The Democrats’ “Bucket List.”

With regard to point 4. it seems obvious to me that the Democrat goal is to disarm the American people so that they will be more easily controlled and be at the mercy of the police at all levels of government. As Larry Johnson pointed out hardly any of the people involved in the effort to achieve “reasonable gun regulation” know anything about guns. When polled in the street as to which guns should be banned, people in the Blue cities typically think that guns that have wooden stocks “look OK” but guns of smaller caliber that look like industrial nightmares should be banned. In both Georgia and Colorado both men had been background checked at the time of legal purchase. No, the Democrat goal is simply to disarm the American people.

With regard to point 4, is it not clear that the Democrat goal is to open the country to uncontrolled immigration for the purpose of changing the demographic and political profile and balance in first the border states and then the rest of the country. The Democrats obviously thought that once they controlled the border police they could simply lie about the opening of the border and with the cooperation of the lefty media they would get away with the deception. They had not reckoned on the embarrassment of Foxnews and the New York Post. Nor had they reckoned on the nature of Texans and the character of American inhabitants of the border town whether they are of Latino or any other ancestry. At this moment there is no border, and with the loss of a controlled border there is a loss of US sovereignty. The cartels now control the border. IMO the Biden Administration has betrayed the country. pl

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  1. A. Pols says:

    I recall from awhile ago someone using the expression: “Global village idiots”. Pretty succinct and to the point. It’s a naiveté of the cosseted to think all people everywhere are all the same. Observe what happens when a honey bee trespasses in a hive not her own…

  2. Deap says:

    Someone else said it best – you don’t stop auto accident deaths by taking away the keys from all the safe drivers.

  3. Deap says:

    Still struggling to understand why Democrats want open borders? Try the teacher union angle – more kids filling mandatory K-12, more teacher job security and more endless supplies of teacher union dues to fund Democrat causes.

    One of the largest state expenditures is public education – big business. One of the biggest supporters of Democrat candidates are the teachers unions – both contributions and GOTV ground troops.

    Follow the money – to feed the teacher union machine you need replacement cohorts of students every single year as kindergarten classes move up and out of the system. Domestic birth rates simply are not producing the necessary teacher union fodder.

    This is plausible Democrat motivation for “open borders”: family caravans and unaccompanied minor protections. Illegal aliens have a very high birth rate once in the US – 5-6 children per couple. This is a teacher union cash cow.

    I have not tracked the actual fiscal benefit to K-12, but I am guessing it beats the need for ag workers or Hollywood mansion toilet cleaners. In Calif alone, over $15 billion every years is spent on “free” K-12 for illegals.

    • LondonBob says:

      Demographic change will lead to permanent left wing rule, and I guess you haven’t noticed but these people really hate white people.

  4. Pat Lang says:


    People are complaining about VP Harris not saluting military personnel waiting for her when she gets on or off aircraft. It may be that she disrespects people in uniform, but I think it is appropriate that she not salute. She is NOT a member of the armed forces. She is not in the chain of command. She is not deputy CinC of the armed forces. None of the male VPs should have saluted anyone in uniform. Her only job is to preside over the senate and wait for the president to die. If the president chooses to give the VP work to do that is a decision on the part of the president.

  5. J says:


    The ‘King’ Biden speaks…….let’s use Executive action on them pesky guns.

    Biden considering executive action on gun control, Psaki says

  6. scott s. says:


    Well, there is the Trump precedent of banning “bump stock” by EA.

  7. blue peacock says:

    The one agenda that both Democrats & Republicans agree on and support is further entrenching the power of the Party of Davos. Even Trump. His MAGA was primarily rhetoric! Exhibit A from an actions perspective is hiring the Swamp to run his administration and Exhibit B, when he had the opportunity to expose them in their coup attempt, punted.

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