The Kenosha Shooting By Walrus.


From 9000 miles away, I hope readers will forgive me for making two observations  about the Kenosha shooting of Jacob Blake.

(1) I don’t know for sure about American Police recruitment practices, but the old fashioned requirement here was that Police had to be Six feet tall or more and of a fitness and demeanour that was intimidating. Potential offenders knew that they were unlikely to be unscathed if they decided to argue with a member – that is without firearms.

Those requirements were modified many years ago to cater for “gender equality”. While fitness standards are still very high, there is nothing very  intimidating about a five foot something police person. This has led to more  than one offender deciding to argue and in the case linked below an irate female anti – masker allegedly smashing the head of a female police person into a concrete pavement several times before she was subdued.

Folks, over here,  in my opinion, this is going to end in more Police shootings because other options, like physically subduing an offender are no longer available. My guess is that occupational health and safety considerations may eventually lead to higher physical police standards.

And Jacob Blake? Why wasn’t he flat on the ground within seconds of deciding to argue with a Police officer? He walked unimpeded around the car, with a Policeman scuttling behind him pathetically clutching at his shirt tail, then he appeared to reach in to his car – for what? 

(2) There are reports in the media, complete with video and sound, of various citizens of Kenosha allegedly firing warning shots to deter arsonists, rioters and looters. There are also allegedly video and sound of rioters threatening white property owners.

I am concerned that at some stage a potential victim is going to decide, rightly or wrongly, that enough is enough. They will shoot to kill and depending on their capabilities and the situation, a new tragedy will unfold. I don’t know enough to judge the temper of the community but the current situation has a number of outcomes that are not going to be pleasant for the black community or the protesting groups. I am reminded of the anti – Chinese riots in the Australian goldfields from 1857 – 1861.

What can be done to defuse the situation?

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  1. Jim says:

    What strikes me in summer of 2020 is absence of any police, or none in view at all when folks have been blasting bull horns waking people up in middle of night by agitators, in residential areas of USA.
    Why are they not there, who are making these decisions banning police: when agitators invade residential neighborhoods for sole purpose of harassing and, I think, trying to goad residents into attacking them?
    This is a basic police function: To Keep The Peace.
    Following Rodney King verdict, what happened in South Central LA is instructive.
    Then police chief on purpose ordered officers out of the area. Asian businesses destroyed.
    Area, destroyed: $4 billion in damages.
    Asian business owners did use guns on the rioting mobs.
    It was either that or be killed.

  2. Chuck says:

    Well written. I don’t know what the solution is. I have my doubts that a real leader will emerge who can get the BLM/Antifa types to back down. I think that getting people back to work is important because idle hands are the devils plaything. A lot of this is just bored people acting out.

  3. Deap says:

    Walrus, I recommend you view the police cam video in this RedState link – two minutes of trying to subdue a suspect after the taser failed, when two police tried to take him to the ground, but the suspect did break away and run to his car, grab his gun, then shoot the two policeman and actually finally drive off all of this taking place within two minutes along a very busy Highway 33.
    Day in the life of some police officers in this country:
    Monday morning quarterbacking, after seeing what can happen in just two minutes, should give one pause before rushing to judgement.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO, there is truth to what you say about the size and strength of America law enforcement as well as the reasons for the trend toward smaller and less physically capable.
    That said, I don’t see it as the cause of the Blake incident. First, Blake, like most of these guys who become “victims” of alleged police misconduct, is a convicted violent felon who has in the past used guns to assault and threaten people. He also attempted to pull a gun, while in a vehicle, on cops in a previous incident. Second, he had warrants out for his arrest. So a violent felon with motivation to not be arrested. Don’t listen to the BLM activist “witnesses”, lawyer Crump or the liberal media. Blake wasn’t just there to break up a fight between two women. And he couldn’t just leave due to the warrants. Police knew exactly who he is as what he is all about.
    Police tased Blake when he wouldn’t comply and he just shook it off (drug induced numbness?).
    Police do not want to get down on the ground wrestling with someone like Blake because someone like Blake could – and would – get ahold of a police pistol or other weapon during the tussle. Wrestling with a dangerous perp is, well, dangerous. Why should police put themselves at that kind of risk? For the likes of a Blake?
    Blake apparently had a knife (that he grabbed from the car?). There is a second video and police can be heard telling Blake to drop the knife. A witness also says that police were shouting at Blake to drop the knife. The fist video shown by Crump, BLM and lefty media – like the Floyd video – was edited and incomplete. These people are quick to start the info operation. Crump was on this case before the blood was even dry. Too many people are way too ignorant and way too gullible when it comes to these incidents.

  5. Fred says:

    “I am reminded of the anti – Chinese riots in the Australian goldfields from 1857 – 1861.”
    Help out a poor American in understanding Australia, isn’t 1861 a century and a half ago? Nothing else in your cultural memory came to mind?
    “I am concerned that at some stage a potential victim is going to decide, rightly or wrongly, that enough is enough.” No Sh## sir. Aren’t you one of the people who wants an unarmed citizenry? That’s pretty much guaranteeing those potential victims become compliant victims, or dead ones.
    “What can be done to defuse the situation?”
    I suggest a post from someone 9,000 miles away about Cannon Hinnant, David Dorn and a bunch of other victims of the left to provide us with some perspective.

  6. walrus says:

    Fred, I have never, ever, suggested that your constitutional rights to bear arms should be curtailed. They are an essential part of your society. What I have said is that you are also stuck with the unavoidable consequences of the second amendment in terms of accidents, shootings, etc. However that is your business not mine.
    My observations are that police recruitment policies may have a role to play in these matters and secondly, I would not be surprised if there was a white backlash against BLM/Antifa and the severity of it might surprise some people. The Australian gold field riots in The 1850s were known for the savagery of the attacks on the Chinese from usually quiet and law abiding people.
    As far as firearms go, I have a few, they are for game and vermin over here, they are generally regarded as unnecessary for self defence. There is no tradition about being armed, etc.

  7. walrus says:

    Deap, considering the Redstate video, it appears that the police had every right to prevent Blake from trying to get ‘something” from the car.

  8. Deap says:

    Did you watch the Highway 33 police-suspect shootout video posted here, walrus. We have a lot of freedoms in this country, which include the freedom to be very, very stupid.
    We assume there will be personal responsibility and shared mutual conduct standards. This is our country’s biggest weakness because both are not universal, and we don’t preemptively demands it upfront with a gun; but occasionally need to reinforce it with a gun

  9. AK says:

    To put a coda on Eric Newhill’s last point, the first thing to be done is for opportunistic, a$$hole politicians of a certain political party to stop jumping to immediate and incendiary conclusions in their public pronouncements. This is unquestionably a tacit invitation to convene in the streets and tear things up/burn things down. Governor Evers’ statement was a blatant political ploy – “While we do not have all the details yet, what we know for certain is he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or in our country.” This is irresponsibility of the highest order from a public official. And he wasn’t the only one. They ALL did it. Not a single Democrat even called for calm let alone denounced the outright destruction. They can’t bring themselves to do it, so it will keep happening. By their own standards these days, “silence is violence” so it’s fair to say they condone and invite this lawlessness.
    As to the police, I can’t immediately comment on this particular incident, but I will agree with the notion that their efficacy has very likely been hampered by lack of physical aptitude standards in recruitment and hiring. I’ve known a few black guys from the ghetto who always said they’d rather run up against a linebacker cop than a 5’2″ female because the linebacker is less likely to rely on deadly force. He’s more confident in his ability to control a situation without resorting to his gun. I’ve also known capable male cops who’ve admitted the liability of having physically slight female partner. They simply can’t count on her to perform in the same way under duress that a 6’2″, 190lb man could.
    Reminds me of a video I recently saw of a very small, female Army captain attempting to complete a combat medic course.
    This was a 35lb. dry-weight road ruck for 12 miles. To begin, 35 lbs is simply not much weight for a fit and capable man. It’s a very basic load. While casual observers cheered her determination, professionals correctly point out that she is now nothing but a dead weight liability, completely incapable of performing ANY duty, let alone rendering medical aid in a combat situation. You’ll notice the male soldier strolling past her as though on his way to breakfast. This is case-in-point evidence that degraded efficacy is the natural result when organizations that rely on physical prowess in the course of their duties and that also deal with physical conflict as an inherent part of their operation begin to institute things like “diversity” and “inclusivity.” I don’t know why the police forces would be considered any different in this regard.

  10. blue peacock says:

    IMO, we ain’t seen nothing yet. If Trump gets re-elected, with Hillary already advising Biden to not concede, we will have more mayhem.
    Of course Trump has also created doubt about the sanctity of the election. So we must prepare not only for the “hanging chad” like legal disputes but of course for agitators spurred on by both political leadership and the media that craves controversy and ratings.
    Police killings as well as other killings should be brought into focus. However, there can be no rational discussion since political polarization is paramount. In the current social media environment everything can be distorted and played up as video content proliferate. The media is intent on accentuating the polarization.
    I continue to be intrigued by why this intense hatred directed towards Trump that even law enforcement & the intelligence agencies attempted a coup, let alone the corporate media at his throat all the time. He’s not done anything tangible to impinge on the benefits of the oligarchy.


    I think the job of any US Ambassador to Africa or Central America became that much more difficult after this incident.

  12. akaPatience says:

    What can be done to diffuse the current situation? How about some honesty for a change – honest, factual, statistical discussion about these types of events and crime in general? Police shootings of blacks get a lot of attention but are actually relatively rare amidst a comprehensive account of crime and law enforcement. I wonder if many young people who protest on behalf of BLM know that blacks are disproportionately responsible for homicides, and that their victims are mostly other blacks? If they’re unaware it wouldn’t surprise me since perspective and an honest discussion about these matters are apparently forbidden.
    I’ve seen the video that Deap posted before, and others too, showing how quickly a person can grab a gun in his car and use it on cops.
    People like the perp in the video, like Blake, like the man shot at Wendy’s in Atlanta a couple of months ago, who are impervious to tasers, cause especially dangerous scenarios, as they leave LE with little to no alternative than to rely on lethal force when necessary.

  13. turcopolier says:

    “I wonder if many young people who protest on behalf of BLM know that blacks are disproportionately responsible for homicides, and that their victims are mostly other blacks.” Do you think they care? What they are looking for in Portlandia episodes are opportunities for agitprop mob action along the road to their attempts to take power from Biden. it will be interesting to see what shows up in Kenosha.

  14. TV says:

    Blue Peacock:
    Apparently Trump’s references to “draining the swamp” threw the swamp denizens into a frenzy knowing full well that their exalted positions are based on lies and thievery.
    The DOJ and FBI being protectors of the swamp reacted accordingly.

  15. Fred says:

    A white backlash? The left have been campaigning on that theme since the ’60s. Like your reference to the gold field riots in Australia a century and a half ago Americans have to go back generations to find a racially based white-on-black pogrom. The agit-prop we are seeing is opportunistic but well orchastrated to take advantage anything that can be misconstured in incidents just like this.
    “police recruitment policies”
    As you’ve conveniently forgotten after all the other discussions of policing here there are fifty states with different state policies for screening, mininum recruit training, and ongoing training. There are even more minicipalities. Thanks to the violent left and media coverage police are all considered collectively guilty, the political leadership in the cities the left control are collectively guiltless, however, as they have proclaimed thier ritual support of BLM and Social Justice in order to cleanse themselves from responsibility for oversight of the police they are now disavowing. (Other than the ones sent to guard the Mayor Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and of course, NYC.)
    Congrats to the left though, the DNC and their press outlets finally have something to talk about for 70 days, rather than addressing Biden’s dementia, Kamala’s filling the jails with Black Americans, or the economy destroying lockdowns ordered by Democratic governor’s of multiple states.

  16. Deap says:

    Seeing how many quivering and sniveling white people the threats of black violence has already created, shouldn’t blacks simply declare victory and pack up the tent?
    Move to Democrat states where their every demand is honored and carried out. Oh wait, they are already in Democrat states and cities. Still something missing in the Democrat agenda that keeps this group so unhappy and unfulfilled.
    Wish they did not feel this way. I truly do. Join the struggle and stop fanticizing anyone else has it easier. That is why I can’t hear them. They don’t own human misery. But they sure weaponize it. (Yes, use of the word “they” is already offensive- but I have gotten very lazy and brain dead listening to these escalating and irresponsible, lazy demands.)
    We learned from Watts back in the 1960’s, the very worst thing one can do is burn your own neighborhood down. Just don’t do it.

  17. Barbara Ann says:

    That video is shocking. 35lbs over 12 miles, I’d expect a fit person of any build to be able to hump that with relative ease. But it’s the trying that matters of course – only it isn’t when it counts.

  18. Deap says:

    Shooting victim’s mother made the following very tender remarks:
    …..” Clearly, you can see right now that I have beautiful brown skin. But take a look at your hand, and whatever shade it is, it is beautiful as well. How dare we hate what we are. We are humans. God did not make one type of tree or flower or fish or horse or grass or rock. How dare you ask him to make one type of human that looks just like you……” (RedState)

  19. Mark K Logan says:

    I’m convinced it’s a training issue. Google up the Grossman training stuff. It’s very popular and in many ways valid, but wrong messages can be taken from it: Anything you do to defend yourself is justified, and you are entitled to that anything if you perceive a threat. Furthermore, you are about to be attacked at any moment! Split second reactions are needed! This is a military force-protection attitude. Works in a police state but not in a free one. Free people ill-tolerate fear-biting cops.
    You will see Grossman training in big city academies, but in the ones that have at some point have suffered the consequences, most notably Oakland in the 60s, they damn are careful with it.

  20. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    During my youthful backpacking days I used to carry 35 lbs. regularly. I recall one such trip; my dad & I began our hike in southern Maine, traversing the Carter-Mahousic range, crossing over into NH and descending down to Pinkham notch, then ascending to one end of the Presidentials which we then hiked across, descending down Boote Spur. We then climbed up again onto the next range, ultimately debouching at Crawford Notch. I weighed about 130 lbs. back then, and handled that weight through ascents and descents with good grace with my trusty Kelty external frame pack with a good hip belt, in stride, so to speak.

  21. optimax says:

    A female police dog handler can’t control her dog even though she, the cop, is rather large.
    The Kanosha cops should have with the proper training been able to control the perp with their hands.
    choke hold would have worked too but that’s illegal. Portland has taken away many of the effective tools used to control rioter. The DA releases a majority of the rioters without bail and drops the charges. The protesters are really peaceful rioters providing cover for the people throwing rocks, bricks, urine filled condoms, anything they can at the cops. There are law firms people are told to call when getting arrested to defend them and get them out of jail quickly. The peaceful rioters have something on the order of 40 lawsuits against the PPD and more against the Federal police Trump sent us for manhandling their innocent little selves. Cultural Marxism is working well in Portland.A city less than 10% black is destroying its eurocentric traditions, values and institutions for afrocentric ones. Thank you, white guilt.

  22. turcopolier says:

    Where I live it seems as though every police shooting involves a woman cop.

  23. AK says:

    Jersey Jeffersonian, Barbara Ann,
    To make myself clear (as I’m not sure that I was in my previous comment), I’m not asserting that you need to be of a certain physical stature to handle 35lbs and 12 miles. Quite the opposite actually. My point was it should be manageable for most physically fit people. I have certainly known women who could handle that kind of load and distance, no problem. I’ve known many more men who could, though. The larger point I was trying to make is that by setting standards like this and allowing this type of person to “pass” that standard in this fashion does damage to the efficacy of the unit she seeks to join. The standards need to be higher. If that means that fewer 5’2″, 100-lb women pass the course and are selected to the unit, so be it. To my knowledge, a typical full kit for combat infantry is often twice that weight. I personally know no one of any stature or sex who can carry 70% of their own body weight for 4 miles, let alone 12, and furthermore to be capable of fighting at the end of it.
    I think the standards need to be higher for police as well. Some women can and will pass, which is fine, but the higher standards need to be there to prevent those (male or female) who could get themselves or others hurt by their lack of physical aptitude from being put in a position to do so. There are a lot of tubby male cops out there, too. That said, I also think the competency standards need to be MUCH higher for police. Increased budgets for training are a must. I was listening to an interview with Jocko Willink (retired Navy SEAL) discussing police training standards, and he contends that officers should spend 20% of their time on the clock in continuing training. According to him, the average officer only spends 4 hours per year in department funded combative training. Those who get more usually do so at their own initiative, time, and expense. I know different departments have different standards and protocols, and I’ll try to verify that figure, but if true, it’s startling.

  24. Jack says:

    In a scene that played out several times Monday, a Black Lives Matter protest that began in Columbia Heights confronted White diners outside D.C. restaurants,  chanting “White silence is violence!” and demanding White diners show their solidarity.
    This type of mob badgering of ordinary citizens dining is not conducive to more support but creates the environment for public demands to come down harshly on these wokesters.

  25. Fred says:

    There are plenty of accomplices to the destruction including the lawyers you mention, and of course the DA. I think my ancestors for 1775 would have been tar and feathing the politicians months ago.

  26. Jack says:

    Then there’s this video of a female cop with her gun drawn not standing her ground.

  27. optimax says:

    I love women. But they shouldn’nt always be admitted to manly professions just because they are women. Men can adapt to the womanly professions just because physical requirements aren’t as important. I find it funny people who think nature is the highest form of life encourage their children to to identify with either the opposite sex or or some self-created gender. They don’t train their dogs, allowing them to run wild, but do not respect the psychology of the dog. They haven’t the empathy to understand another animal or the curiosity to research canine familiorosity behavior. No wonder they are unable and unwilling to understand conservatives or think of them as anything but nazis. That’s what they’ve been taught.
    I’ve dealt with female cops and they either acted too tough or one took a report professionally, she was pretty. MOTORCYCLE COP was really cool. Even working on the railroad I noticed a difference between the feminists and blue-collar women. The latter were competent, the former always needed a mans help. The dominant narrative is completely divorced from reality.

  28. Yeah, Right says:

    Can I just point out that there were at least four adult onlookers standing on the other side of that car when the police fired, plus at least one child.
    All would have been in the line of fire when those seven shots rang out.
    I don’t pretend to know what was going through the minds of those officers, but the safety of those onlookers didn’t appear to be very high on their list of priorities.
    If nothing else I would suggest that careless endangerment made their actions inexcusable.

  29. turcopolier says:

    Yeah, right
    It sounds like fear and panic to me.

  30. Dave Schuler says:

    You wrote:
    “I don’t know for sure about American Police recruitment practices, but the old fashioned requirement here was that Police had to be Six feet tall or more and of a fitness and demeanour that was intimidating. ”
    That hasn’t been the case for decades. It was found to be too difficult to achieve the diversity goals while maintaining the height requirements.

  31. JohnH says:

    What strikes me about the events in Portland–going on three months now–is that nobody is talking to anybody. The protesters go out every night and then the police declare a riot most every night.
    Obviously the police are under command. And obviously there are organizers in BLM, who could formulate their conditions for convincing their followers to end the protests and riots.
    But nobody deigns to negotiate…or apparently even talk to the other side. Sadly it seems that folks on both sides just enjoy going out and having a good old fashioned rumble every night.

  32. John from Michigan says:

    It is my understanding that Blake was threatening the officers with a knife. That by itself was justification for the shooting. He then forced his way to the car with the intent of retrieving what the officers believed to be a gun. Again, justification for the shooting. Entering his car was sufficient.
    Easy for the office monkeys and white collars twats to say the cops should have wrestled the knife away from him and risked severing an artery. F the onlookers. They should have not been standing there. You insert yourself into a crime scene and you get what you get. The denizens of these neighborhoods are not known for their high IQs.
    There is a real simple solution to this problem. If blacks do not want to be shot by police they should stop acting like n*ggers.

  33. AK says:

    “This type of mob badgering of ordinary citizens dining is not conducive to more support but creates the environment for public demands to come down harshly on these wokesters.”
    My hope (in my more optimistic moments) is that this type of behavior over the next two months will result in a sizable electoral mandate for Trump and Congressional Republicans, and they will cash in that political capital and do just what you mention above. The alternative is that the population at large will do it eventually, and we’ve seen it begin already last night in Kenosha.

  34. Harry Hobbes says:

    “To my knowledge, a typical full kit for combat infantry is often twice that weight. I personally know no one of any stature or sex who can carry 70% of their own body weight for 4 miles, let alone 12, and furthermore to be capable of fighting at the end of it.”

    The “fighting load” (i.e., web gear/harness and accoutrements and immediate supplies: water, ammo, etc.) weighs in at about 25 lbs. More ammo ups the load weight from there. The “subsistence load” (the ruck sack and contents) for the typical U.S. Infantryman circa 1990 was anywhere from 50 to 70+ lbs., depending upon mission. Special Forces carried more. Then add weapon and kevlar.
    The young woman appears to have a moderate subsistence load, based upon what appears to be low-mass movement of the load as she moves (i.e., falters, falls, recovers); presumable in the 40 lb. range. I doubt she’s carrying significantly more, as that would not be possible hunched over and hobbling along. (It appears her right hip is giving out.)
    Nonetheless, your observations about percentage of body weight are apposite. I and my squad typically humped 70 lb. subsistence loads (50% minimum body weight), and found that after a movement over hill and dale (say five+ miles through the bush) with subsistence load, we (straight-legged Infantry) were pretty much spent as a force, requiring time to recover. A “road march” would extend our distance before expenditure, as roads are by design, engineered to facilitate ease of travel.
    As much fun as it may be to be inclusive, I know from personal experience that weaker soldiers have to be supported and their “stuff” carried by the stronger. This is never good in a fighting force.

  35. turcopolier says:

    Harry Hobbes
    I agree completely.

  36. Laura Wilson says:

    A 17 year-old white male just learned the truth of your predictions. He did, in fact, make them true.

  37. Christian J. Chuba says:

    There is a point where laws have to be enforced to prevent vigilantism. A strong police presence saves lives.
    If the community has lost confidence in the local Police then there has to be an escalation in law enforcement. Whether it’s county, state police, or national guard, don’t know but you have to fill the void.
    Regarding Kyle Rittenhouse, there is something very Mall Cop’ish about him.
    Looking at the video, at the moment of the shooting it was self-defense but in the hours leading up to that point he was looking for trouble. He wasn’t defending his home, he lived in Antioch. A strong policy presence would keep creatures like this out of the loop.
    You don’t call in the guard so instead you get a pasty faced 17yr old boy from the next town over, that’s inviting trouble, especially when you add in the regular outside agitators.

  38. turcopolier says:

    Christian Chuba
    How do you know he is “pasty faced?” Were you at that age? Boys his age died at Gettysburg and Normandy. Maybe you should watch your mouth. If the National Guard or the various police forces are not allowed to shoot rioters, what effect do you think their presence will have on the revolutionary rioters once they learn not to fear as in Portland?

  39. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO, Kyle handled the situation like a pro. Rioters attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail at or near him. He or an ally shot that rioter. That is self-defense – and, I don’t know about WI, but in AZ prevention of arson is a legal reason to shoot someone.
    Then he is chased. Rather than mowing down his persueres, he attempts to escape and evade. He trips and falls in the process of escaping the situation. The rioters begin to assault him and he is kicked in the head. He shoots the rioters that are threatening his life and calmly walks away, backwards, prepared to to shoot anyone that comes after him. However -and this is key – he doesn’t shoot anyone else. He only shot those endangering him and only shot them enough to stop the attack (e.g. he didn’t pump a bunch of rounds into the guy he shot in the arm because that guy ceased the assault). The shot in the arm guy had a pistol. It’s right there in the video for all to see.
    Picture perfect self-defense.
    The rioters are crazy idiots. They chase a guy with a rifle who has proven he is prepared to fire that weapon in self-defense. And young Kyle is an exemplary individual.
    If the govt won’t do its job, then there will be a lot more Kyles stepping up.

  40. mcohen says:

    What I do not understand is why wearing a full metal jacket is not mandatory.Along with the safety belt and air bag it could save lives

  41. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Col, I saw a picture of him
    I had no business mentioning his physical appearance.
    State police would have the same enforcement power as local police, wouldn’t they? If the subject is how to diffuse situations like this, I’d say allow statutes to suspend people from out of area (TBD) for a period of time to keep the agitators out.
    Either we give the police at all levels the power they need or we have militias from neighboring areas come in and duke it out. Rittenhouse was not invited, he was from a neighboring town.

  42. John from Michigan says:

    @ Chuba
    Rittenhouse wasn’t looking for trouble. He was trying to stop it by protecting the property and life of decent citizens. You are correct that if the LEO and NG were allowed to do their job he would not have been there. In the 67 riots in Detroit these people had no hesitation in shooting rioters, as it should be.
    The satisfying part of this event is that all 3 antifa punks shot were wiggers. If he is prosecuted hopefully the jurors will be acquainted with the principle of jury nullification.

  43. turcopolier says:

    Christian Chuba
    In the absence of effective suppression of rebellion, expect the people to rise and fight for their country as my ancestors always did. I was a corporal in the Me. Army National Guard at 17. Do not look to me for encouragement in defeatism with regard to the Marxist rebellion. I remember an air Force kid, about the same age who was killed at an airfield in VN by multiple mortar fragments that shredded his chest. I was there waiting for a ride on a transport C-130. The enemy put a recoilless round through the tail of the aircraft which was on short final. It slid burning past the PSP ramp on which I was sitting in a jeep with one of my men. At the same time the enemy but a dozen 82mm mortar round into the ramp. Well done! I rolled under my jeep with my man when the first round hit. We could hear him screaming. When the fire lifted, I went to him. He murmured . “No. No. No,” through blood frothed lips and then died. I have a lefty woman neighbor who once told me that in that war “All the good people went to Canada.” I will never forget.

  44. Fred says:

    Christian Chuba,
    “There is a point where laws have to be enforced to prevent vigilantism. ”
    You mean no one should be allowed to stop rioters, who can go where ever they want when ever they want. They can even do so in Atlanta with Ar15s:
    and Seattle with AR15s:
    “17 year old”
    You mean he’s the same age as was Trayvon Martin?
    Somebody with lots of time on his hands put together a number of the existing videos showing all the diffent views of Mr. Rittenhouse running away from a crowd before tripping, falling, and then being attacked:
    He called 9-11 before being chased again, and when it was over stayed to turn himself in to police.
    Meanwhile CNN is discovering Biden’s Boys being boys isn’t playing well in the polling:

  45. turcopolier says:

    meaningless gibberish.

  46. Jim S says:

    Mr Blake defeated the attempts of two officers trying to wrestle him immediately prior to the start of the video clip.
    As for the kid last night, he’s a natural. Give him a new identity and sign him up for Delta Force.
    I also watched the clip of the old man with the fire extinguisher getting clocked in the back of the head with a brick. The woman recording said something like “I’m going to stop this–I don’t care if I get beat up.” Simple courage. I hope somebody will spread the word to the folks out there–on both sides–to stop moving the casualty’s head around. And give the responder space.

  47. anon says:

    If a soldier were unable to carry 35 pounds, that would be surprising. However, I believe the number might be wrong.
    At 34 seconds into the video, the voiceover claims that the soldier is carrying 70 pounds of gear, not 35 pounds.
    I assume that this does not undermine the key issue – the soldier should be able to walk whether she is carrying 35 pounds, 70 pounds, or 105 pounds.

  48. Porkupine says:

    Colonel Lang, Jack—
    The True Believers must not see how they are being used—too young and/or unbalanced to see things in perspective.
    I watched a man speaking out of his busted shop window at an idealistic peaceful demonstrator who was explaining to him in her undergraduate voice, apologetically and with real concern and regret, that “those people” were not part of their movement but were unavoidable—to not pay attention to them!
    Events of last night regarding the 17-year old were foresee-able.
    I tend to think some attempt is being made to divide and conquer—which is not lost on the silent majority.
    In other words, that the old “Black Bloc” anarchist punks political vandalism set of tactics, which are now maximized and rebranded as Antifa, around the same time that BLM were ‘stood up’ as the African-American version of same. (Around the time of Ferguson I guess.) And now are being encouraged to commit acts which can be made to seem to make sense to these groups’ internal value systems, but which in reality are part of a divide-and-conquer strategy activated by someone else entirely.
    I hope that most voters do see what’s going on here—that maybe someone is trying to pull America apart.

  49. turcopolier says:

    “maybe someone is trying to pull America apart.” I suppose you mean trump, how boring.

  50. Eric Newhill says:

    The rioter who was shot in the head was, apparently, a registered sex offender (child molester). The other guys who were shot by noble young Kyle had been convicted of various crimes including domestic abuse. The Democrats have weaponized the scum of society as well as the mentally handicapped; especially those on the autism spectrum – literally.

  51. Porkupine says:

    Trump is like King Arthur.
    Some people are too bitter to know a good thing when they see it. Never thought I’d see it.
    But thank god for Geo.Washington’s two-term example.
    The King Arthur we deserve.
    I may not always explain myself the best.
    Thank you for this forum.
    As far as who is trying to bust up the republic, I don’t know. Shadowy Rich people? You’d know better than me. It could just be that the “hand” portion consists of generic lefty stuff (“our movement”) which has taken on a life of its own divorced from modern reality.
    Then, the “head” portion could be just about anyone with an interest in turmoil in the US.
    The aristocracy has let a lot of problems fester which feed this disembodied “hand.” But the “hand” is mostly pre-programmed to do only a few things.
    The “hand” used not to accept nouri$hment from anyone. Or maybe nourishment just was not offered. I’ve read that that’s no longer true. I don’t know.
    I watched with regret the video yesterday from Kanosha. Hopefully reason will prevail on the jury.
    Self-defense is self-defense. (Although I didn’t see footage of the headshot). Unfortunately this is what antifa strategy hopes for—although I think in a miscalculated way.
    If life were fair Trump would get to repeat his first term plus a ten-yard penalty.
    If that makes any sense.
    But no, I really don’t know who, if anyone, is pulling the levers, if there are any, of this clown show. Seems like “divide and conquer.” Makes CCP happy for sure. Idk
    I greatly respect the opinions here and learn a lot, I think.
    I just find the antifa transformation funny because … they are so much like the frickin black-shirts!
    And having rubbed shoulders a tiny bit with those deluded nutcases…it’s hilarious to see them quasi defended by frickin mainstream democrats!
    As though political violence is now just fine! Ha!
    My political opinions are probably basically the same as Dennis Miller the comedian. Something like that. I’m just a gen x slacker by default living the dream on the rural streets far from the Bay Area.
    DJT is the real deal.
    Tutti Salutti!

  52. Porkupine says:

    Eric Newhill—
    That fits with my experience.

  53. Tom67 says:

    Thanks Walrus. What ever else I was a 9 year old kid when my father was given a job in Berkeley as a scientist. We were from a hard scrabble mining town in Germany and I had to fight to get along. When I was in Berkeley my parents had nothing but trouble. It was the age of busing and among the kids there were rough black ones. Naturally I liked them best as they liked to fight as well. But that wasn´t tolerated! I was admonished all the time and quite happy when my dad got a call to a German university. At least no more girls monitoring my behaviour and reporting back to the principal.
    Ever since I have been in lot´s and quite dangerous places and I have often wondered back: how come the US turned from the best place in the world into a place where guns are drawn by the police at occasions where everywhere else you put the criminal into a choke hold?
    It is because normal boyish behaviour is discouraged and when you are confronted with violence you haven´t learned and aren´t able to react with graded violence.
    I am very grateful to have grown up the way I did. I got beat up quite a bit by older ones and know you survive. I also know how to defend myself only with fists. What if you don´t know? Then you have to draw a gun.
    All this non violence education is bullshit and will only lead to more lethal violence. Counterintuitively: because a generation of white middle class kinds where taught that you have all this trouble in the States. Maybe I am all wrong concerning the States and there are other factors which I have negelected. But generally I am right I am sure.

  54. Harry says:

    “And Jacob Blake? Why wasn’t he flat on the ground within seconds of deciding to argue with a Police officer? He walked unimpeded around the car, with a Policeman scuttling behind him pathetically clutching at his shirt tail, then he appeared to reach in to his car – for what? ”
    Precisely my observation. Poor policing was partially responsible for this drunk man being paralysed.

  55. Mac says:

    is it correct his mum drove him there? accomplice liability? also, Wis Stat. 939.49(1) is clear:
    “A person is privileged to threaten or intentionally use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with the person’s property. Only such degree of force or threat thereof may intentionally be used as the actor reasonably believes is necessary to prevent or terminate the interference. It is not reasonable to intentionally use force intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm for the sole purpose of defense of one’s property.”

  56. longarch says:

    As far as who is trying to bust up the republic, I don’t know. Shadowy Rich people? You’d know better than me.

    There can be little doubt that shadowy rich people want to harm the USA. Some of them (such as Chinese slave-drivers) have national loyalties, but many of them are rootless psychopaths with no loyalty to anything but their own desires.
    Few people doubt that malevolent non-Americans conspire against the USA. George Soros was malevolent enough to break the British and the Thai economies:
    I don’t have airtight proof that Soros is the funder behind antifa, but many writers have made that claim. (I am sure that many commenters at this site are qualified to make accusations against Soros. If the moderator does not wish to encourage discussion of conspiracies at this site, the comment sections at might be a more suitable venue.)
    Additionally, Americans conspire against their own country with alarming frequency.
    In my opinion, the USA’s 2020 riots were caused by a conspiracy involving a whole rogues’ gallery, including but not limited to Soros, Fauci, and numerous PRC commissars.

  57. Serge says:

    Eric Newhill,
    He went to prison for over a decade for that offense, so you know it wasn’t just a statutory rape thing but something really sick. Good riddance.

  58. turcopolier says:

    And he was wanted for yet another sex assault. a hero of the Biden Administration!

  59. Porkupine says:

    Thank you, Longarch.
    Very much appreciated.

  60. Serge says:

    So I caught Rosenbaum’s court papers today, he anally/orally raped a handful of 9 and 11 year old boys in a 2 month period when he was 18. Sweet irony that he ended up getting the sentence he deserved, from a minor. Burn in hell antifa scum

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