” … The Hillary Clinton crony behind the phony dossier identified in Durham indictment.”

A potential talent as a washerwoman

“It was all manipulated by Hillary Clinton and her cronies.  Or, as the Russians would say, “comrades.”

The national nightmare known as Russian collusion was an odious invention from Hillary’s fictive imagination and carried out by her cadre of loyal lieutenants who worked secretly in the shadows to smear Donald Trump as a Kremlin asset.

That is the inexorable conclusion that can be drawn from the 39-page criminal indictment by Special Counsel John Durham made public Thursday afternoon following the arrest of Igor Danchenko, who supplied the pack of lies that comprised the bulk of the infamous Steele dossier —the nucleus of the false allegations against Trump.


Danchenko, who once worked at a liberal D.C. “think tank” with deep ties to Hillary, stands accused of lying to the FBI about his sources for the disinformation.  Yet, to some extent, he was truthful in his assessment of the dossier itself as nothing more than a compendium of gossip, rumors, innuendo, and noxious speculation.

But from whom did he obtain the sleaze that he marketed?  It wasn’t from reliable Russian sources as was long claimed by Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy and author of the dossier.  Not even close.  

Several of the phony stories intended to frame Trump for conspiring with the Russians appear to have emanated from a longtime Clinton acolyte by the name of Charles H. Dolan Jr., who is identified on page 3 in the indictment as “PR Executive-1” but whose role was confirmed by his lawyer.  


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  1. A.Pols says:

    Trump, despite his many flaws, was right on target with his campaign messages about “Crooked Hillary” and “lock her up”. Sort of a shame that some of that hadn’t taken place after he took office. Now, he’s got a target on his back; the Dems are ready to rock and roll on him despite his relative innocence of wrong doing on the scale of the Obama-Clinton’s cabal during 2016 and beyond. Once upon a time I was a Democrat, but eventually the scales fell from my eyes.

  2. Deap says:

    Pretty much sums up this 5 year long national nightmare. Leaving the deep state naked and exposed. Our own government hates us. And loves Democrats more.

    Democrats write the deep state paychecks.
    Trump was writing deep state pink slips.

    Self-protection is existential. We have created a cadre interested only in their own self-protection. We can no longer say we are a government of the people, by the people or for the people. But the deep state is now our government.

    The next steps?

    • Deap says:

      What is the transitional narrative to counter the deep state narrative?

      • longarch says:

        What is the transitional narrative to counter the deep state narrative?

        If you read 8kun and similar pseudonymous forums, you can find many narratives; the hard part is figuring out which ones will prevail in the marketplace of ideas.

        For a while it looked like Sidney Powell and Gen. Flynn were going to provide a new narrative. Currently, many American patriots are cheering for Durham. The most optimistic of them seem to think that Durham will just hold up some legal document for the TV cameras and then unlimited hordes of SWAT personnel will appear out of nowhere to swarm Hillary and every other identifiable evil-doer.

        Those who believe Q drops have an assortment of narratives, most of which will be so resilient as to be unfalsifiable. It is difficult to select a representative sample of American Q believers, because they communicate on anonymous/pseudonymous forums that are always besieged by infiltrators. Hostile non-American infiltrators will claim to be American patriots, and then will post misleading narratives. It is difficult to tell who is deceiving whom; most people post silly graphical images instead of coherent arguments. Bad scholarship from honestly ignorant writers mingles with insidious misinformation from paid shills.

        These same forums are also home to vaccine resisters, many of whom believe they are like the French Resistance during WW2, Q is like the Allies of WW2, and Biden is like the Vichy French government. They do not necessarily have much political savvy, but they appear to be the vanguard of a large group of very angry Americans.

        Apparently some Republicans are posting edited versions of the “Attack on Titan” opening as propaganda. Although this is far from perfect, it might be a politically tenable counter-narrative. I would not be surprised to find that the Republican staffers have been reading 8kun for some time now. Additionally, anonymous writers are promoting various alternate political figures, one or more of whom might turn out to be a leader eventually. One of these is Ron Watkins. I don’t have a telegram account, but I preview his channel at:


  3. cofer says:

    This will come down to whether one or more of the little people will flip.
    Epstein says no.

  4. Sam says:

    The larger fact is not that Clinton acolytes concocted the Dossier and the corporate media ran hysterical stories 24×7, but that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies used this known concoction to attempt a coup on a lawfully elected POTUS. Not only in a previous administration but also under the Trump administration itself where much of the attack took place. Trump never used the power of his office to put a kibbosh on the coup against him. What does that say?

    • Lysias says:

      Gina Haspel was CIA station chief in London in 2016, when (and where) Russiagate was concocted. She must have known. But the Trump administration made her first Deputy Director of the CIA, and then Director.

  5. Terence Reeves-Smyth says:

    Sorry to disabuse you of a belief that Russians call each other ‘comrades’. Alas, I fear this is 007 fiction; during the communist/Soviet era Russians commonly used the term ‘tovarisch or tovarish’, which I believe is the equivalent of citizen, but since the end of communism that term is no longer used.

  6. Deap says:

    From 2016 news story – persons in question regarding Clinton’s home computer set up – prime was Jake Sullivan. I believe he got full immunity when asked to testify as Clinton’s email problems blew up, that led to Clinton smearing Trump with Russiagate – That whole sordid mess protecting the Queen is unraveling too:


  7. Deap says:

    This recaps the entire mess Clinton created using a private server for public business- a dispassionate iteration of time line, events, players and outcomes. Which now needs to be compared to the timeline and players involved when Clinton concocted her Trump Russiagate mess.

    From Ballotpedia no less, it is exhaustive, but a critical reminder as Russiagate now breaks open. Ms Clinton was one very busy woman:


  8. Peter Williams says:

    Товарищ (Tovarishch) is still used by the military, MVD and similar organisations. It still retains the meaning of Comrade.
    Господин (Gospodin) means Mr, less commonly – sir, lord, gentleman, master, don, esquire. The female equivalent is Госпожа (Gospozha) and has a similar range of meanings. In some of Leo Tolstoy’s short stories, he uses Господин in the sense of a lord or master.
    In modern speech neither Господин nor Госпожа has returned to general usage. Generally people are introduced by name and patrynomic.

  9. nardami says:

    I fear the 2nd leg of the Russiagate hoax has muted and is really the most important…the DNC hack and Crowdstrike’s relationship to Sussmann (Perkins Coie).

    Indicted Clinton lawyer hired CrowdStrike, firm behind dubious Russian hacking claim – by Aaron Maté – Aaron Mate (substack.com

    More on how Sussmann ran the AlphaBank/secret server scam

    • Deap says:

      I long suspected what freaked out Vindeman in Trump’s phone call to Ukraine President was his request to track down the Crowdstrike connection with the “hacked” DNC-Clinton files, and not any alleged “quid pro quo” deal with Ukraine about getting dirt on Hunter Biden.

      Mainly because MSM totally sanitized any mention of Crowdstrike in the Ukraine phone call transcripts, referring only to “thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory matter” also discussed in the Trump-Ukraine phone call

      Striking any mention of Crowdstrike by name became the dog who did not bark – making it the prime suspect in the Democrat over-reaction of Trump’s Ukraine phone call. To the point it triggered Impeachment #1 – which meant there must have been some very bad mojo going on about Crowdstrike they wanted to cover up.

      Crowdstrike is a bad penny that keeps showing up.

  10. nardami says:

    Please note that the Crowdstrike CEO claimed they had proof (and date) of data exfiltration but was force by his lawyers to admit they had no proof data was exfiltrated…much less a date. Bear in mind that the testimony was only “allowed” under terms of client/attorney priviledge info provided only as permitted by Sussman…he was the grand puppeteer to controlled flow of ALL information to the FBI/presstitutes, and Congressional “investigations”). The entire Russiagate was fabricated and supported by various gov’t operatives in high places to torpedo improved relations with Russia proposed by Trump. It was “confirmed” by these partisans by using seasel words such as “likely, high/medium confidence, and consistent with”…never “we have proof” (even if they couldn’t provide it due to “nat sec” concerns. This was a coup my friends, coordinated by a lawyer representing HRC and like-minded gov’t officials!

    That Trump couldn’t appoint the right people to support him (save Ret Gen Flynn), he quickly was stabbed in the back, lied to, ignored by all the people holding levers of power. That he brought on Fiona Hill (who is a no-nothing Russophobe who stabbed him in even before he recruited her) shows the breadth of his ignorance.

    • Deap says:

      Trump was hired as an outsider, with enough brassiness to take on the deep state. And he did.

      His inability to knock the deep state out of the park in one final blow was not an example of any ‘ignorance” on his part; it was testimony to the vast and impenetrable depths of the deep state he was hired to take on.

      That work is still pending, as evidenced right now with the fact these loose ends are still getting exposed. “Covid” has taught the American people how deep and corrupt the deep state is and can be. Its tentacle are everywhere; we all have to engage in the fight against it.

      No one man can take it on and live to tell about it. Trump did fight it at every level he could while he was also engaged in a lot of other issues important to our Republic. Which is also the nature of the job. Patience is a virtue in this undertaking.

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