The case of Marcus Klingberg

Spy_vs_spy_counterserveilla "Anonymous" sent me the following note concerning the case of Marcus Klingberg.  I have separate corroborative confirmation of this story.  Klingberg evidently was a great success in using his Mossad employment as an operational "base" for espionage in the US for his true masters.  They were probably the Soviet Army's GRU.  Representative Harman is reported to have been confronted with this case when she insisted recently to DoJ lawyers that there could be no harm to the US from Israeli efforts to obtain denied US information.  pl
"Sources familiar with the FBI investigation of the AIPAC espionage case, say that the investigation is continuing even though the charges against Rosen and Weissman were dropped.  Harman was interviewed by DoJ prosecutors after the Rosen/Weissman charges were dropped.
Sources indicate that based on multi-agency reports of Israeli espionage activities in the u.s. prior to 9/11, George Tenet as DCI ordered his senior staff to assemble for him a study of all the files available concerning the history of Israeli espionage activities in the US.  The resulting study shocked him.

Among the many cases in the study two stood out.  In addition to the damage reports on Jonathan Pollard's activities, there were files on another little known espionage case.  Before the Pollard case, Israel claimed they had arrested a Soviet spy, who happened to also be the dep. dir. of Israel's TS ness-ziona bio/chem warfare facility located 16 miles from Tel Aviv.  This man, Avraham Marcus Klingberg was also at that time a prof. of epidemiology at Tel Aviv Univ.  Klingberg, a former Soviet army colonel was arrested and charged with spying for the USSR.  The Israeli government has claimed that Klingberg suffered from mental illness and simply disappeared from a scientific conference in Switzerland in 1983.  In fact, Israel arrested Klingberg and tried and sentence him in a secret tribunal in 1983.
In 1988 Hebrew language newspapers in NY reported that Klingberg had been arrested for spying for the USSR but that he was part of negotiations that would see him sent to the Soviet Union in a three nation swap that would see Pollard sent to israel from the US and the Soviet release of a few US agents,  but the deal fell through.  Any Israeli newspaper stories about Klingberg's arrest by Israel were blocked by Israeli military censors until 1993.
The Israelis informed the US Government that Klingberg confessed, but they withheld from the US something much more important. Klingberg had been, according to the report presented to Tenet, a Soviet/Israeli double-agent.  While in the US, Klingberg received 20,000 pages of documents onUS  biological warfare and dbiological defense programs from two scientists at Ft. Detrick, Maryland. The classified information passed from Ft. Detrick to Israel greatly advanced Israelis biological warfare work, including aerosolized weaponized Anthrax.
Klingberg was released to house arrest in 1098 due to his reportedly 'failing health'.  He signed an agreement stating that he would never speak about his work.  He also agreeded to have his telephones tapped by the Israeli defense ministry while under house arrest.  On Jan 22, 1999 the Jerusalem Post reported that Shin Bet (Israeli counter-intelligence) wanted an Israeli judge to bar Klingberg from speaking Yiddish while under house arrest.  Shin Bet could not find any guards/housekeepers for Klingberg who could understand Yiddish.  A Beersheba district judge concured with Shin Bet and ordered him not to speak yiddish.
In 2003 klingberg was allowed to leave his house arrest and he moved to Paris where he lives with his daughter and grandson.  In 2007 Klingberg authored his memoirs in Hebrew  hameragel ha'akharon (the last spy)."  Anonymous
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  1. Seems logical that there would be NOCs on NOCs!

  2. charlottemom says:

    Quite interesting… Brings me to subject of another spy cause — the journalist from North Dakota (of a Iranian Jewish family that fled Iran?) who was recently released from Iranian custody. Who was she spying for? What information was she (alledgedly) transfering to the US (as intermediary or final stop).
    Lots of nonsense about being arrested for illegally buying wine!?
    This story kept levitating on emotion, injustice, Iranian heavy-handedness but not much explanation on how charges escalated from buying illegal wine (says US) to spying (says Iran). Upon her abrupt release, this story has whimpered off the news pages.Curious.

  3. b says:

    @Pat – the name is Klingberg not Klingman.
    Saberi “who was arrested for buying wine” had a secret Iranian report on the US/Iraq war she obtained in 2006 while working as translator for the Expediency Council.
    She also went to Israel in 2006 …

    Secret war report led to spy charges for Roxana

  4. Nightsticker says:

    Colonel Lang,
    let’s not forget another curious case, that of former FBI case officer Bob Levenson. He went missing on Kish Island in March of 2007.He is reported to have been on Kish Island to “investigate cigarette smuggling”.His main contact there was a man reported to have been involved in the assasination of an Iranian dissident in Washinton DC some years ago. He is reported to have been associated with Business Integrity International. BII is headed by Ted Fraumann, also late of the FBI.Fraumann’s self description in the BII website is formerly “NY FBI Chief Liaison Officer to American [US???] and foreign intelligence services…….”.News reports state that Iranian officials deny any knowledge of his whereabouts but usually finish the denial with a mention of the two Iranian diplomats kidnapped by US forces in Iraq.

  5. jonst says:

    It is an aside, but you wonder if, and if “if”, why? and how? George Tenant was “surprised” by this information? How many readers of SST are “surprised” by something like this? Or, would have been “surprised” back then? Very few, I dare say. For that matter…how many followers of ‘National Security issues’ would have been surprised?
    Now, here is what I AM surprised by: ” Shin Bet could not find any guards/housekeepers for Klingberg who could understand Yiddish”. I find that interesting and surprising and I am being serious here.

  6. jonst says:

    Sorry, I substituted the word “surprised” when I meant to use “shocked” in my last post regarding Tenant’s’ reaction.

  7. Fred says:

    “…greatly advanced Israelis biological warfare work, including aerosolized weaponized Anthrax”
    Wasn’t this one of the multiple ‘WMD’ Saddam was accused of having? What a tangled web.

  8. stickler says:

    If you choose to believe that “sources reveal” something reliable, and that Tenet was actually “shocked,” and that Tenet wasn’t a naive idiot, then the only conclusion must be that the report on Israeli spying must have been much, much worse than the Klingberg tidbit reveals.
    Which wouldn’t surprise me, frankly.

  9. curious says:

    I love good spy story. Give the guy book contract already. Hurry before he died. I chip in $20 bucks.

  10. charlottemom says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch….
    (quote from Huffington Post)
    WASHINGTON — A Defense Department official was charged Wednesday with feeding classified information to an agent for the Chinese government.
    A criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in Virginia accuses James Fondren Jr. of conspiring to relay classified information to a foreign agent.
    Authorities say Fondren was involved for years in what spy-hunters call a “false flag” operation _ believing he was feeding information to one government, when in fact his handler was working for another country.
    Court papers charge that Fondren, 62, provided information to a friend named Tai Shen Kuo, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Taiwan who lived primarily in Louisiana.
    FBI investigators say that unbeknownst to Fondren, Kuo was taking orders from the Chinese government. Officials say Fondren believed the information was being sent to Taiwan.
    Between 2004 and 2008, Fondren gave Kuo classified information through “opinion papers” he sold to Kuo for between $350 and $800 apiece, officials charge. Eight of the papers allegedly contained classified information, according to investigators.
    Fondren worked at the Pentagon, holding top secret clearance as the deputy director of the Washington liaison office for U.S. Pacific Command. He has been on administrative leave since February 2008.
    Fondren surrendered to authorities Wednesday. He faces a maximum of five years in prison if convicted.
    Kuo and a former Defense Department employee, Gregg Bergersen, were arrested in February 2008 on espionage charges. Bergersen and Kuo have both pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the case.
    (end quote)

  11. This material is from Wayne Madsen’s blog. Though it may be credible, you’ve omitted the portion where Madsen claims Israelis celebrated at the 9/11 attacks. In other words, Madsen is not entirely credible & you should note him as yr source. Or at least “Anonymous” should have noted his or her source.

  12. LeaNder says:

    Cutting and pasting from Mondoweiss:
    Richard Silverstein:
    While Lang may be a credible source, he’s quoting from Wayne Madsen’s blog. Though some of the info here may be credible, Lang omitted the portion where Madsen claims Israelis celebrated at the 9/11 attacks. In other words, Madsen is not entirely credible & readers should know he was the source.
    How do you know?
    Concerning Israelis celebrating, the famous movers in New York city actually were reported to the police and later arrested since they were perceived as celebrating the event.
    I am not sure what to make of Wayne Madsen, but that little item doesn’t feel completely wrong. I think 9/11 was perceived as more or less good for Israel, something for which the celebrating Israelis above only provided an image. I don’t find this hard to understand either… Finally the world sees what the Israelis have to deal with!
    So, yes I think it’s part of the larger truth. Remember Hamas and Hisbollah are now listed as terrorists, which they are, but the issue is more complex.
    And Jack Lang somewhere wrote, you obviously have to keep in mind the author but apart from that no information is useless. I wonder though why he didn’t tell us.

  13. Patrick Lang says:

    Leander & Rihard Silverstein
    I relied on my source, who did not tell me he was quoting Madsen. I know nothing of Madsen. I certainly DO NOT think Israel had anything to do with 9/11.
    Nevertheless, the material on Klingberg and the DoJ meeting with Harman is correct. I had an additional, separate corroborating source. pl

  14. LeaNder says:

    Patrick Lang: I certainly DO NOT think Israel had anything to do with 9/11.
    Obviously. I hope you don’t think I do.
    (sometimes html tags don’t seem to work)

  15. Bourbon says:

    Richard Silverstein,
    I will not comment as to Wayne Madsen’s credibility; however, you use his claim that Israeli’s celebrated on 9/11 to dismiss him. In this case Mr. Madsen is correct; the infamous White Van was been documented and confirmed by knowledgeable people.
    Retired international lawyer Gerald Shea collated the reports in his memo to the 9/11 Commission: Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry (PDF).
    The White Van was story was published by The Forward, Le Monde, ABC News, the French newsletter Intelligence Online, Haaretz, Counterpunch, and the prestigious Jane’s Intelligence Digest.
    Veteran CIA officer and bestselling author Robert Baer has also confirmed the story of the White Van and the celebrating Israeli’s, he does so in this candid interview on Youtube: Go to the 4:20 mark.
    Make no mistake – this event happened. Does it mean Israel was involved in 9/11? No, not necessarily; Baer makes a very plausible benign view that they were monitoring Hamas cells and stumbled upon the highjackers. It does however mean that you have to find a new avenue to question Mr. Madsen’s credibility.

  16. Bourbon says:

    The html doesn’t seem to be working. The memo from Gerald Shea to the 9/11 Commission “Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry”, can be read here:

  17. LeaNder says:

    Oh, and I missed to write: Thanks for the answer.
    And my apologies for slightly distorting what you really said. I tried to squeeze it into a too short sentence. I hope people amend it in their heads.

  18. Bourbon says:

    What of retired Special Agent Levinson? Yes it is mysterious, there are lots of mysterious cases; and not all of them are related to Israeli Espionage.
    Levinson is an expert in Russian Organized Crime – the Semyon Mogilevich Organization in particular. I would surmise that this, or a high stakes round of tit-for-tat counterhostaging is the reason for his disappearance. Not involvement in Israeli espionage.

  19. curious says:

    so much for the reset button
    Russia views US, NATO as top security threats: document
    Russia views the United States and NATO as major threats to global security and potentially to its own military, according to a sweeping new security document unveiled by the Kremlin on Wednesday.
    The document, outlining Russia’s national security strategy through 2020, reflected continuing fears of old Cold War foes but also said Moscow would pursue a “rational and pragmatic” foreign policy and avoid a new arms race.
    The 13-page document was posted on the Kremlin website on Wednesday, one day after being approved by President Dmitry Medvedev and following months of discussion among Russia’s top security officials.
    “The instability of the existing global and regional architecture, oriented, especially in the Euro-Atlantic region, only toward NATO… is an increasing threat to the guaranteeing of international security,” it said.
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced in April that Russia and China would strengthen their military cooperation through the Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO), and engage in several joint military maneuvers.
    Some observers feel the plans for improved ties are aimed at limiting the United States’ presence in Central Asia, but there are more factors in play. The new promises of cooperation are not based solely on fear of the West’s imperial expansion, as was the case in 2001 at the beginning of the George W Bush and Vladimir Putin presidencies.

  20. J says:

    I find it amusing how Mr. Silverstein is so quick to cast aspersions towards Madsen. Madsen’s credentials (former U.S. Naval Officer, NSA assignment, NCIS operative) speaks for itself. What are Mr. Silverstein’s credentials, according to his blog he is a Zionist, he calls himself a ‘liberal’ Zionist, but a Zionst all the same. I have noticed that Zionist regardless of their right or left persuation go into orbit when Mr. Madsen writes, as Madsen uses factual data which the Zionist cannot ‘erase’. It appears that Zionist of all persuasions want the ‘evidence’ of Israeli Governmental ‘hostile’ Espionage activities against our U.S. to quietly disappear from the U.S. public discourse arena. Which thanks to Mr. Madsen, such ‘factual data’ is not quietly going away. Israel by its own actions is proving over and over again to be an enemy of our U.S., the data of such speaks for itself.

  21. Col. Lang: You source quoted from Wayne Madsen’s blog here:
    Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to it to see the entire post but one of my blog readers forwarded the entire post to me which I can forward to you if you like.
    Maybe yr source did you the favor of cutting the part where Madsen lapses into 9/11 conspiracy theory:
    “WMR previously reported that the Israeli Urban Moving Systems employees who were seen celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 were also discovered by U.S. law enforcement of stockpiling anthrax samples at the moving company’s Weehawken, New Jersey warehouse. The anthrax letters mailed to the U.S. Senate were later found to have been sent from New Jersey.”
    This lapses into Twilight Zone territory I think. And yr source probably should’ve told you where he or she got the material.
    As for the Klingberg-Harman story, I’m not criticizing that in any way & generally I see eye to eye with you on the very real danger of Israeli espionage.

  22. Ft. Detrick, 20,000 pages of docs on biowarfare stuff?!!!???!!! … cause for concern indeed. One would hope these CI investigations continue in earnest, not to mention the damage assessment process…

  23. curious says:

    Ft. Detrick, 20,000 pages of docs on biowarfare stuff?!!!???!!! … cause for concern indeed. One would hope these CI investigations continue in earnest, not to mention the damage assessment process…
    Posted by: Clifford Kiracofe | 15 May 2009 at 08:28 AM
    I wonder how one transfers 400 lbs worth of secret paper. I am imagining all sort of three stooges intrigue. lol …
    Today, it takes up about 250MB of memory, hardly filling a $5 nail size microSD card. But back then?
    I for one am still waiting for somebody to finally published the entire atomic weapon database online. (how to make your own homemade nuclear weapon in 5 easy steps.)
    … that would make a great novel story… The a complete nuke file appears online. Imagine the comedy and chaos that ensue. I am going to disneyland if that ever happens.

  24. J says:

    Our nation needs a ‘through CI house-cleaning’ of Israeli moles and sympathizers that are at work within our Executive and Legislative Branches. It is these Israeli moles and their sympathizers who rob U.S. taxpayer/citizenry coffers of much needed money that should remain here in the U.S. for the use of our U.S. population, not a rich nation like Israel.
    Israel has made a mint on their stealing of U.S. military technology.
    By their actions, Israel has not only betrayed our U.S., but also the U.S.’s Jewish community who are being played for fools by the Israeli government.
    Look at how the AIPAC conferees treated Ultra-Orthodox Jews who protested Israel’s statehood as a violation of Judaism and that the Zionist State of Israel’s actions (murder, stealing,lying, etc.) is an affront/presumptuous before heaven. It’s these Orthodox Jewish protests that so send the AIPAC crowd into orbit, as there is little they can say to counter the Judaism Jew’s persuasions of what true Judaism is all about, and the fact that Zionism has hijacked and held hostage the U.S. Jewish community for so many years.

  25. Bourbon says:

    Mr Silverstein,
    The US Bioweapons and research program is likely a target of Israeli espionage, as it is for other nations. The Israeli’s have programs of their own, and steal information and materials (including samples) to support it. If Urban Moving Systems was a front for intelligence collection, and there is good indication it was; then yes there is some credibility to the claim that anthrax samples were found at the company. It doesn’t necessarily fail the smell test.
    Further, anthrax letters were found to have been sent from New Jersey:
    Did Madsen claim the Israeli’s sent the anthrax letters in the passage? No.
    And yes, you have absolutely moved the goalposts.

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