The Lebanese diaspora is growing, and growing …

A Chinese built diesel generator

Lebanon has been left without electricity, plunging the country into darkness amid a severe economic crisis.

A government official told Reuters news agency the country’s two largest power stations, Deir Ammar and Zahrani, had shut down because of a fuel shortage.

The power grid “completely stopped working at noon today” and was unlikely to restart for several days, they said.

For the past 18 months Lebanon has endured a severe economic crisis which has got worse amid fuel shortages.

That crisis has left half its population in poverty, crippled its currency and sparked major demonstrations against politicians.

A lack of foreign currency meanwhile has made it hard to pay overseas energy suppliers.

Comment: I know Lebanon well, a lovely place filled with charming people. As I have written before, foreign interference in Lebanon’s political processes, mainly US interference at the behest of Zionist interests, has contributed to Lebanese inability to effectively manage its situation. Having said that, I must add that Lebanese lack of governmental and managerial skill is impressive. The country is a warren of competing petty interests in which any real devotion to the notion of Lebanon as “watan,” (fatherland) is sadly missing. This kind of disaster results. pl

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6 Responses to The Lebanese diaspora is growing, and growing …

  1. Deap says:

    Ironic for what was once known as the Paris of the Middle East – the City of Light.

  2. Aletheia in Athens says:

    But… is it not the future that awaits us all, as advanced by The Economist, even those of us who have always enjoyed such luminaries as economists and officials?

    During these past days it was spread a video by German Ministry of Emergencies, broadcast through German TV, and then viral in the net, where German citizens were warned and adviced how to get warm and cook without electricity….

    Then, after having us all during these two years with overdose of apocalylptic films on pandemics, like Contagium and the like, being broadcast non stop through the different private channels subsidized with public funds, now they start advancing what is to expect from now on…
    Yesterday they broadcast Elysium at first channel national public TV…I do not know whether as threat…or as warning from someone ( I read today that woman director of entertainment in that channnel was fired….)

    Spanish language trailer is quite more explicit….

    A dystopian future where the elites live in Earths orbit amongst luxury, no wars, no shortages, no illnesses, while the rest live on Earth under shortages of any kind, crumbling infrastructures, and lack of any basic services, but under the tyrannical rule of Elysium, which exploits the remaining riches in the blue planet through dictatorial rule and slavery, without sharing any benefit with those living below…

    Only concession is that internet services are allowed on Earth, unless they do not comply or try anytime to reach Elysium, then, internet is shut down, the air space closed, nobody is able to communicate with each other, nor is able to leave…

    This was a 2013 film…I bet today it does not sound so fantantic as then…

    • Sam says:

      Germany is a good example where the “Green New Deal” hasn’t worked out well for ordinary citizens. They are progressively shutting down their zero-emission nuclear just like California and substituting with unreliable solar and wind which has increased substantially the cost of electricity to consumers. Of course they’ll obfuscate the toxicity and the material extraction required for photovoltaic cell manufacture as well as the manufacturing of wind turbines.

      Notice also no media reporting on the next generation technology for nuclear electricity production which provides base load while consuming spent waste from earlier reactor technology.

  3. Hugh Midas says:

    Fully agree with Pat here…. The polity is packed fully with utterly corrupt and criminal buffoons, fully subservient to the KosherNostra of ZOGUSA for decades Neil this very day. Case in point, the governor of the central bank…. Now bankrupt

  4. Hugh Midas says:

    ** until this very day…

  5. Swerv21 says:

    Does anyone on this forum have a comment on the spectable of Victoria Nuland giving a press conference in Beirut today? Be interested to hear comments. Patrick Armstrong?

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