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This comment was posted earlier today by our friend, dilbertdogbert, at the behest of Colonel Lang. The sentiment expressed by both these gentlemen is one with which I heartedly agree. We can only take so much politics, anger and stupidity before we give the whole thing up.


“Completely off topic but the good Col Lang asked me to put the link on the blog. It is about small boat adventures. The Col. has linked to the one in Florida. This one is on the Left Coast – Puget Sound. Now the Salish Sea. A place where I have many memories of and many friendships. It is good to get something to think about than the current state of politics and the world in turmoil.”

“Here is a google link to more information on the area.”


The Sailish Sea 100 is a known as a raid, a sail and oar adventure done with small boats as a leisurely pace rather than as a race. There often are some competitive elements involved in a raid. After all, anytime two boats get together there is a race of some kind. But the goal of a raid is comradeship, fun and adventure. This particular raid will take place in a magical location, perhaps literally. I envy dilbertdogbert’s memories of Puget Sound. I’ve never been there. The closest I’ve been was kayaking among the whales, walruses, bald eagles and calving glaciers in Alaska. A magical place all of its own.

I’ve taken up a new nautical interest after my visit to the Draken Harald Harfagre when she paid a port call in Washington DC this October. I was wondering how she was steered without any real keel or centerboard and a comparatively small rudder. A lot of this task is done by sail positioning as with a windsurfer. I started studying the shunting proas of the Pacific. In short, they’re amazing and downright ingenious. This is what I've been day dreaming about lately. But more on that later when I do my annual post on the Everglades 300.


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