The FBI Is Out of Control, The Light of Truth Will Destroy This Darkness

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Mark Ibrahim became the first member of federal law enforcement to be charged in connection with the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Ibrahim, of Orange County, California, is facing felony charges of entering a restricted building and area with a weapon, carrying a firearm on the grounds of the Capitol and lying to investigators from the Office of the Inspector General.

While the affidavit states Ibrahim didn’t actually enter the Capitol building, the affidavit includes a photo of Ibrahim inside the first set of fencing and barricades that surrounded the Capitol before the crowd broke through and alleges Ibrahim was on Capitol grounds that day.

Not only did Ibrahim not enter the Capitol, he was there with his brother, who is an FBI Agent. But he also was there with a “friend” who, it turns out, was an FBI informant. That FBI informant was encouraging Ibrahim to go inside. Ibrahim did not. But the fact that he did not incite violence or engage in any act of violence is ignored by the ironically named U.S. Department of Justice. They want to make an example of him.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Ibrahim and his attorney on tonight’s show (July 22). The video is not yet posted but it is worth your time.

Ibrahim is not alone, as most readers of The Gateway Pundit know.  There are hundreds of Americans that have been unjustly arrested and jailed for the act of walking into the Capitol. They attacked no officers. They destroyed no property. They carried no weapons. But they were infiltrated by FBI informants who were inciting people who were angry, legitimately so, over a stolen election and the failure of our pathetic justice system to hold Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists to account.

Most thoughtful Americans recognize the appalling double standard that is being applied. If we look back through history, however, this is not the first time that the FBI has tried to subvert a patriot. Just look back at what they tried to do to Martin Luther King. They tried to paint him as an agent of the Soviets. But Martin Luther King was not trying to destroy America. Notwithstanding his shortcomings as a man, he was fundamentally committed to peacefully challenging a system of racial oppression put in place by Democrat politicians. His profound insights still resonate to this day–he wanted a country that would judge people according to the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

I will make this very simple. Do not trust the FBI. Do not help the FBI. Do not cooperate with the FBI. If you must talk with someone from the FBI only do so with an attorney present.

There are still some good men and women in the FBI who are patriots. But the leadership is corrupt. If you are involved in organizing to peacefully resist this oppression be cautious of any member of your group who is encouraging you to act unlawfully.

What happened in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s lame Governor is not an aberration. The majority involved in that scheme were FBI assets who took an active role in encouraging and planning the kidnapping.

FBI Agent Richard Trask is the new poster boy for FBI miscreants:

FBI Special Agent Richard Trask, 39, of Kalamazoo, was charged Monday with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder following an incident Sunday. (Instagram)

An FBI agent at the center of the investigation into the plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is accused of smashing his wife’s head against a nightstand and choking her after a dispute stemming from their attendance at a swingers’ party, according to court records.

Special Agent Richard Trask, 39, of Kalamazoo, was charged Monday with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder following the alleged incident Sunday.

An affidavit filed by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office in Kalamazoo County District Court said Trask’s wife had bloody lacerations to the right side of her head and “blood all over chest, clothing arms and hand,” as well as “severe” bruising to her neck and throat.

She told police she and her husband had several drinks at a swingers’ party held at a hotel in the 2700 block of S. 11 Street in Oshtemo Township, just west of Kalamazoo, according to the affidavit. She added that she did not like the party and they argued about it on the way home.

Think about this–an FBI Agent beat his wife up because she didn’t want to have sex with other men. To my friends who are retired from the FBI I know you are heartsick about what happened to an organization you once loved and respected. It is up to you to reach out to your friends and sons and daughters who have followed in your footsteps. Whistleblowers need to step forward. The only want to destroy this darkness is with the power of light.

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19 Responses to The FBI Is Out of Control, The Light of Truth Will Destroy This Darkness

  1. Fred says:


    This DEA agent has to be charged to distract attention away from the agent and ‘swinger’ who framed the rubes charged with the ‘kidnapping’ attempt on Governor Whitmer of Michigan: “An FBI agent at the center of the plot to kidnap and kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is accused of jumping on his wife in bed and smashing her head against a nightstand after a dispute stemming from a swingers’ party, according to court records.” as well as “The man who’d advised them on where to put the explosives — and offered to get them as much as the task would require — was an undercover FBI agent.” (Buzzfeed news).

    Speaking of FBI misconduct needing a giant distraction there is the rapist defending FBI agent who let the USA Gymnastics doctor get away with crimes for years.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    FBI has been fully captured by crony capitalists. It can only get worse before it gets better. If this agency does get dismantled at some point something like it must be banned from every being created again. Go back to the modular system where nobody has all the power. An agency made up of agents from many states with no allegiance to any one block of power. Someone is always looking over their back at every level on a personal level. What we have now is devouring the country.

  3. Deap says:

    Democrats want to wag the dog against these FBI charges, so they are re-opening the Brett Kavanaugh case – demand to pursue all “sexual harassment tips and leads not fully investigated – lurid and hateful.

    Plus demand to know which ones were shared with Trump. TDS deja vu all over again – Democrats are nervous about something – next Wednesday’s AZ Audit report?

    People are turned off about covid-covid-covid and Democrat’s pure hatred of anything Trump or anyone around Trump. Roe v Wade threats must be scaring them too. Caged and angry with no leadership, demon rats now devouring their own

    Locally, the Planned Parenthood Democrats are at war with the Mandatory Vaccination Democrats. “My body my choice” Democrats versus “your body our choice” Democrat fault lines.

    • AK says:


      In my experience the Planned Parenthood Democrats and the Mandatory Vaxx Democrats are one and the same. The cognitive dissonance is something these people learned to live with a long time ago. All of their ideas and beliefs depend on it.

  4. Seamus Padraig says:

    FBI = Forever Bootstrapping Insurrections

  5. Theymustbemorons says:

    Bravo Mr. J. Last sentence, change “want” to “way.”

  6. Serge says:

    Every case you read of in the past 10 years of the FBI thwarting an imminent terrorist attack/governor kidnapping/mass shooting/right wing military massacre:inevitably pretty much every single case bears the hallmarks of massive FBI entrapment at every stage of the plot. Had two of these millenial spooks show up to my door in ‘19 asking me why I was watching Taliban/hezbollah/ISIS/AQ propaganda online. I’ve been doing that since the 00s, the greater subject is a hobby of mine. I’m sure if I had a Facebook or Twitter they would have tried contacting me long ago posing as emirs of wilayat USA with free tickets to Afghanistan or whatever it is they have been doing since ‘14 to entrap the close to one thousand innocent sub- 100 IQ Americans with fake terror charges. I’m certain all those fake charges has done much in padding their budgets and growing their tendrils that now creep into all aspects of American life, no one is safe. By the end of our “conversation” they got the idea of what I was and left me alone, gave me their cards and asked me to contact them if I ever knew anything that could help them

    • Pat Lang says:


      In the post 9/11 world the defense side of several national security cases engaged me as a consultant and expert witness. At the same time the federal courts themselves employed me on other cases in the same capacity. The US government asked me to accept a restoration of my information security clearances and accesses so that I could be of service to the national war effort in various ways. I was given access in the “discovery” process to what the FBI and DoJ had done in these cases in which I was acting for the defense. In these cases it was clear that the FBI (with the concurrence of DoJ) had systematically entrapped the defendants using native speakers of Arabic and enticed them to participate in attacks on civilian targets. The FBI arrested the defendants once they committed to the attack. I asked to be de-briefed from all access in 2015 convinced that there was nothing useful in further participation.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Ah the good ol’ Patriot Act. This is a timely reminder that the feds do not even need a warrant to view your browsing history – thanks to a single Senate vote back in May last year. Thankfully there are ways to keep it private. I use Tor which is a PITA sometimes, but does at least hide your browsing habits – even from your ISP.

      • Serge says:

        Barbara Ann,

        The first thing they asked me was whether I used Tor. I didn’t, and don’t, because(and I hate to say it) I have nothing to hide in this matter, and I can’t tolerate the slowness of it.

        • Pat Lang says:


          The first thing who asked you?

          • Serge says:


            The spooks. They asked me about my tor/VPN use then moved on to to the main subject. I do use a VPN for work which is where I think the line of questioning originated from.

          • Pat Lang says:


          • Serge says:

            No RCMP, they never gave me any static, I’m only here on vacation visiting family. This happened in the US where I live, it was the FBI based out of their local headquarters.

  7. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Good on ya, Col. Lang.

    The FBI seem to have skipped over alpha or beta testing, and gone right to full bore implementation of their Secret Police powers. Why bother when they knew that: a) they would have bi-partisan political cover regardless of their illegalities; b) there would be little to no scrutiny from the MSM, as they were hard-wired into the deep state.

    What little serious investigation arising from independent journalism could be muted by the agreed upon “cone of silence”. Those troublesome enough to present an issue, such as Julian Assange, would be dealt with through frame-ups, and the raw application of state violence, “legal” and otherwise.

  8. akaPatience says:

    I seem to recall FBI investigation of (or involvement in???) “skinhead” activity in Oregon and the Pacific NW in general around 20 or so years ago during the Clinton administration. I wonder if the bureau used the same MO to recruit and entrap people back then as they have more recently? It makes me wonder if they’re also involved in recruiting and inciting Antifa and BLM? After all, unless the MSM is covering up for those leftist groups, we don’t hear much about prosecutions among that particular ilk. Could it be that the FBI is involved to the [great] extent that’s been revealed in the so-called kidnapping plot of the MI governor? And to carry it even farther, I wonder if these groups of thugs, who threatened chaos if Trump won, are militants purposefully gathered by a well-known former “community organizer” to act as enforcers??? The idea may seem farfetched but could “Organizing For America” have evolved into Antifa/BLM, with help from a corrupted FBI?

    • Pat Lang says:


      My impression was that they were not doing somethin novel for them.

    • Deap says:

      We had a weird set-up for Organizing for America during the first Obama campaign in our town. A given that California would go for Obama, a given our county would go for Obama. They did not have to lift a finger.

      The local Democrat party had a large headquarters in support of all Democrat parties. But instead OFA came in, rented a huge now empty bank building and installed massive numbers of their own staff and phones …just to support Obama?

      What more was there to support – what was their real agenda? Where they the network left behind Obama would rely on for his own intended and personal agenda? It was a huge campaign expense, a redundant campaign expense so there must have been some other agenda.

      The one thing I noted is the parking lot for this “Organizing for America” was full of foreign make cars – not a single Detroit brand in the entire large parking lot.

      Fast forward to 2020 – I am still trying to figure out why the national Democrat Party legal and lobbying arm – (Something), Farber, Shreck and (something) has such a large foot print in this back water central coastal California town too. Keeping their eye on Prince Harry and Oprah?

      Nope, Democrats stopped being the party of blue collar Joe the Plumber, working class Democrats a long time ago. They now run deep, quiet and sinister.

  9. exiled off mainstreet says:

    The FBI is only living up to its name. It was probably unconstitutional in the first place, but courts are reluctant to rein in authority by pointing out such basic truisms when it limits the power of the permanent regime. If you translate from the German, Gestapo means Geheime Staats Polizei, Secret State Police. Stasi means Staats Sicherheit: State Security. Instead of using the first letters for abbreviations, Germans use the first syllable of the words to designate the organization. Being an extra-legal secret police describes the FBI to a “t” and their methods of staging provocations and manufacturing crime committed by those stupid enough to follow the snitches, criminals groomed by the FBI as judases, they are a tried and true Stasi and Gestapo, as does their unequal treatment of real opposition versus controlled opposition like the fascist “Antifa” and the racist divide and conquer organization “Black Lives Matter”, which can be translated as “some pigs are more equal than others.”.

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