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This is now the New Dominion of the Democrats and Northam.  pl 

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  1. Fred says:

    “Collective memory is the toolshed, tomorrow’s ideologicalarsenal,from which political conceptsand sym- bols are selected,reinterpreted,and manipulatedboth by establishedgovernmentsandoppositiongroups”
    This is the left in action, erase the historical memory and replaced it with the 1619 Project .

  2. Deap says:

    Thank the teachers union dominated K-12 public education system for re-writing civics and US history. You know what they say about the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Modern translation is the Democrat demand for universal childcare and pre-school. Otherwise known as mandatory family separations.

  3. Jack says:

    This is just the beginning, IMO. Howe and Strauss wrote about the Fourth Turning.
    Anarchists and looters taking advantage of legitimate grievances. Who is paying them and organizing them?
    The media of course fanning the flames of discord while ignoring legitimate protests completely peaceful with thousands marching.
    Police and law enforcement authority undermined by the reckless behavior of some of them and their continuing militarization where SWAT responses inevitably lead to incidents of excessive force. Enforcing lockdown by arresting mothers taking their children to the park. Arresting folks taking a walk on the beach. The two tier justice system that bankrupted Flynn and incarcerated Archie Williams for 37 years for a crime he didn’t commit.
    Then we’ve had the two tier economy for decades where the bottom 80% have been falling steadily behind as their jobs have been shipped overseas. The symbiotic relationship between big government and big business that has concentrated market power across so many sectors. Massive bailouts for Wall St financial speculation and huge transfers of wealth through government interference on the side of the oligarchy.
    I have a sense of deja vu. I recall how legitimate grievances in the 60s for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam were hijacked by anti-national elements and how it all spun out of control with the excessive use of force.
    We are here because both political parties and the media and their intense propaganda have obscured the fact that the interests of the leadership of our political, governmental and corporate system have become predatory towards the bottom 80%. The justice system has become more blatantly corrupt. There can be no reforms as everything is only considered through partisan and “left-right” ideological lenses. Precisely the way those in power prefer so as to perpetuate their hold on the levers of power.

  4. Jack says:

    Does this have anything to do with legitimate grievances?
    Of course those in power want you to look at issues exclusively through racial, partisan and “ideological” prisms.

  5. Tidewater says:

    Colonel Lang,
    Looking again at the foundations of the charges in both the Arbery and the Floyd cases. I can’t help wondering what might happen if juries don’t convict. I commented, a moment ago, as it seems, that I had been struck by George Floyd’s demeanor right after he was walked back from the Mercedes after having put himself legally in the zone of resisting arrest, as the video taken from the car behind now proves. Even more interesting to me is the video taken from the CCTV camera very near to him as he crouches, waiting, which gives us a good look at his countenance for a few long minutes. It seems to be the look of real distress, of fear, his face is contorted into the Greek mask of tragedy. I thought, if genuine, this is strange, it needs explanation, for he is not in a dangerous situation and he has been in it before; if phony, though I did not say it, I knew enough to recognize that this could be the act of a prison- trained malingerer. The inmate who is in restraints, but who deliberately falls down, or who refuses to climb the stairs to an upper tier, or who simply stops on the stairs, leaves the guard escorting him with an infuriating problem. On death row they often use the stainless steel ‘dog leash’ which can be attached to the cuffs, and a frustrated enough guard on a short-handed shift could use it to slam a prisoner around.
    The arresting officers could think that he was simply malingering. He was making their day difficult. And it might have started that way. But now we know more. What George Floyd is reported to have said has caught my attention. Floyd told the arresting officers that he was “claustrophobic.” What in the world could he mean by that? And judging from his actions–he really did struggle hard to keep out of the police vehicle–I cannot help but wonder if he wasn’t beginning some sort of physiological episode that was terriying to him –something that might be compared to an impending epileptic attack.
    I think Floyd was using “claustrophobic” as a catchall descriptive
    term of the black community which might cover a number of psychiatric disabilities or problems. What he meant was that he was going into a PANIC ATTACK and he knew this because he had had them before. I have thought all along that we need both Arbery’s and Floyd’s medical and psychiatric reports. I think there will be a record of panic attacks in Floyd’s case. (I cannot help but wonder if Arbery was not, as they now say, ‘challenged.’)
    I was past fifty before I discovered the DSM3R after hearing some courtroom psychiatric testimony. This expensive volume is a real eye-opener. ‘Panic attack’ is a sleeper among the real bad boys like ‘psychosis’ or ‘paranoia’ or ‘schizophrenia’ which are all, of course, now basic words of the modern vocabulary. Why don’t you hear more about it? It’s not psychobabble. It’s real. I’ve seen it. What I suspect is that panic attacks are something that must kept secret. They are overwhelmingly humiliating. I have seen an epileptic attack. You know immediately what that is, and I have seen a man react quickly, putting something like a spoon in the victim’s mouth. It is over in a few minutes, though not the recovery. In the panic attack –which I only saw the tail end of– the victim can be wide-eyed, sweating, very pale, and perhaps saying something very odd about something threatening. Fear is obvious. But it is difficult to understand what his problem is. Why such fear? (When all around you people are keeping their heads, you are losing yours.) I am sure that there are those going through such an episode who have been ridiculed. The panic attack goes on for an hour or so, and then there is a kind of recovery. I suspect that the short term mental recovery takes days because of the humiliation of simply having beome a non-functioning adult. And the knowledge that it will happen again, sooner or later. There can be a lot of hidden anger if the person is not stable. To get his own back, criminals can take it out on someone else, often a woman.
    And one thing to note. The victim invariably has trouble breathing. The victim says the things that George Floyd was saying!
    What causes panic attacks? Life-long stress. Heart disease. Hyptertension. George Floyd had all of these. He may even have had asthma. Pepper spray could kill someone with asthma.
    Where I was going to begin. The camera does lie. What people think happened to George Floyd –suffocation caused by a knee to the side of the throat–that was not what killed George Floyd. It may be that, in the medical emergency that George Floyd was going into, the combination of the violent struggle and perhaps drugs like cocaine, the combinations of which exploding inside his body must have overwhelmed his cardiovascular system in some way that an autopsy has now already revealed–yes, his arrest could have played a part. But there was lawful cause to take him into custody.
    The videos from the street have made dupes of millions. I don’t think the MSM actually sees the reality, or wants to see the reality. The courts deal with reality to the best of their ability. What is coming is going to be very dangerous. If it becomes necessary to sacrifice a few police officers to the mob, then the police will know how–by the book–to kill the black man who even thinks about stepping over the line. I predict that a lot of black men are going to die in the coming weeks, months and years. And that will be acceptable to the majority of the American people.

  6. J says:

    ANTIFA is being declared a terrorist organization by the U.S. Government. Trump announced.
    “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” Trump wrote in a series of messages on Twitter blaming rioting during police brutality protests on Antifa and other “radical left” elements.

  7. John Credulous says:

    Simple blind/inarticulate rage/frustration, easily manipulated.

  8. turcopolier says:

    John Credulous
    I would leave the state but am too old to undertake the project.

  9. turcopolier says:

    IMO he is correct.

  10. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Very touching and empathic set of observations.
    George Bernanos very likely would have agreed with your tone as well as in your commentary.
    Ultimately, a poor soul was wrongfully killed at the hands of the Law.
    No one will come out unscathed.

  11. Deap says:

    Since Mesopotamia, civilizations have always been stratified. South America and the Indus Valley, same thing.
    13,000 year history of local peoples (who came from somewhere else) in my own area also had very similar stratifications.
    Typically they fall into a hereditary ruling class, priests and shamans, artisans, yoeman worker bees and yes, even indolent slackers. Using other conquered persons as slaves was also a historic given. And they all rose and fell, given enough time with internal rot combined with external events.
    Life in fact in America today, has never been better when taking the long view of history. Our social mobility is extraordinary. As wave after wave of immigrants prove every time. The ultimate privilege every single American shares today is the prized possession of a US passport.

  12. Laura Wilson says:

    Deap, pleases don’t blame the teachers unions. Students used to have 1 year of civics in high school in California but now it is one semester of civics and one semester of economics. It was the parents and business community that thought money was more important than citizenship. The school boards are totally responsive them NOT the teachers.

  13. Jack says:

    Sundance at the Conservative Tree House asks some interesting questions. There’s more to the death of George Floyd than it appears. Can we trust anything that comes out of law enforcement and intelligence knowing what we know about the attempted coup and Iraq WMD and the Saudi role in 9/11?

    Could the way Chauvin, and the responders writ large, interacted with George Floyd have been an outcropping of concern that Lloyd was putting the ENR operation at risk?
    Does that explain why everyone seems casual, even the responding EMT’s?
    Could the national security angle explain why no prior charges against Chauvin in a 2006 shooting were ever sought?
    One thing is clear, as attested by Benjamin Crump, Derek Chauvin and George Floyd knew each-other; this was not some random street incident. Arguably, every single person in/around law enforcement and EMT response that day knew each-other.

  14. J says:

    Trump IMO also needs to declare George Soros’s Open Society Organization a Terrorist Organization.

  15. BillWade says:

    Tidewater, Another video has surfaced showing that the deceased was in the police car and struggling with two cops, one on either side of him and halfway in the car. They pulled him out and got him on the ground then. Perhaps the cops realized then he was mentally a mess and called the paramedics? Your theory about panic attacks makes sense to me but I would think if one was prone to them one would steer clear of dicey situations. The Asian cop is the brother-in-law of Chauvin, he’s of Laotion Hmong descent as is Chauvin’s soon to be ex-wife. And, the deceased does know how to act, he used to star in porn films. He’s also a convicted felon from Texas.
    I’d like to see Umbrella Man found and questioned, he could probably provide a lot of useful information. A rumor going around is that his ex-wife recognized him and said he’s a St. Paul cop and “a real piece of work”.
    Please, let’s get this lock down over with asap.

  16. Eric Newhill says:

    What a tragedy. I’m sorry that after all you have done for the country, that you have to see it come to this at a time when you should be enjoying seeing the fruits of your efforts and reflecting upon them. That, of course, applies to many others as well.
    My maternal grandfather, Durward Jackson Ball, a Tidewater Virginian to the marrow (Weems) warned us in his final days (my cousin, my brother and myself) what would happen if certain people ever achieved power. I didn’t really understand at the timed even resisted his thinking a bit. He was right, though.
    For whatever value it may have;
    “F**k 12” = F**k the police narcotics units
    ACAB = all cops are bastards
    These people aren’t merely political, they’re more like rabid wild animals.

  17. ancientarcher says:

    It is not enough to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organisation. There have been reports (and pictures) of pallets of bricks in sites across multiple cities where rioters subsequently used it to attack buildings and police. Who has been delivering the bricks? And who has been the funder of these people?
    I will not be surprised to learn of ANTIFA involvement. These instigators of violence should be jailed immediately.

  18. walrus says:

    I think you have raised an important medical issue that requires serious study. American blacks seem to behave in a suicidal manner when confronted by white Police. How else can one explain how they are two and a half times more likely to be (regretfully) terminated compared to the white population? It is obviously a question of genetics because it couldn’t have anything to do with environmental factors.They seem to behave like lemmings.

  19. jerseycityjoan says:

    I don’t think you are grasping what is going on. I don’t think many people are opposed to good parents staying at home with their children if they want.
    But the truth is that we have way too many women having kids they can’t really can’t afford. The dad is not there or marginal. They don’t make nearly enough money. Their kids rely on two meals a day at school. One third of families have a problem keeping enough diapers in the house. Many kids arrive at kindergarten not ready — they don’t know their colors, etc. And many get childcare from people not up to the job of giving it to them.
    As I see it these are all good reasons to have early childhood programs. They are an attempt to rescue small kids who need rescued. I support that.
    You could say we should take more honest and direct ways to deal with these problems but nobody seems to want to do that.

  20. anon says:

    Social media has come of age as these riots have proved.Mobile phones,cameras are weapons,and the established power centres are losing there grip on the narrative.When the riots spread from black protests to young whites it is a sure sign that the transformation slated for 2020 has begun.The spread to Europe is next.

  21. Diana Croissant says:

    I must agree with Deap above who puts lots of the blame on the teachers’ unions.
    But, I would suggest that the original blame needs to be put on the college and university sociology, political science, and history, and education departments which then changed the education departments. Many of the English departments also can be blamed as Marxists and Feminists began to teach literature according to their crazy philosophies. They are the ones who influenced the new generation of teachers, who had never had a good education in American History in the first place or in the many eras of Western civilization.
    Coaches took over social studies and history departments. They had little interest in actually teaching history and had never had good classes in history. They show movies so they can free their time to plan games since history teachers and “social studies” teachers are the ones who are expected to coach.
    It’s only in the home school programs and charter school programs that sprang up after “A Nation at Risk” when well-informed parents were in charge and made sure their kids would learn history.
    Then, consider who is considered a top education professor in the country: Bill Ayers.
    People need to quit blaming the Christian parents who home school or send their children to private or charter schools. Christians, in my opinion, are the largest group of people who defend our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution because both those documents clearly make it clear humans derive their rights from God.
    Before I retired from teaching, some of my high school students laughingly accused me of teaching Christianity. They didn’t say that in anger. They appreciated it. I had to teach the Bible to teach our great literature from past ages since almost all our great literature deals with the Bible and its principles and its marvelous stories.
    The first edition of the King James Bible began the Sunday School movement. Children were taught to read so they could read that translation. That Sunday school movement, which attracted adults as well as children, then spurred the public school movement.
    Just try to teach a Shakespeare tragedy without dealing with Biblical allusions.
    Understanding history or literature in the Western World means understanding the Bible’s influence on it.
    When I gave that information–the Biblical and Christian influence on events in history and important passages of Western literature, I never once had a parent complain or a student complain.
    Younger teachers simply now no longer know the Bible or the actual history of the literature they are supposed to teach.

  22. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,
    I live in the Rockies. It’s a time machine in some ways, it feels like America twenty or thirty years ago.
    But I understand.
    – Eliot

  23. turcopolier says:

    The designation of antifa “and similar groups” will immediately cause the 50 odd joint CT centers in the US to go to town on them Soros may decide to leave the US

  24. Fred says:

    The left has been trying to destroy the family for decades, this is the result. Government is the father; government provides the incentive to not be married, to get divordced, and even to have an abortion. This is yet another generation learning to be helpless, blame the political opponents of the left, and the very foundation of the Republic. None of these women apparently have agency to do anything other than be a victim.

  25. Booby Hatch says:

    Follow the money!

  26. Fred says:

    Are you trolling us here? Genetics? People in this country have agency. The left has been teaching helplessness victimhood for a couple generations. Minneapolis has been run by same political party for decades; the police department has been reformed multiple times and has is currently run by a man born and raised in the city and who is both a 20+ year veteran of the force and black.
    Thanks for linking to the group run by DeRay McKesson. I was wondering where the “former Senior Director of Human Capital with Minneapolis Public Schools” had gotten off too. Don’t investigate the statistics that result from all his efforts, it might “violate the narrative” as the wrong people like to say.

  27. Jim S says:

    That site contradicts itself. Near the top it states that 24% of those killed in 2019 were black, and the graph below it states that black people were 3x more likely to be killed by white people. To avoid pedantry and cut to the chase, that site seems to mislead deliberately by not fully explaining its graphs.
    When I looked at this issue 4-5 years ago, the statistics I found showed police killing more white people than black people on an average year. Last year, Dallas cops killed a white man by restraining him in a similar fashion as Mr Floyd (longarcher from yesterday will have seen this). For anyone that didn’t know that (I didn’t until two days ago), it’s worth asking why you didn’t know.
    I feel the below site is more neutral. It also links to relevant news stories for each death.
    I think it’s high time we see the bodycam footage from this incident. Was it destroyed with 3rd Precinct, or did the MN AG/DOJ/BI do their jobs and make backups?

  28. Eliot says:

    I think it’s their honor culture, and poverty. Poverty makes conflict more likely, and when pressed, they can’t back down without losing face.
    The police are actually slower and less likely to shoot Black suspects, than members of other races.
    – Eliot

  29. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,
    “Soros may decide to leave the US”
    I don’t understand Soros, what drives him?
    – Eliot

  30. Jim S says:

    I’m wrong about the graph methodology, and I retract.

  31. J says:

    Every funder, organizer, and organizing group for these socialist “protesters” are criminally liable for conspiracy under RICO

  32. turcopolier says:

    My present working theory about S is that he blames western civilization for his employment as a child collaborator with the Nazi occupation of Budapest. His father was a collaborator. He used little George as a courier to carry deportation notices to Jews on behalf of the Germans. He appears to blame the very fabric of civilization itself for the ghastly wound inflicted on his psyche.


    Col. Lang:
    In my opinion, Sorors is not completely wrong in his estimation that Shoah was a result of the late developments in Western Civilization after the Enlightenment project succeeded in declaring God to be Dead.
    Once the sanctions offered by Religion is removed from actions of Man, all things would become possible.
    My friends have told me that I see things as Black and White and am not good at nuance. Nevertheless, I will plunge ahead.
    I noticed the obsession with Jews among Western European thinkers and intellectuals around the turn of the last century. I always found it odd; why could they not leave the Jews alone – who only wished to practice their ancient religion?
    Yes, Eastern European Jews constituted the largest number of the murdered, but the ideas and the political initiative to realize those ideas came from the Western Diocletian states.
    Heinrich Heine wrote:
    “A drama will be enacted in Germany, compared to which the French Revolution will seem like a harmless idyll. Christianity constrained the martial ardor of the Germans for a while, but it did not destroy it; once the restraining talisman is shattered, savagery will rise again….the mad fury of the berserk, of which Nordic poets sings and speak…the old stony gods will rise from the rubble and rub the thousand-year-old dust from their eyes. Thor with the giant hammer come forth and smash the Gothic domes…”
    I would also argue that without Reformation, Shoah would not have taken place.
    If Soros wanted to help, he ought to have tried to strengthen organized religions of this world – but then that would be a heresy against Godless Modernity.

  34. Barbara Ann says:

    Heine was a prophetic fellow. Isaiah Berlin quotes him in his treatment of Ficht in Freedom and its Betrayal when describing the result of the unhinging of morality from objective criteria which began with Kant’s categorical imperative:

    “Kantians will appear, who in the world of mere phenomena hold nothing sacred and ruthlessly with sword and axe will hack through the foundations of our European life, and pull up the past by its last remaining roots.”

    He summed up the Pandora’s box opened by Rousseau pretty well too:

    “Maximilien Robespierre was nothing but the hand of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the bloodstained hand that drew from the womb of time the body whose soul Rousseau had created..”

    Berlin also quotes part of Heine’s dire warning that you cited; of Germanic barbarism held in check only by Christianity. Of course the fact that this is all from a lecture given a mere 7 years after the war by a Jew should be borne in mind.


    Barbara Ann
    Thank you.

  36. Tidewater says:

    Thanks for bringing the Conservative Tree House article by Sundance to my attention. I do read this blog from time to time. It’s very interesting about the whole background issue of counterfeiting. And I do not know a thing about Minnesota. My problem with Sundance’s theory is that I simply don’t believe that George Floyd was OK with the arrest until the moment that he got to the police vehicle. Which is key to the theory. He was freaking out from the moment the police approached his Mercedes. We have that on video.
    To me, he seemed wasted. Drugs? Alcohol?
    Could he have been so desperate for cash given the loss of his salary due to the virus shutdown that he tried to pass a counterfeit bill that he had held on to only as a curiosity?
    Does Canadian organized crime play a part in Minnesota counterfeiting operations?
    I am also very curious as to what exactly killed him. He said he hurt all over, didn’t he? The autopsy might tell us that no matter what position he was in, or how he was being restrained, he was dying. Could he have suffered some sort of aneurysm?
    I guess I had better wait and hear the evidence…

  37. Eric Newhill says:

    Re; suicidal blacks and white cops;
    Maybe you didn’t notice that of the four cops involved in Floyd’s death, one is white, one is Asian, one is Hispanic and one is black.
    Perhaps your unbiased media didn’t share that aspect of the story.
    Tell me again how this is about racist cops killing the target of their bigotry.

  38. blum says:

    Isaiah Berlin quotes him in his treatment of Ficht in Freedom and its Betrayal
    That must be Fichte.

  39. Barbara Ann says:

    Quite correct, thanks for the correction.

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