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"Om kriget kommer" — "If War Comes", was a pamphlet published and distributed to every household of Sweden beginning in 1943.   The pamphlet published by the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces Office. It dealt with crisis, most notably Nuclear War. With the end of the Cold War the publication was deemed outdated and the last edition ending in 1991. ……….

Until Now. 

Remember a while back where I talked about that Russian TV Broadcaster Vesti had a short segment that dealt with Nuclear War and preparation of the Russian civilian population. This was all made possible by NATO's actions of moving armaments and weapons close to the Russian border. Some of a tactical nuclear variety. These NATO actions made Russia nervous as it would make anybody. The Russians went into defense mode big time, and haven't waited around until NATO launches Tactical Nukes their way. Moscow has learned the hard lessons of over 30 million Russian dead, thanks to Nazi Germany's invasion of Russia, aka WWII, aka The Great Patriotic War. Moscow intends that there not be a repeat of such carnage heaped upon Russia ever again. Ever! 

Russia's defense mode has made those nations whose borders are with (and close proximity to) Russia, very nervous. Sweden is bordered by Finland and Norway; Finland borders Russia, Norway, and Sweden; Norway borders Russia, Finland, and Sweden. What we have transpiring, is the domino effect. NATO starts it, Russia reacts to it, Nations in close proximity to Russia get real nervous. 

NATO is using the crutch that Russia annexed Crimea as their 'excuse' to build right on the Russian border area, a no-notice first strike capability. That is why there were ABM's put in Poland, etc. by the NATO milieu. 

Now back to the main point…  "Om kriget kommer," the Swedish prepare for war pamphlet is now once again in production, with a few updates, but relatively the same. Sweden's civil defense agency has also prepared videos on YouTube showing how to prepare your home's grocery pantries stocking of food items. 

Russia's Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his childhood friends used to chase rats with a stick, until a cornered rat turned on Vladimir and charged him. Vladimir always remembered that life lesson from that experience, "Don't corner Russia". Also another life lesson that Vladimir learned on the streets of Leningrad, if a fight is coming and no way out of it, strike first. Putin intends to protect Russia and its citizenry at all costs, Russia remembers the many times that it's neighbors tried to invade and and loot and subjugate Russia, and were driven back. 

I ask the Swedes why they don't band together with the other European nations that border Russia, to tell NATO that their intention to wage war with Russia, should be abandoned before it reaches the point of no return. Europeans won't be able to live in nuclear rubble, They have not prepared their nations to live underground.  Russia on the other hand has been preparing to go to ground if and when that time happens.

Swedish Civil Defense website 

Om krisen eller kriget kommer brochure 

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