Syria will fight Turkey if they must …


"Syria’s government has a legitimate right to get back all the territories seized by Turkey, including Idlib, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari said on Tuesday.

“There can be no compromises on that matter. The period of functioning of de-escalation zones has its timeframes. They cannot be extended without the Syrian government’s consent. It is a legitimate right of the Syrian people to get back all the territories seized by Turkey,” al-Jaafari, who leads the Syrian government delegation to the international meeting on Syria in Russia’s Sochi, stressed."  AMN


IMO the fighting now underway in the northern end of Latakia Governorate marks the opening phase of the R+6 general offensive to re-capture Idlib Province from the jihadis and the Turks.  This particular effort is intended to secure the left flank of what will be a drive to capture jisr al-shugur as a supporting attack in the general offensive.   Stay tuned.  pl

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