Temporary Absence

Several have asked why we are not seeing Patrick Bahzad on SST.  He is fully occupied with personal business at present but assures me that he will return.  pl

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  1. LeaNder says:

    Good to hear. He will be back, that is. Strictly I should be concerned with personal or alternatively one friend’s business who needs help instead of hanging out here myself. 😉
    But since one of his centers of attention is: Islamist Terrorism in Europe.
    Apparently Germans arrested a couple of Islamists in Düsseldorf. Pleased to see Wiki.en has accepted the German spelling:
    They got a hint from French intelligence.
    The city surfaced for me in post 9/11 investigations in media*. … There are other purely right-wing types of attacks that caught my attention there. There may be no real basis for connecting these two events. Usual nitwit basis, see.
    * I was somewhat surprised. …

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