Supreme Court Justice Roberts Did Not Fly on Pedophile Plane

I think Woods and Ziegler, at a minimum, owe Supreme Court Justice an apology. While I am beyond disappointed with Roberts’ rulings as Chief Justice, disliking him for bad opinions is not an excuse for smearing him as an accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein without a shred of proof other than the word of a serial liar.

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15 Responses to Supreme Court Justice Roberts Did Not Fly on Pedophile Plane

  1. Teddy says:

    Woods likes to surround himself with QAnon grifters which explains his bizarre rants & smears.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Roberts did shame the Constitution with the ACA which was absolutely illegal. If his name gets drug through the mud right or wrong he deserved it because he earned it. It’s not the job of the Federal Government to provide healthcare along with about 90% of the other services like PBS, NPR, Planned Parenthood, WIC welfare and god knows what else. All those programs destroy the fabric of freedom and create a society of defeatism, nepotism and human depravity.

  3. Razumov says:

    Lin Wood has previously claimed (without evidence) that John Roberts was involved in child trafficking with Epstein:

    He has also suggested that Roberts was involved in murdering Scalia, and that Epstein is still alive.

  4. Lysias says:

    Maybe John Roberts has a double.

  5. akaPatience says:

    While I’m not a fan of Chief Justice Roberts, “John Roberts” is undeniably a common name, and for all we know the Epstein flight log could’ve been in reference to FOX News reporter John Roberts.

  6. Leith says:

    Amazing that I for once agree with you Larry.

    Just one question though. you post implies there was someone named Roberts with Epstein. Who was that, was it an attempt to set up the real John Roberts?

    • Larry Johnson says:

      I doubt it. Just sloppy, careless analysis. All I did was check the court work schedule and compare the dates. Just requires a brain.

  7. Gallo Rojo says:

    The real blackmail leverage with Roberts is the questionable manner in which he adopted a set of twins from Ireland.

    • longarch says:

      @Gallo Rojo: Your comments led me to search for a PDF alluded to by Ziegler, titled “how roberts was blackmailed to support obamacare” so I thank you for that particular lead.

      Disclaimer: I do not have blind faith in anyone, including Larry Johnson, Lin Wood, or Garrett M. Ziegler. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m just trying to document who is flinging accusations at whom.

      I notice that Ziegler appears to be the person alluded to above, and he appears to have a Telegram account that links to PDF files, but I am not willing to sign up for Telegram just to get free access to his PDFs.

      At that account,

      Garrett M. Ziegler wrote the following:

      So, a former fed (CIA) by the name of Larry Johnson attacked Lin Wood for sharing a PDF I posted last night. Again, this PDF was put together by a friend and has some heretofore unexamined nodes, among which are John Roberts’s divesture of stock in Pfizer before ruling on vaccine liability shields. It also contained the dates and airport codes of two flights a John Roberts took on a plane associated w Epstein.

      Johnson’s article proves that he actually displays the carelessness which he accuses Lin of committing. He posits that because SCOTUS arguments were held in DC on 3/22/10, there is no way the Chief Justice would have been able to fly from Palm Beach to Oakland on 3/22/10. If Johnson would have actually dug a bit, he would realize that PTK—the destination on the flight logs—is the airport code of Oakland County, MICHIGAN, not CA, which undercuts really the only half-baked argument he was able to utter.

      For a second I thought Larry Johnson was talking about me, but then I realized he mentioned a Garret Ziegler/Zeigler, neither of which are me.

      I do not have enough facts on Ziegler’s PTK assertion to make a judgement at this time.

      • Larry Johnson says:

        Read the damn article. For starters, I cite the flight as OAKLAND, MICHIGAN. Garret cannot even get that fact straight. More importantly, whether it was Michigan or California, the Supreme Court Justice was hearing arguments in Washington, DC. Garret Ziegler is a sloppy, mendacious incompetent.

  8. mcohan says:

    John roberts is a gay porn star.It was him and epstein in the cockpit

  9. mcohen says:

    Larry calm down.

    John roberts is gay porn star.check it out.Secondly both epstein and maxwell are gay.I am not going to go into what they were doing with the young girls because it my ruin your side burns

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