The plot thickens as Trump files a legal action for more detail and an outside review of material seized from his home

By Robert Willmann

On Monday, 22 August 2022, Donald Trump filed a new legal case in federal district court in the West Palm Beach Division of the Southern District of Florida. Modestly entitled “Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief”, the document addresses the search of his residence on 8 August by the FBI, and asks for a court order that “appoints a Special Master, enjoins further review of seized materials by the Government until a Special Master is appointed, requires the Government to provide a more detailed Receipt for Property, and requires the Government to return any item seized that was not within the scope of the Search Warrant”.

This lawsuit is a kind of hybrid legal action based on Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41(g) [motion to return property], Rule of Civil Procedure 53(a)(1)(B) [appointment of a special master], and a court’s “equitable powers and authority” [1]. Although it concerns a search warrant and its execution, which is part of criminal procedure, there has been no criminal charge filed and there has not been an arrest.

There is a little bit of accidental humor in the court clerk’s docket sheet, which is to name the federal trial court judge randomly assigned to the case, and to state the fact that a magistrate can hear some proceedings in the matter if the parties agree. But in this instance it says–

“08/22/2022, [docket entry] 2, Clerks Notice of Judge Assignment to Judge Aileen M. Cannon. Pursuant to 28 USC 636(c), the parties are hereby notified that the U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart is available to handle any or all proceedings in this case. If agreed, parties should complete and file the Consent form found on our website. It is not necessary to file a document indicating lack of consent….”

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12 Responses to The plot thickens as Trump files a legal action for more detail and an outside review of material seized from his home

  1. Sam says:

    All doubts about DeSantis ’24 should be put to rest. As CTH has noted since August 8th [SEE HERE], the professional political managing of Ron DeSantis for a presidential run has become increasingly clear.

    The GOPe club are targeting MAGA voters by providing a manufactured and managed alternative to Donald Trump. That’s why you feel a little cringy when you watch the ad. The inauthentic nature transmits within the implied message.

    It appears that we could have an interesting presidential primary season. Trump vs DeSantis. It also appears that there is a serious attempt to disbar Trump from running for the Republican nomination.

    • Deap says:

      Should Trump be criminally punished and sent into permanent political exile for expanding Schedule F – the list of government employees who can be terminated at will by any new President?

      When will we finally learn why Obama spied on Trump in 206?

      • Al says:

        Obviously Dumbbar can’t find out!

        • Deap says:

          Durham is finding out. The only one who is actually looking for the answers, and not leaking like a cheap sieve Lessons learned: it is virtually impossible to hold any government employees to any accountability.

          • Al says:

            Yep, Biden’s DOJ could shut Dumbbar down tomorrow with full justification due to length of investigation and only very minor findings.

            Why is DOJ so willing to allow this bogus investigation to continue? Answer: they well know there’s nothing there!

          • Deap says:

            “Durham is running a bogus investigation with no findings.” Where do you get your stuff, Al? Probably not good politics for Biden to shut this down tomorrow, right before midterm elections. Let’s first see what extra protections Durham was offered as a Special Counsel by former AG Barr.

            It is frustrating when dealing with professionally slippery witnesses, I’ll grant you that, But much has been exposed, so just wait it out because it is not a useless investigation at all. Plus we still need to learn why Obama spied on Trump in 2016.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Military recruiting goals missed by a longshot, 401Ks being gutted, persistent inflation, layoffs, Russia finding a slow grinding mojo that can’t be stopped but here we are sacking a former President’s home, attacking Americans who who love the Constitution, freedom and the rule of law.

    If we don’t make a hard pivot out of this mess in November the welfare state is going to find out their voting habits will make their lives worse they could have ever imagined. I still have hope but it does not look good at all.

  3. Whitewall says:

    Democrats and their Republican Swamp buddies are very afraid of something and it must go beyond “Orange Man Bad”. This raid on Trump’s home is very Cold War ‘USSRish’.

    • Deap says:

      WSJ has an article today about recently deposed Prime Minister Imran Kahn, who is facing not too dissimilar charges in Pakistan.

      The parallels between Biden’s America and Pakistan today and yesterday are troubling. Primarily the ability to criminalize political opposition as insurrection, which includes government censorship and banishment.

      Will we ever learn if the Biden crime family influence peddling schemes were any worse than charges against Pakistan’s former soccer hero and former husband of the daughter of a major UK media mogul?

      • Whitewall says:

        The world’s totalitarians and oligarchs are proving to be an incestuous bunch. It was only a matter of time before ‘our democracy’ was ruled by them. What’s next, Russian style poisonings?

  4. William says:

    So the real issue here is what are the “core secrets” of the USG. I remind readers of General Haim Eshed, who on 12/10/2020 said that President Trump was aware of a “Galactic Federation” and that the U.S. and Israel have been dealing with aliens for years and that there is a shared base on Mars. See:

    One wonders whether any of the documents at issue might relate to General Eshed’s statements. President Trump might be thought to be the kind of person to keep copies of such documents in more than one location, if that were the case.

    • Bill Roche says:

      William I have it from reliable sources that the inter planetary base is on Pluto and that is why Pluto is no longer discussed. Israel has transported the Arc of the Covenant there for safe keeping from Iran. This will all come out BTB.

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