The Fix is In….. by Fred

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The polls, all of them, were wrong – massively. Did you see the blowout in Florida? I'm sure we'll be hearing more about how Brenda Snipes (fired before she could resign in 2018 because of incompetence and fraud) would have run things differently than Peter Antonacci, who was appointed by then Governor Scott to the position. 

Did you notice that Democratic governors with the harshest lockdowns locked down election counting as soon as it became apparent Trump had won their state? Michigan (Whitmer), Wisconsin (Evers), Pennsylvania (Wolf), and Virginia (Northam)? 

The press coverage, well you know they are all in for Kamala. Pennsylvania, where Trump was up by almost 700,000 with 64% of the vote in and only the western parts – all pro Trump – remaining and…. let's put a 'Lid" on it? Do you wonder what they are doing in that basement? Just like Michigan, Trump  up by 300,000 with 65% of the vote in and….. you guessed it, let's stop counting. Especially since they all know now just how many junk-mail ballots they need to fill out and 'find' before they start counting again. 

They do better in the third world. Operation Red Mirage, round two, happening now.


I know, its from a right winger. Only the CEO of Hawkfish is hardly that.

On a final note, check the Yuan to USD exchange rate. It was tanking in overnight trading, right up to the left calling a halt to the election. Now you have to wonder why it recovered in a matter of hours. 

china currency to usd

Now you will pardon me as I go check the trunk of my car to see if I can find a box of anything to turn in…..

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  1. BillWade says:

    The markets are all pointing higher this morning. I suspect Wall St thinks Trump won. I doubt the City of Brotherly Love will be very brotherly tonight.

  2. turcopolier says:

    It surely looked like Trump was way ahead in Virginia when the count was at around 50-60%.

  3. Scott Kostiuk says:

    “The fix” is counting votes not yet counted? “The left” is state official counting votes? Are conservatives now against the states and want the federal government to intervene, along with activist judges?
    Y’all are so far down your rabbit holes!

  4. BillWade says:

    I think they could have called Florida and Georgia for Trump about 8PM last night. I was completely delighted Virginia was going for Trump, somethings up no doubt.

  5. Deap says:

    RedState gives their early morning “count” – a provisional Trump 284 electoral votes – that would be called a victory in any other year triggering aa gracious concession in any other year – but will the Dems find a way to sabotage, delay and discover lost ballot boxess, or discard ones already voted?
    The extra Biden “popular votes” naturally come from Calif-Ore-Wash. Dems would have to pull a lot of dirty tricks to put leaning red states into the solid blue columns.
    No, you do not want to give up the electoral college. Upbeat note – Senate stays the same, and GOP gain four in the House. But the next fwe weeks could upset this all. Again, like the 2018 Great Vote Harvest in California when about 14 solid GOP House seats finally went Democrat, two weeks later after election day.
    Have the riots begun yet – it is still early and bleary eyed here in California.

  6. stueeeeeeeee says:

    Frankly it is stunning. Here in Georgia, a conveniently timed bursting of a water pipe caused a delay in recounting the mail in ballots in democratic Fulton County. Also, they decided to call it a night and stopped counting at 10:30 PM and to resume counting this morning. Clearly, they need to know how many votes to push Biden over the top.
    We shouldn’t be surprised. Biden, via a Freudian slip, stated what we are experiencing: “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics”.

  7. Fred says:

    Perhaps English is not your native language. “locked down election counting” means they aren’t counting votes. “Operation Red Mirage” does want intervention by activist judges, but they are leftists running htat, which has been telegraphed to everyone reading between the lines for months. By the way, now are things in Surabaya, better than Rizhao, where you commented from yesterday?

  8. Fred says:

    I would say Biden’s comments were a Freudian accuracy. It happens when your soul still has a spark of integrity left in it.

  9. fakebot says:

    Antifa/BLM think it’s open season on the right:
    Cuban-American Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, was slashed in the stomach, while Bevelyn Beatty, a black woman in his entourage, was stabbed in the back.

  10. Deap says:

    When those hired to count the ballots and run the elections have a direct and immediate interest in who is writing their own paychecks, one should despair because this is what took over California and turned it into a failed political state.
    Raid the treasury and hire the relatives – formula for third world nation status and it starts by controlling the ballot boxes. We have had messy close elections in the past with back ground chicanery – Nixon vs Kennedy; Bush vs Gore. We survived and moved on.
    This too will pass. There was a reason Trump won in 2016; and there will be reason that we simply have to accept when the final votes get tallied for 2020. One has to respect outcomes – because they tell a message that may not be obvious. If America wants to go Biden-Harris, so be it.
    If this nation wants to keep ignoring the power of the unelected bureaucratic state; that too.

  11. English Outsider says:

    This signature matching controversy. It’s getting attention all over – I’ve seen some mentions in England and it’s also mentioned on Sky Australia (around 2 mins 30).
    It sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s a seeming relaxation of the voting rules that can’t be excused or justified by Covid – you can sign a voting slip whether you’re worried about getting infected or not. It looks bad yet was allowed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court taking “The rules are the rules” approach:-

    “When the words of a statute are free and clear of all ambiguity, they are the best indicator of legislative intent; hence, in such circumstances, “we cannot disregard the letter of the statute under the pretext of pursuing its spirit.”

    So it’s now on its way to the Supreme Court and the little I’ve read on the subject is indicating it’s not going to be an easy challenge for the Republicans, especially since I got the impression at her confirmation hearing that Amy Coney Barrett was inclined to a “the rules are the rules” approach herself.
    But that, in conjunction with the late submission relaxation of the rules, surely allows votes to be put in after the main count that might not be genuine. In some circumstances that opens the way for just enough fraud to tip the balance without that fraud being so great that it attracts attention.
    The late submission relaxation of the rules is itself dubious. A voter misled by the polls so therefore not voting, and later finding that his candidate is losing, is given the opportunity by that relaxation to put in a late vote to rectify matters. Add to that the possibility of targeted and fraudulent late submission that lack of signature matching might encourage, and an election becomes more a matter of skilled management of the loopholes than any fair indication of what the voters want.

  12. Leith says:

    Karl Rove on Fox: “Nobody’s going to be able to create large numbers of fake votes and submit them into the system.”
    Rove also points out there’s bipartisan oversight of vote-counting.
    The so-called ‘Fix’ is just a sop to Trump’s ego so that he can deny being a loser.

  13. Fred says:

    “.. later finding that his candidate is losing…”
    you mean once the polls close you stop the count because you have determined just how many votes you actually need to win then you go get that many boxes full of junk-mailed ballots and walla! Victory. As in Michigan where 130,000 votes were found, 100% for Biden. Nothing to see here, move along.
    If successful they will have to charge Trump with something as he’s instantly the leader for 2024. Biden/Harris are going to get saddled with all the bad economic news coming from the shutdowns they mandated and the resurgence of China. I expect them to double down one more time.

  14. TV says:

    Biden is a corrupt career politician who has made himself and his family wealthy from feeding at the public trough for 47 years.
    Take a look at his FOUR houses.
    Add in early dementia and he is clearly not fit to be President of anything.
    These are patently obvious facts.
    Yet, 64 million voters are fine with this, once again confirming my ongoing observation that a vast majority of the American people are stupid, lazy and worthless.
    They voted for Biden because Trump is a “big meanie” who sends out rude tweets;this is the “reasoning” of stupid people – dimwits who want a President “who cares about people like me.”
    Then there’s the several million who voted against Trump because (they believe) he poses a threat to the swamp which supports their parasitic lives.

  15. Deap says:

    “Covid” was very convenient for every single Democrat advantage, wasn’t it? From hiding Biden in the basement to 11th hour voting regulation changes.
    Don’t forget. It the Democrats bought it, they now own it. When will the nation finally get to see, hear and learn what they bought from Filene’s basement damaged goods sale? With the lights out. They bought “Never Trump” for sure, but how long before the morning after hang-over sets in?
    Transitions: (1) mourning for what is lost – (2) interregnum chaos – (3) new beginnings. Time to mourn today; really take stock and say good by – life moves in mysterious ways. At least our finger prints will not be on this “new beginning”.
    What will the media do without Trump to bash? Nothing built on a lie can hold. The Biden campaign was a lie from beginning to end. And finally, I am sorry the Barr-Durham outcomes did not come before the elections – there was despair the deep state could never be held accountable. And we are seeing the strength of this right now and the “vote counters” become more suspect with every passing moment.
    After 2000, the deep state took over California and they embedded bullet-proof protections – mainly in the election processes – we could not get out of their grip right now even if a majority of us wanted to.
    Though there were some highlights in our state ballot initiatives: the draconian AB-5 attack on gig workers and independent contractors went down to a limited defeat for some occupations; voters yet again said no to stronger state wide rent control and re-instating “affirmative action” was rejected.
    Though if there was OPM to spend, California voters continued to spend it, with no expectations of outcomes or accountability -it was not their money.
    I am off – hiking our lovely California coast – Oso Flaco Lake to the Pacific Ocean for those who know the terrain — and to mourn what may well have been lost, or at least delayed. One final irony, Barr-Durham just may well indict the Joseph Biden crime family. Ha.
    The real winner will of course be Hunter Biden whose financial interests in the “family name” may well have appreciated beyond his wildest dreams.
    I am also sorry George Conway poisoned his own family so badly, it caused Kellyanne to drop out at the critical moments of this campaign. She was badly missing guiding spirit to bring out the better side of Trump; not the one many voters saw and rejected during that first debate. When the “covid” early voting could still play out, and before they had to let Biden out of his basement.
    If we lost, we lost only by inches. Which did perhaps finally add up. It was not all “their fault”. it was in our stars as well. We tried to hold on to a fiery comet; they plodded along on lumbering, but opaque Saturn. Ringed protectively by the deep state unions.
    Hope everything settles out by the time I get back from this back to nature, elemental hike. I do continue to survive in California, with everything stacked against me. But only because it is now too late in my own life to make a new start somewhere more compatible.

  16. Per/Norway says:

    Quite interesting to see a election get stolen live, i find the count stopping quite surprising tbh.
    I guess the violent part of the demoncRat color revolution is about to begin.
    Godspeed Murcans!
    We live in interesting times indeed.

  17. Fred says:

    “Time to mourn today;….”
    You sound like a defeatist.

  18. TV says:

    “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.”

  19. TV says:

    I concur with Deap and have now resigned myself to get back to worrying ONLY about my life.
    Actually, the results are good for investors (like myself) as divided government is always good for markets.
    The consolation is that I’ll likely make even more money and most of the dimwit Biden voters will be worse off.
    Sadly the swamp parasites will also do much better.
    People get the government they deserve.

  20. Diana L Croissant says:

    Worse than the hanging chads of 2000.
    I am completely saddened by the state of our so called representative democracy. I am blaming the many globalists with lots of money for causing this fiasco of an election process.
    If they give this to Biden, I wont’ watch the news ever. When he speaks, I get a sense of cognitive dissonance. How could we go from George Washington to Joe Biden?
    It will certainly be that I, too, will just have to think about me and my family. I will also have tow meditate hard on the guestion of why this is happening and why we are being punished or at least facing the consequences of our bad decisions and behaviors. (Yes, I am a Calvinist.)

  21. A. Pols says:

    After 4 straight years of unremitting slanders and pouring pails of manure over Trump’s and McConnel’s heads, it now appears by the slimmest of margins that the Democrat party has its holographic president. Who the figurehead is doesn’t really matter; what matters is team Obama/HRC gets the bully pulpit. We know, and so do they, that Biden as a personage is like the image of Big Brother, simply a symbolic image well remembered by partisans of the left because he’s a familiar name and face. Everyone knows that “Pol Pot in a pants suit” (kudos to the Colonel for coming up with that) will be the real face of the presidency and they hope they can run her as the incumbent in 2024.
    Because of the aforesaid campaign of relentless calumny from the Democrat party, they can now enjoy having a Republican controlled Senate for awhile. Absolutely nothing proposed by Biden/Harris will ever get past the Senate, including probably most appointments, and for sure including SCOTUS appointments. It should be some recompense for losing Trump’s second term. Despite being sheltered by the Senate, these radicals will still have ample opportunity to continue pushing this polity further down the road to decline. “A Republic, if you can keep it”…..

  22. Fred says:

    Nice try by G.W. Bush’s man and you but the Detroit police are locking out GOP poll watchers from the count in violation of Michigan law. Then there is a 100% reversal of voting trends in Antrim county from 2016. The leftists aren’t even trying to hide their fraud.

  23. Leith says:

    Nice try Fred. Just the opposite happened. A bunch of never-appointed but self-proclaimed poll watchers bumrushed the polling station. Then they would not allow legally appointed poll watchers in to do their job. Trying to replay Florida 2000.
    But don’t worry. Even if Biden wins he won’t get anything thru the Senate. Kentucky voted to keep Mitch and he will block any proposals or judges put forward by Biden. About the only governance Biden will be able to do is repeal and revoke some of Trump’s executive orders.

  24. BillWade says:

    This election isn’t over yet. I’ll wait till it plays out.

  25. Deap says:

    The Biden presidency will be cabinet heads running amok. VP will stick only to photo ops and POTUS will stick to the basement. This may work out. Backlash in two years. Time to take a 24 month breather from this non-stop running Trump defense 24/7 for the past four years.
    Changed all my go-to bookmarks and suspect BP will now drop 10 points. What happens now is “no longer my table”. Fought the good fight -got a hell of a lot done these past four years but the nation wants to move on.
    We can’t stop this anymore than they could strop Trump after 2016. As someone said, some times you are the bug and some times you are the windshield.
    Yes, this is my white flag. And very proud of Trump’s four years and happy to have been part of it. He got more done in one term than any other President. He will be missed but thank goodness his star crossed over our heads for even this short while.
    Ciao, folks. Thanks for the fine conversations. But it is time for me to get off this political junk food diet I have been subsisting on for far too long – ever since Obama was elected in 2008 and NQ scratched that itch. Time to develop new hobbies

  26. Fred says:

    Bye bye.

  27. vig says:

    Posted by: Diana L Croissant | 04 November 2020 at 02:51 PM
    Don’t despair: It’s not over till its over. Tucker
    Carlson will send you his enlightening monologues into the temporary darkness.

  28. EEngineer says:

    This is far from over. This is like the first yellow flag a few laps in at the Daytona 500. Trump lives for the fight. He may or may not win, but this is a grudge match that goes to the last lap.
    FYI, I always thought Trump’s original goal was to use his 2016 campaign as advertising for a Trump TV network that he would launch after he LOST. The tell for me was the look on Melania’s face the morning after. It certainly wasn’t what I would call joy…
    He seems to enjoy tormenting his adversaries and he’ll have amply opportunity to do it win, lose, or draw.

  29. mcohen says:

    Its not over until the hurricane hits san antonio

  30. Mark Gaughan says:

    I agree with Bill Wade.
    Having red whine with dinner Fred, I see.

  31. JohninMK says:

    Even if he has lost he is still President for over two more months with the power to issue EOs.
    If he follows the precedent set when he took over he will show no help to the incoming transition team.
    But it ain’t over yet. If it is, as EE said above, it is highly likely he will be going down fighting.

  32. BillWade says:

    Back in the 1950s my old man took me to the final championship game in Toronto, it was the St Catherine’s BlackHawks versus the Edmonton Oilers, these were farm clubs for the NHL and caliber of play was very high. At any rate, the score with ten minutes to go in the 3rd period was Edmonton 5, St. Catherines zero. The final score in the most exciting game I will ever see was 6 to 5. This election is not over yet.

  33. Fred says:

    “never-appointed but self-proclaimed poll watchers bumrushed the polling station.”
    Is that what that was. Where did you read that one? Any arrests made for that, since all the public news is about the windows being covered up to hide the vote rigging? Having worked on democratic campaigns in Michigan for almost a decade I’m quite familiar with poll watchers – which aren’t ‘appointed’ by the govnerment. Perhaps you should read up on the law – the voting rights act – that is going to be enforced by way of the courts. The left really screwed the pooch this time. I wonder if there is personal liability for handing out sharpies instead of pens to voters? That will make a bunch of fun lawsuits.
    Mark Gaughan,
    Let me paint you a picture: Watching a fighter take on the clueless as the old guard of the DNC loses out to the left wing of the Democratic Party. It’s the Black – H1B visa party now. Congtrats to Barack for making Hilary and Joe’s people irrelevant for the future of the Democratic Party. Congrats to Trump for showing that a politician who will fight for working class Americans will be rewarded by massive increases in voting percentages for the GOP amongst all groups. Well,all but White Males over 65.
    BTW it is Plantation Rum 20th Aniversary. I’m making it a double. Goes great with Schadenfreude too.

  34. LondonBob says:

    Polls that called 2016, Richard Baris at PPD, Trafalgar, Patrick Basham at the Democracy Institute, said this would be a repeat. Here in London I watched the comfortable win in Florida and the strong early results in the rust belt I expected. Like our host I was very shocked to wake up the next morning and see the results had made a dramatic reversal. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of it, Trump seemed to do so well in the Great Lakes States that the level of fraud is impossible to hide.

  35. Mark Gaughan says:

    Enjoy your rum! It’s Highland Park 12 for me.

  36. Chicot says:

    I made the mistake of watching CNN in the UK for election coverage, since Sky News and especially the BBC disgust me. I was shocked at just how biased the coverage was. They didn’t even pretend to be even-handed. Not only that but their coverage is pretty useless. I just turned it on to try and get an update on the Pennsylvania count. They made a big deal of Biden closing the gap when it turned out he had barely moved the dial. I then waited to hear how many votes remained to be counted (surely this is of some importance?). Waited in vain as it turned out, since they never bothered to mention it. I guess the number remaining is how ever many it takes to get Biden over the line.

  37. T says:

    Watching on election night by county in the battleground states was very revealing.
    In most states the large urban areas reported quickly after the polls closed, for example Las Vegas, Nevada and Hennepin County, Minnesota but in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia it was the rural counties getting the votes in first while Milwaukee, Wayne, and the Atlanta counties stopped reporting. Milwaukee stopped at 41% with a +22% for Biden then at 4:00 a.m. they found record numbers of votes for Biden, far more voters than 2016, and the Biden margin in those votes had to be +60 to get to a final +40.
    Sure looked like a plan – count all the counties except the main democratic urban stronghold then find just the votes needed to barely top off the count for Biden. Same thing happened with Wayne(Detroit) in Michigan. Remote upper peninsula votes were counted before Wayne.
    Perhaps they were just overwhelmed but it was odd to me that it was quick and efficient in most urban counties to tabulate except for the battlegrounds.

  38. Stueeeeeeeee says:

    Georgia update:
    About three hours ago, Republican GA Secretary of State stated that there are under 25k ballots left to count with Trump still leading by 18k. Now, apparently there are over 50-60k uncounted apparently found ballots…again in heavily democratic counties.
    In Georgia, the counties are administrators of the election.
    You can’t make this up.

  39. Fred says:

    Of course you can, which is exactly what’ll they’ll do until they are ahead, declare victory, launch the ‘transition team’ and all the rest. I’m sure another major Covid declaration in contested states is only hours away, as seen by Debbie “The UAW workers said they are voting for Trump” Dingell’s latest FB post. Fun times. China must be happy, I’m sure they’ve got the goods on more of the dems.

  40. Leith says:

    Fred – Enjoy your 20th Anniversary rum. I stock my pantry with nine dollar plastic bottles of Military Special rum from the PX. No way I drink it neat, but it ain’t half bad in coffee. And it’s adequate for SWMBO’s mojitos.
    As for the Dem Party now being black, maybe so. They6’ve come a long way. Now picking presidents instead of picking cotton.

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