The affidavit supporting the search warrant for Trump’s home and a DOJ legal memo for redactions are released with blacked out parts

By Robert Willmann

The 38-page affidavit in support of the search warrant executed at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on 8 August 2022 has been released with blacked out parts–

A legal memorandum was filed to discuss the redactions the Department of Justice wanted in the affidavit. The term “ex parte” in the memo’s title means it was given to the judge privately and a copy was not given to the parties in the case or to the public. It has blacked out parts as well–

When the documents were filed, the redacted affidavit was exhibit ‘A’ to the legal memo. Exhibit ‘B’ is a redacted chart about the redactions. It lists the paragraphs of the affidavit that had things blacked out and the reasons for withholding those parts. Every one of the supposed reasons in the chart to redact material in a paragraph is itself blacked out except for “agent safety”–

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One Response to The affidavit supporting the search warrant for Trump’s home and a DOJ legal memo for redactions are released with blacked out parts

  1. Fourth and Long says:

    It’s nice that you go to the effort to keep us informed about the legal ins and outs of these doings. Because they are indeed beyond the capacity of most people to keep abreast of. And btw, on the most recent Judge Andrew Napolitano video interview with former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Colonel Lang was proved correct on the issue of Presidential declassification powers. So it is a matter easily subject to error and possibly abuse by people you’d think knowledgeable. My sense of the matter is that despite however out of bounds the eFFing Bleep I yi yi’s are here, and how pathetic an excuse for a pretzeldent the elderly Delawarian by way of Scranton PA Ghoul and Count Dracula stand-in the Joey “Rob n Get” Bidenstein monster truly truly is, that the smarter folks have come down on the side of preserving our institutional constructs. Because the Trumpenstein Monster in a second term sans worries of re-election is perceived, correctly I venture, as a real threat to those institutions. If the secret police are bad now, imagine them in a country without rule of law and a hereditary Monarchy in place of the Presidency, which is what a Trump 2nd term frighteningly bodes or should to the non brain damaged. I’m not partisan here. This is the worst offering for President (Trump v Biden) than anything since the republic began though Hilary Klanton v Donald Trump was close and LBJ v Goldwater may have been even worse.

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