The Cuomo crime familia, who is the biggest POS among them?


"New York has still not released data regarding the total number of people at nursing homes in the state who died from coronavirus, weeks after receiving a request for more information from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has faced criticism for a March order that required infected patients to return to their facilities after being treated at hospitals, has so far only released statistics of patients who died while still at the nursing homes."

"The governor's office has not responded to Fox News' latest request for the total number of deaths.

The DOJ sent a letter to Cuomo in August seeking data from publicly-run nursing homes in the state, and in October they made a similar request regarding privately-owned facilities. Both requests sought data, including the number of residents, employees and staff who died of COVID-19 at the nursing homes, hospitals or anywhere else.

"This is a necessary step … for families to get a sense of closure from the traumatic experience that they had to go through," Democratic New York Assemblyman Ronald Kim said about the DOJ's October inquiry, according to the Associated Press."

"A copy of the DOJ's letter to the New York Department of Health reported by the New York Post requested that the state provide the requested data within 14 days. Thus far, the numbers remain hidden from the public. Fox News asked the DOJ if the state responded to their inquiry, but the department did not immediately respond.

The state has so far only accounted for approximately 6,500 COVID-19 deaths that occurred in nursing homes. New York has a total death count of more than 33,500 people, the most in the U.S. So far it remains unclear what percentage of those deaths were nursing home patients.

Cuomo has vehemently denied responsibility for nursing home deaths, and has cited other possible factors such as infected staff spreading the illness.

The governor has recently been sparring with President Trump over a possible COVID-19 vaccine, as companies, including Pfizer and Moderna, have made great strides in developing effective vaccine candidates. Cuomo has said that he would have state officials study any vaccine approved by the federal government before distributing it to residents, which prompted Trump to say he would not send it to New York at all unless the state gives the vaccine the green light."  foxnews


I remember papa Mario (the don) as being a pretty good man.  What went wrong that his children are such evil men?  Is it the terrible aura that surrounds growing up in New York City?  Perhaps.  pl

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8 Responses to The Cuomo crime familia, who is the biggest POS among them?

  1. Deap says:

    Is this a trick question? Where is the all of the above box to tick, but POS all and each in their own ways.

  2. Artemesia says:

    I always thought Tappan Zee Bridge was the coolest name for an exciting and scenic bridge. Now it’s the Mario Cuomo bridge and there’s a toll.
    So I drive up to West Point / Bear Mountain to cross the Hudson. Even more beautiful.

  3. Harry says:

    Maybe its the premise? One thinks one knows someone from their PR and public persona but do we really know anyone?
    How many knew FDR was practically wheel chair bound? How many thought of JFK as the epitome of youthful health?

  4. Steve Ogle says:

    I grew up in Schenectady NY when Mario Cuomo was governor. Had a talkshow/call in on WAMC with Alan Chartock. Always remember him as a fine speaker. A plain spoken guy always willing to mix it up with the crowd. His sons on the other hand. I have nothing good to say.

  5. marc Bellerose says:

    10,340 deaths attributed to Covid in MA. 6,600 of those deaths were in ‘long term care facilities’ i.e. nursing home, which does not include deaths in assisted living facilities (though the numbers are only useful for proving/disproving what the State says they represent.)

  6. notlurking says:

    Posted by: Artemesia | 16 November 2020 at 06:50 PM
    Tappan Zee Bridge had a toll and the Bear Mountain Bridge also…

  7. rick says:
    Well, it appears that our mafia is at least competent, as opposed to “The Aristocrats”(as in the joke, look it up) that you support, who flunked out of clown college.
    Enjoy the Biden administration.

  8. Artemesia says:

    notlurking — Bear Mountain toll is only from west side and it’s minimal, less than 2 bucks. I remember because I angered folks behind me when I mistakenly got in the EZPass lane and held up traffic while fishing for exact change. The guy rode my bumper along the entire Palisades Parkway, significantly impairing my enjoyment of the drive along the Hudson. “Love thy neighbor” applies only when the stricture is to wear a mask lest “thy neighbor” catch thy cooties.

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