The hypocrisy awards

Masks are for the waiters

The Emmys were skewered on social media as viewers took notice of the lack of coronavirus safety measures, specifically masks. 

The 2021 awards show was one of the first to return to the typical in-person format following more than a year of delayed and adjusted ceremonies like the Oscars and Golden Globes. Few of the stars in attendance on Sunday were seen on the broadcast wearing masks or observing social distancing guidelines. 

Although host Cedric the Entertainer noted on the broadcast that everyone in attendance had to show proof of vaccination, as well as test negative for COVID-19, stars like Seth Rogen, came out swinging at the lack of requirements. He wasn’t the only one. 

After more than a year and a half of various mandates and guidelines designed to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, many were upset to see A-list celebrities having a celebration that seemingly included none of those things. It didn’t take long before viewers took to Twitter to slam the Emmys for not practicing what many of its stars had preached for roughly the better part of two years. ” foxnews

Comment: Contemptible. pl

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13 Responses to The hypocrisy awards

  1. Steve Ogle says:

    I sense that as time goes on the world is going to become a smaller and smaller place for the servants of the Ruling class and its Masters. Hard to build walls strong enough that will stand the test of resentment and anger that their hypocrisy creates.

  2. BillWade says:

    I won’t eat at any restaurant where the staff are mandated to be masked. I want to see my server.

    I understand the young have a new term for the unvaxxed, “purebloods”. I wonder what the term is for the vaxxed?

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    It was a perverse inversion of a masquerade ball, where only the VIP’s get to wear masks. We are surely reaching Marie Antoinette levels of obscene hypocrisy.

    Your image caption is an example of the correct emphasis IMO; they made the waiters wear masks. Fox & most other commentators focus on the failure of the glitterati to “mask up”. This is a subtle but very important distinction. TPTB want mask wearing to be normalized and it is easy to let one’s thinking fall into that trap. Let people party without masks, but let the help be unmasked also.

  4. Fred says:

    Just following Barack’s example. And Pelosi’s, Newsome’s, AOC and gang’s. They believe that we are a conquered people and must submit.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    CCP is not accepting woke culture in China. Netflix tried to get into China but their efforts have so for failed. Xi has dialed up woke censorship and flat out rejecting films off of quotas alone. He wants China films.

    Where does this leave Hollywood. CCP said get out and they crapped their own bed in the US? Add to that the youth does not have the attention span for movies. They would rather watch Tik Tok, play video games or watch podcasts. I concede though, when they come out with a movie on how the biggest election fraud the world has ever seen was pulled off I will be buying my ticket.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      China is reportedly banning portrayals of effeminate men in entertainment, etc.

      The American socialists have crapped the bed. Blacks don’t like the gay guy stuff. They are also in majority against vaccinations and covid restrictions, masks, all of that. If the democrats turn off the blacks, they’re sunk.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Eric Newhill

        Perhaps a world emergency brought on by White Supremacists will require the suspension of elections? I would love to know what the meeting between Macron and the God-Emperor will be like.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Col Lang,
          Maybe something like this…

          “Joe, J’ai peur que les paysans ne croient plus en notre divinité. C’est très frustrant!”

          “What’s your name again? Who this guy talking in my ear? Why are speaking gibberish? I like ice cream. Do you have any ice cream? Jill? Jill! Answer this guy’s damn question, will ya please”

          But yeah, there’s always the dreaded white supremacists to save the day; even if they’re FBI guys in disguise leading around a few morons they found in halfway homes for the mentally deficient.

  6. walrus says:

    Making the waiters wear masks is to effectively make them disappear from the stage.

    This is a trick learned from Kabuki. Kabuki stage hands wear black and are masked. They move props on stage during the various acts. After the first few minutes of the play they effectively become invisible to the audience. I’ve experienced this.

  7. Eric Newhill says:

    From Hollyweird to Obama and Pelosi the message is clear; “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”.

    That attitude isn’t going to fly with Americans, not with Trumpians nor with the socialists.

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