The coming Idlib campaign in maps.


"Multiple pro-government sources speculate that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies may soon launche a military operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone soon. According to these speculations, the SAA may target militant positions in northern Latakia, southern Idlib and southwestern Aleppo. The maps below provides a possible scenario of this advance."  SF


Tactics are the art of the battle.  Operational art is the level of the campaign combining a number of battles and movements together in a sequence that drives the enemy's actions.  Strategy is the plan that designs the over all effort to win the war.  The plan represented in the graphic above is an excellent example of the operational art.

Well, this looks a lot like the campaign plan projections that we have been making on SST.  It seems that great minds run on similar paths?  The preparations for this campaign are well advanced.  The ammunition, fuel and rations have been stockpiled to sustain a continuous struggle and pursuit.  The assault and follow on troops have been positioned.  The over all fire preparation for the campaign is well advanced.  It has been ongoing for some time with major concentrations of enemy activity brought under sustained attack to weaken them before the advance begins.

Russian diplomacy appears to have neutered Turkish resistance to government re-occupation of Idlib Province.

A further White Helmet gas attack farce is likely but the presence of Russian air and naval forces will limit the scope of the consequent attacks.

Congratulations to the planners.  pl

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