Texas Dem switches party

Ryan Guillen

“A Texas Democrat switched his affiliation to the Republican Party over the party’s left-leaning embrace of defunding the police policies and “chaos” on the southern border.

State Rep. Ryan Guillen announced in a Monday press conference that he would seek reelection to his south Texas seat as a Republican, saying the Democratic Party’s far-left values are no longer in line with his own.

Specifically, Guillen cited his now-former party’s backing of defunding the police and the compounding crisis at the southern border under President Biden.” foxnews

Comment: Need just a few more. pl


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4 Responses to Texas Dem switches party

  1. Babeltuap says:

    I suspect Democrats don’t actually want illegal aliens to be citizens other than for theater. They just want the body count for the census to get more reps. He however was backed into a corner. Many hispanics in TX are not card carrying Democrats, are devout Catholics and are now citizens. This massive jellyfish must go where the tide takes him.

  2. Deap says:

    Strong whiff of political expediency is what I smell.

  3. plantman says:

    I voted Dem my whole life… even worked in for the party on a county and city level for three years.

    Never again.

    The destruction they have unleashed on this country is almost unimaginable.

    Four years of the Russia hoax, followed by riots, burning and looting, followed by a stolen election, followed by a purge of political opponents, followed by a fake pandemic aimed at removing all constitutionally-protected freedoms and plunging us into tyranny.

    What will it take to convince people that the Democrats hate this country and everything it stands for?

    It’s not a party. It’s a terrorist organization.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  4. Deap says:

    Another Democrat self-made problem. Biden ignored multiple economic experts advice who warned him his proposed policies would trigger inflation.

    Is this why back in August, Kamala Harris was already warning about supply chain problems affecting Christmas shopping 4 whole months later? Except she was using these problems to blame on climate change – running cover for Boss Biden whose known poor decisions were going to screw it up?

    So “climate change’ is going to be the horse Biden-Harris will ride in on, every time they screw things up by their sheer incompetence.

    QUOTE: …………….(Former Obama economic advisor) “Rattner added that Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan has too much spending and not enough tax revenue to back it since the results of that revenue only arrive over the course of a decade:

    But Rattner referred to it as “a package that front-loads spending while tax revenues arrive only over a decade.” He cited research from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, estimating that the plan would likely add $800 billion or more to the deficit over the next five years, “exacerbating inflationary pressures.”………”

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