The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin’ In The Wind

It’s cold down in the heart of Texas. Meanwhile our best and brightest do what other brave men and women and <lots of pronouns here> did before.

Who cares about dead Texans, why think of Covid, just don’t call it the China virus (or you be racist). Calling it the UK varient, that’s ok, please blame those people, that helps China save face while helping autocrats force you to cover yours. Unless you are on your private jet, your private yacht, your private beach; you get the picture. Obey. Because –

That sure took care of freedom. Yep, sure did. Meanwhile in the deep, cold heart of Texas communist China.

As the 80,000,000 vote “Big Guy” puts it: “Culturally there are different norms.” – Joe Biden.

Our “resistance leaders? 2024 is so far away, just like freedom for Muslims under Communism. I wonder what Barack had to say? Louis Farrakhan: “Min. Farrakhan said the worldwide Muslim community needs to understand what is happening and should be aware of suffering Muslims anywhere they are located.” Oh so 2009 of him. Reverend Jessee, Reverend Al? Yeah, I found noth’n; His Holyness Pope Francis. Well, at least that’s something.

Yes, and how many years can some people exist Before they’re allowed to be free?

Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head

And pretend that he just doesn’t see?

Yes, and how many deaths will it take ’til he knows

That too many people have died?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind

Thanks Joe, and yes, the mask helps show your inner inhumanity. How fitting. And Kamala, you know, “We’re all in this togher”? Naw, just you guys. My ancestors freed the slaves. You and Joe are happy to help enrich those who keep them.

Footnote. Aparently Ted is now helping sell the narrative that Americans need to be disarmed.

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3 Responses to The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin’ In The Wind

  1. Eric Blair says:

    I’m not a Texan, but as a municipal legislator for a decade, I am certain that Cruz has no authority to direct any element of the Texas Blackout recovery – that authority rests with the Governor, Department Heads, and Mayors throughout the State.

    It’s so sad that the average citizen knows so little about how government works/doesn’t work, and how the Media won’t let a chance to smear go to waste, especially when it helps deflect attention from others more deserving of our ire.

  2. Oilman2 says:

    The media and the left told us all, right after inauguration, that they were coming for Trump supporters and MAGA types of people. Cruz will not be the last set up for character assassination by the current media attack dogs. Conflation, insinuation and outright lies are to be expected.
    Agree with Eric Blair that Cruz is elected to the US Senate and has zero power over what Rick Perry and G. Abbot have done in my state. G. Abbot also responsible for removing 30% of school funding from all rural areas of Texas, but not disclosing where those funds have been diverted to.
    Texas will be no ‘shining star’ because our government is filled with sociopaths and grifters the same as most other sates. If there is a secession movement, it will have to be counties deciding to secede from Lone Star State, which has been effectively neutered and gutted.
    What this weather anomaly has done is shine a bright light on the absolute stupidity and swampishness of public officials, of our ‘energy independence’ (lie by Trump) and the vaunted efficacy of solar and wind as viable alternatives to petroleum.

    If you want something better and different, this last election has shown that the game is rigged thoroughly and utterly – thus there will be no changing things peacefully via voting. This power SNAFU was expected by those in the industry, who actually warned Perry and Abbot about consequences. If you want something better, then you need to be prepared to do it yourself or with your neighbors – because….well…. “We’re the government, and we’re here to help”

  3. BillWade says:

    Well, geez, I guess the next time a hurricane is headed my way I’ll just stay put.

    Senator Cruz, Never apologize or do what they want, they’ll just double down on you. Enjoy your vacations.

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