The Failed FBI Plot to Paint Trump Doing Deals with Putin by Larry C Johnson

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To appreciate the lies and corruption that are the foundation of the conspiracy to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump by the FBI, the CIA and the DNI, one need only look at how Robert Mueller lied about FBI informants who were targeting the Trump team.

Let us look specifically at Felix Sater. Felix Sater has been a fully signed up Confidential Human Source for the FBI since 1998. His original plea deal was signed off on by Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weismann. But you would not know any of this if you relied solely on the Mueller Report.

Here is how Mueller portrays Sater:

In approximately September 2015, Felix Sater, a New York based real estate advisor, contacted Michael Cohen, then-executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Donald J. Trump. Sater had previously worked with the Trump Organization and advised it on a number of domestic and international projects. Sater had explored the possibility of a Trump Tower project in Moscow while working with the Trump Organization and therefore knew of the organization’s general interest in completing a deal there.

This is fundamentally dishonest. Sater was more than a mere “real estate advisor” who had previously worked with Trump. He was and is a fully signed up FBI Confidential Human Source. Not my opinion. It is a fact.

An excellent article by Newsweek reporter Bill Powell, Donald Trump Associate Felix Sater Is Linked to the Mob and the CIA—What’s His Role in the Russia Investigation?, provides an excellent review of Sater’s history and involvement with the FBI. One of the surprising revelations from Powell is that Felix Sater was a childhood friend of Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer. Let that sink in for a moment. The FBI informant, Felix Sater, was a long time friend of Cohen.

Sater was playing a role scripted by the FBI and deliberately designed to feed the meme that Trump was dealing with the Russians.

The covert op to paint Trump as a Russian stooge was not left to Sater alone. Christopher Steele, a British spy who was hired by Fusion GPS, conveniently produced a report insisting that the Russians were working overtime to get Trump in bed with them on “lucrative real estate deals.” The Steele report dated 20 June 2016 makes the following claims:

Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years. . . .

In terms of specifics, Source A confided that the Kremlin had been feeding TRUMP and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, for several years (see more below). . . .

The Kremlin’s cultivation operation on TRUMP also had comprised offering him various lucrative real estate development business deals in Russia, especially in  relation  to  the  ongoing  2018 World Cup soccer tournament. How ever, so far, for reasons unknown, TRUMP had not taken up any of these.

Pay attention. Who offered Trump the deal in Moscow? FELIX SATER. Was he a Russian agent? No. He was the FBI’s Joe.

If the Steele Dossier was true, Trump should have had multiple offers for projects on in Russia, especially Moscow. Steele claims Putin’s people were feeding Trump information and opportunity. So where is the evidence of such activity? There is none. Just Felix Sater, FBI snitch.

Robert Mueller tried in vain to advance the lie that Trump was doing deals in Moscow. His report states:

In the late summer of 2015, the Trump Organization received a new inquiry about pursuing a Trump Tower project in Moscow. In approximately September 2015, Felix Sater . . . contacted Cohen (i.e., Michael Cohen) on behalf of I.C. Expert Investment Company (I.C. Expert), a Russian real-estate development corporation controlled by Andrei Vladimirovich Rozov. Sater had known Rozov since approximately 2007 and, in 2014, had served as an agent on behalf of Rozov during Rozov’s purchase of a building in New York City. Sater later contacted Rozov and proposed that I.C. Expert pursue a Trump Tower Moscow project in which I.C. Expert would license the name and brand from the Trump Organization but construct the building on its own. Sater worked on the deal with Rozov and another employee of I.C. Expert. (see page 69 of the Mueller Report).

Who was pushing the project in Moscow? FELIX SATER. Not Michael Cohen and certainly not Donald Trump. Sater was the instigator. At no time did he testify that he was directed by Trump or anyone else in the Trump organization to reachout to the Russians. And don’t forget what Christopher Steele claimed—the Russians were in a frenzy supposedly to offer Trump lucrative deals. That was and is a monumental lie.

Sater was and is an FBI informant. Sater was not just a private entrepreneur looking to make some coin. We know without a doubt that Sater was a fully signed up FBI informant. Sater’s status as an FBI snitch was first exposed in 2012 (you can read the letter confirming Sater’s status as an FBI snitch here). Another inconvenient fact excluded from the Mueller report is that one of Mueller’s Chief Prosecutors, Andrew Weissman, signed the deal with Felix Sater in December 1998 that put Sater into the FBI Informant business. Sater was used multiple times in the next decade by the FBI to make cases against Russian spies and mobsters.

How could Robert Mueller neglect to mention this critical fact? This was not the oversight of a senile old man. It was deliberate obfuscation.

The question that prosecutor Robert Durham needs to ask is who directed Sater to pitch the Trump team in September 2015 to pursue a deal in Moscow? The answer probably lies in Sater’s FD-1023s. A 1023 is a report that an FBI agent must file every time he meets with a Confidential Human Source. This was an orchestrated attempt to set up Donald Trump as a Russian stooge. But it did not start in July 2016 as the FBI falsely claims. It started in September 2015. Who authorized this?

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23 Responses to The Failed FBI Plot to Paint Trump Doing Deals with Putin by Larry C Johnson

  1. Factotum says:

    Add to the curious terminology used by the guy setting up the Trump Tower meeting with the female lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton – he described her as the “Crown Prosecutor” for Russia (no such thing)- more likely also on M16’s payroll working in cahoots with Brennan and the CIA?

  2. indus56 says:

    I’m not sure if LJ is presenting anything new here on Sater, though it’s damning enough to merit a refresh. I suppose many reading this for the second time will, as I do, feel impatient that this has been out there for some time, and nothing official has yet come of it, from Horowitz or Durham. Perhaps that impatience is fuelled by what appears to be a repeat performance using the same comic-opera playbill, this time with Ukraine. I recognize that the wheels of justice grind slowly; the Borg can manufacture these colour-tempests much more quickly, and so continue to control the news cycles (in addition to controlling the news).
    Honestly, the more that emerges, the more I wonder under what inducements Mueller consented to figurehead this steaming heap of offal. (The rest of the gang at least had the excuse of assuming Clinton would win, but Mueller agrees to step into it, through the tainted subterfuge of Comey’s no less, once Trump was already elected.)
    Nor is it easy to maintain confidence in Barr through the rumbling over his role in Iran Contra, the family connections with the CIA, with its attendant opportunities to develop kompromat to hold over the family. Then there’s Horowitz’s reputation for playing softball…
    And then there’s Ukraine. I know PL has just stressed the impropriety of a uniformed officer detailed to the NSC doing what he’s done–because he disagrees with the President’s policy on Eastern Europe, by his own admission, which includes urging Zelensky to investigate those allied with the Borg in Ukraine for attempting to influence the outcome of the election in favour of Clinton.
    A shame Trump couldn’t just leave the Biden investigation to the professionals, but then maybe he’s having trouble trusting his subordinates. Wonder why.

  3. Flavius says:

    Shame on the FBI for many failings in their handling of the Steele report. Of course the Agents responsible for evaluating the report knew that Sater was an informant or asset; but the report reeks of bullshit anyway.
    “Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively,..” “Trusted compatriot… sources A and B… senior…figure… former…(but) still active…” what does this nonsense even mean? Specifics? To use the word specifics to describe what is being put on offer is a joke. Those specifics wouldn’t serve to predicate a FISC wire on Joe Shit the Ragman let alone a candidate for President of the United States.
    There should have been no action taken on Steele’s offerings absent Steele’s fully identifying every source cited in his document, the precise circumstances surrounding their receipt of the information, the precise circumstances of Steele’s receipt of the information from the so called sources, and either access to the sources themselves or. damn good reason why not.
    The Agents not pinning this guy down knowing that he was a paid political operative doing Oppo research makes the whole thing truly shocking. It’s going to be very telling if and when the files come out that were used to administer the handling not only of Sater but also Steele.

  4. Fred says:

    The “professionals” ensured the Burisma investigation was closed by the prior Ukraine government. By all means cover up corruption at the top of the Obama administration. Kompromat would never happen there. BTW I wonder if Pussy Riot will be joining the band of the same name at their next concert?

  5. ex PFC Chuck says:

    Although he may be a pariah to some who hang out here, during a recent interview with Joe Rogan Edward Snowden offered some intriguing views of the Borg/Deep State from his experience and perspective. He sees it as a conglomeration of interest groups inside and outside of the government who have interests that sometimes compete and sometimes cooperate. The video is over 2 hours long, and it’s almost all Snowden talking and very little of Rogan.

  6. Factotum says:

    Wasn’t Slaters trusted confident next to Putin in fact a 1-800 number that dialed the Kremlin’s front desk?

  7. catherine says:

    Is it normal procedure to edit phone call memos?
    National security official tells Congress he tried to add edits to White House memo about Trump Ukraine call
    The proposed edits of the call were to include Trump mentioning possible recordings of Joe Biden discussing corruption in Ukraine and Ukraine’s president mentioning the Burisma gas company specifically.

  8. CK says:

    Sergei Skripal to Pablo Miller to Chris Steele maybe more infamous than Tinkers to Evers to Chance; right up there with “Bonehead” Merkel.
    Baseball humour aside, LJ have you any insight to offer on the relationship of Skripal and his handler Miller to the Steele dossier or am I just inventing convenient gossamers?

  9. Rich says:

    Precisely. The FISA court judge’s judgment and propriety are damned in this analysis as it should be.

  10. helenk says:

    I grew up thinking the FBI and the CIA were there to protect this country and their loyalty was unquestioned. Now since obama put in minions I have to question many things about this bunch. That hurts a lot. Will we ever be able to trust them again or should they just be abolished and new protection put in place.

  11. turcopolier says:

    I have reached the conclusion that CIA and the FBI should be burned to the ground as menaces to the Republic and new agencies built with no place in them for old leaders.

  12. jd hawkins says:

    “I grew up thinking the FBI and the CIA were there to protect this country and their loyalty was unquestioned”.
    I felt the same way until….

  13. CK says:

    What is burned down does not have to be replaced. New bureaucracies for old same job same managerial class same capture by the same people.

  14. prawnik says:

    So should the institution of the FISA courts, which are a flat violation of, among other things, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

  15. prawnik says:

    It started long before Obama, but I hate to sound conspiratorial.

  16. Factotum says:

    The book “Legacy of Ashes” (author’s historical assessment of of the CIA) would agree with you, prawnik.

  17. Diana C says:

    People of our age grew up in different times.
    I hate to say it, and maybe it is my bias as a retired public school teacher: it started in what was considered “academia.”
    When I first began to teach, I felt moral values were shared by most people, except, of course, the criminal element.
    Now the revolt against the Judaeo-Christian values that were shared even by non-practicing Christians as well as church going people have been corrupted completely by Marxism and radical feminism and other strange “isms” promoted in the universities now. Everything is taken as “relative” and so each person gets to judge his/her own behaviors according to his/her own value system.
    With our “supposed” public servants, the values of their “institutional” leaders are followed.
    I am still angry that Lois Lerner could have so many people working for the IRS who agreed with what she wanted them to do in targeting the Tea Party.
    I am still angry that Fast and Furious has not been studied and that there is no outcry that it was even put into place–dumbest plan I ever heard of.
    I could go on. I just know from dealing with today’s young people that a large percentage of our young people are growing up with completely different moral values than those people our age were taught to follow.
    As they often say….the breakdown of the family is at the root of many of our problems. And our public/government institutions have been a major force in causing that breakdown.

  18. CK says:

    There are Christian values, they informed the creation of the USA.
    Christianity is a heresy of, an anti-thesis of Judaism. Christians are heretics as far as righteous Jews are concerned … there is only one cure for heresy.
    The claptrap about Judeo-Christian values as if they were some sort of value continuum extruded through time is just that, claptrap spewed by enemies of Christianity and the USA.

  19. jd hawkins says:

    Absolutely Great comment! Thank you.

  20. jd hawkins says:

    “… but I hate to sound conspiratorial”.
    That is exactly what the enemies of America want… for everyone [or most] to be afraid of being branded a “conspiracy theorist”. Such an easy way for ‘them’ to win an argument/dispute, etc.

  21. Fred says:

    A police agency to investigate federal crimes is useful. Using the agency to investigate poitical enemies is a danger to the Republic.

  22. susano says:

    Great info, Larry, and I hope you’ve gotten this to Devin Nunes. If not, make haste and do so!
    Brennan is a communist ans should be charged with treason along with his little cabal engaged in the coup.

  23. CK says:

    Being a political enemy is a federal crime today. Just ask the President.
    The USA does not need covert ops during peace time. So peace is unnecessary and we will have covert ops and GWOT. A war declared against a tactic practiced in every nation and during every era. There is always someone some idea some credo to fear and thus to terrorize. Republicanism ( the political model not the current political party) and freedom of thought and speech and individual rewards based on individual efforts are such weak ideas that a communitarian belief set in Vietnam could cause the dominos of freedom to topple all the way to London. And yet go to Vietnam today and it is Capitalism from bottom to top. Ah fear it does pay the bills for the most expensive military and helper agencies in the world.

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