community are back to normal. Not that it really ever changed. Masked wearing increased. Now it’s decreasing with warmer weather. Older people got the vaccination. Nobody talks about it.

    • Deap says:

      Maybe 30% downtown yesterday – mainly out of town LA basin tourists – were not wearing masks. All appeared to be under 50. California. Eating and drinking outside. And a lot of them were very overweight.

  6. elaine says:

    None of the Covid shots are really vaccines in the normal sense of the term.
    They’re mRNA gene therapy injections & anyone who receives them is basically
    being experimented on & that includes me who regrettably got bullied into it by my doctor due primarily to my age.

    • Harlan Easley says:

      I wouldn’t consider it Gene Therapy but Cell Therapy. Gene Therapy permanently alters the DNA code in a cell. The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA therapy takes a mRNA strand suspends it in something that doesn’t break down and is injected. The mRNA enters the cell makes the Spike Protein and then degrades bypassing the normal DNA to RNA transcription phase.

      The spike protein then produces an immune response. Since it is the Spike protein from the coronavirus that latches onto human cells. The immune response produces antibody response that theoritically should prevent the virus from latching onto human cells.

      It is under Emergency Use Authorization and the 3 month study in 2020 was a joke. But it may work. Though for younger people with zero risk of dying it is insane if they are forced to take it. Many young are reacting violently to the new vaccines or treatments. Over 2,000 reported deaths on the VAERS reporting database so far. Not to mention other severe reactions.

      If you are good now don’t worry about it. No permanent gene manipulation and you may very well be protected from a future infection of COVID. My mom is 77 and I’m glad she got it.

    • Deap says:

      Elaine, I hear you. Hoping not to get bullied when I have my annual in a few weeks. If anything, I am holding out for the J&J one shot option if finally faced with doing this for reasons other than “medical” (travel), but so far one can not pick and choose.

      Personally, I would rather be a “herd immunity” statistic than one more human guinea pig. I trust my rather splendid immune system, even at my advanced age.

      This conclusion comes after 42 years in health care – seeing overkill and medical fads come and go, over the past four decades. There is actually little science in the “science” of medicine as shown by the unfortunately short-term fad demanding “evidence based medicine”. Turns out, there wasn’t much.

      I like my science independently replicated. That remains to be seen. But time will tell a better story than this rush to judgement we are witnessing right now. Hard to beat an infection using “something”; that already has a 99% recovery rate and very high asymptomatic incidence. I remain wary and skeptical. But I also want to start traveling again – hate to have some airline tell me what I must do with my body.

      TB remains a real scourge, yet are forcing TB passports? This “covid” thing smacks of a lot of vanity and posturing which offends my “science” side.

  7. Fourth and Long says:

    Wouldn’t be complete without George Carlin: Germs and the Immune System


  8. Deap says:

    Johns Hopkins vs. Fame Whore Fauci
    Topic: herd immunity:


    I am putting my money on Johns Hopkins, with reservations.

    Prior to the 2020 election, Johns Hopkins pulled the plug on their own in house data analyst. She detailed spreadsheet on collecting 10 years of all-cause morbidity numbers reported to CDC, found no all cause morbidity increase for the Year of the Deadly Covid Cootie Pandemic.

    She also found a strong correlation in the decrease in deaths from heart diseases, cancer, CPOD, diabetes, etc that matched the increase in “covid” deaths – resulting in net neutral all cause death numbers.

    Johns Hopkins suppressed the release of their own CDC data analysis, which had been presented to peers before the Nov 2020 election. JH felt it would confuse the public narrative at that time, and be potentially misinterpreted. You decide.

  9. Seward says:

    Personal observation: The pastor of my church told me in September there’d been 2 covid-19 deaths among 2500 active parishioners at 6 masses (we take a census), both in the first two months. Knew both: one a lady in 60’s on chemo; other a man in 70’s on dialysis. Since then I’ve know of one married couple in their 60’s that caught it: both sick at home a week with flu symptoms. Also: both the pastor and an aide from there said there’s been 20 cases among 120 residents at a nearby assisted-living facility we serve; 4 deaths among the 20 cases, also in the first two months (by definition old people with pre-existing conditions, or they wouldn’t be there). So the incidence is very low.

  10. Keith Harbaugh says:

    How has the news media demonized some inquiries into the origins of COVID?

    Tucker Carlson gives an enlightening exposition of how the MSM discredits some POVs here:

    Tucker Carlson: Why the media, scientific community and WHO won’t investigate COVID origins


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