The Republicans prepare for “Opposition” status (and Trump with them)


Consider all this to be an analytic opinion.

1.  The roll out of the Republican insurgent operation for objection to the Electoral College vote on the 6th is indicative of where the party is going.  

Mitch McConnell and the party apparatchiks in congress may think that they will be able to do business with Biden/Harris and their handlers but the the 74 million citizens who voted against the Democrats do not agree.

In this context the 5 January runoffs in Georgia are largely irrelevant.  The Republicans and those who vote with them will be in Opposition no matter who runs the US Senate.

The objecting members of congress know that they cannot succeed in obtaining supporting majorities in both houses of congress in support of their objections.  When pressed they said this on the Sunday morning TeeVee newsies today.  No.  What they are doing is establishing a baseline of political opposition to the results of the 2020 election.  Along this baseline they will insist that Biden/Harris are not legitimately elected and are in fact usurpers against whom any means of resistance is justified.  This closely mirrors Democrat propaganda and tactics throughout the Trump presidency.

People who think that resistance by the Smellies (Deplorables) to Democrat/Marxist rule will disappear as a result of Trump's defeat are deceiving themselves.  It will not.  In this move we see consolidation of Smelly resistance.

2.  When the 6 January rebellion in the congress fails, Trump will be faced by a personal need to maintain himself as party (and Smelly) leader.  One possible course of action would be to start a war against a country so demonized by the media and his own administration that the most recent verbal threats by that country can be said to be a causus belli.   The most obvious target would be Iran, closely followed in order of probability by Syria.

The president/CinC has broad and legal effective powers to wage war against an imminent national threat on a short term basis as opposed to limitations on those powers under the War Powers Act.  He/she has the ability to wage war for 30 days before congress can effectively stop a war.  

Under the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986, the military chain of command runs from POTUS to SECDEF to the Combatant Commanders.  Under the same law, the JCS (including the Chairman) and the whole Joint Staff in the Pentagon are merely advisers and planners operating in support of POTUS and SECDEF.  Trump now has the SECDEF he wants and nothing stands between him and the ability to legally launch an air and naval war in the ME.  The small US forces in Iraq and Syria would be greatly endangered by such a move, but …  In the context of possible action against Iran, the withdrawal of the Nimitz battle group from the Gulf should not be seen as necessarily being a signal of declining US-Iranian tensions.  Perhaps the withdrawal has been long scheduled but elbow room in the Arabian Sea would be needed in a shooting war.

Biden/Harris would be left to deal with the situation.  Trump might face civil or criminal action in the aftermath, but a long, drawn out legal battle with all the opportunity this would present for publicity might suit him well.

Would the Combatant Commanders refuse legal orders to attack?  I doubt that would happen.  pl

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  1. srw says:

    That’s a damn scary scenario! Let’s hope it doesn’t come true but he doesn’t much care to follow advice from his henchmen.

  2. Fred says:

    Why would a foreign war against any country be in the interests of Trump and the ‘deplorables’? What does it gain him?
    “Trump might face civil or criminal action in the aftermath…”
    He and his supporters are already being promised civil and criminal action by the Biden people.

  3. Deap says:

    Consider finishing off the egg nog in the back of the refrigerator and then go to bed. No need to go to battle when the other side is already losing.
    Her imperious highness VP “Elect” Kamala Harris is fingernails on a blackboard. There is no hiding her any longer. We can be the loyal opposition and still color within the lines. See everyone in 2022 – the list of Democrat crimes, both venal and against humanity, will be long and hard to ignore.
    Support election accountability groups and those who continue to at least make dents into deep state stone-walling like Judicial Watch. And by all means sign up to be a local election observer in 2022. And get rid of the teacher union members off your local school boards.

  4. Deap says:

    Support the Freedom Foundation and strike at the belly of the beast.
    Freedom Foundation works to help public sector union members”opt out” of their previously forced union memberships.
    Mandating union membership for any government employment is now illegal after the landmark SCOTUS (Janus vv AFSCME) Yet, the unions use all sorts of tricks to hang on tight to those now ‘voluntary” union memberships.
    Starve public sector unions at the ballot box and stop voting for new taxes or bond issues. There is plenty of good work to do between now and 2022. Support those who are doing this work on our behalf.
    Freedom Foundation works closely with YAF – Young America Foundation and the Ronald Reagan legacy. Support a conservative student club at your local colleges, including community colleges. Lead at the grassroots level, if we no longer own the national spotlight.

  5. Srw says:

    The part where he might start a war.

  6. turcopolier says:

    I say to you the same thing I told “Alexandria,” You are not seeing this on the same passions from the deep” basis that I am. The Iranian and US governments now see this as war against the devil. This is much the same basis as that on which we invaded Iraq.

  7. Fred says:

    Then God help us as the only thing preventing such a catastrophe is Trump.

  8. turcopolier says:

    yes, but his air forces and navies are not phantoms. pl

  9. TonyL says:

    “Trump now has the SECDEF he wants and nothing stands between him and the ability to legally launch an air and naval war in the ME.”
    In the event that this scenario is getting more likely, we will need Russia to step in early enough to save the world from ruin. It could potentially be the start of WW III.

  10. JohninMK says:

    The CVN-68 carrier group, according the Stratfor, is now off the Horn of Africa, so well out out harms way in the Gulf.
    This is an all or nothing situation for Trump. If he does lose office then he will not be left alone like other past Presidents as, given his support base, he represents an existential threat to both sides of the isle’s, honed to perfection over decades, power structures.
    The Dems number 1 priority must be to try to marginalise him as a threat, probably by unpardonable State level legal action out of SDNY. Whether that would succeed or just turn him into a martyr is perhaps a moot point.
    I don’t see how starting a war will help Trump, it might ‘poison the well’ on the way out but he needs short term action in the US to win. That seems to be either Pense scrapping the disputed states’ votes or blackmail by threatening the release of highly damaging private information. He certainly seems to have put EOs in place to support existing Laws to do this. We will see if he has the nerve to go for broke.
    The key result of forcing a vote in Congress is that it should expose who votes for who, a situation that McConnell really wanted to avoid as the last thing he wanted was to expose his supporters, who could well not vote for Trump, to primering in 2022.

  11. optimax says:

    Trump would lose the support of deplorables by starting a war. The reason many voted for him was because he ran on not starting new wars and withdrawing from the ME. Of course that would change if Iran did something stupid and killed Americans in retribution to our killing of Salami, as they have vowed.

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    Colonel Lang
    I hear your argument and wholeheartedly agree that the Ziocons’ would undoubtedly seek to manipulate a fearful, angry and frustrated DJT into a last act of nihilistic defiance. I would, however, question the “unstable” premise.
    The Raffensperger call extracts in Bezos’ blog can sure be read as analogous to an mob boss leaning someone. Being recorded doing this would sure be a sign of a mistake brought on by instability – or of a highly effective entrapment. In this reading Trump is giving Raffensperger the rope to hang himself, “I just want to find 11,780 votes” was the bait that couldn’t be resisted.
    I think it is important to put this call in the context of the recent live hacking demo by Jovan Pulitzer in front of the GA Senate and the article below. The article is technical, but the key point is “GA SoS Raffensperger posted what is essentially a guide to hack Dominion, ES&S, and Smartmatic voting systems during the summer of 2019, one year ahead of the 2020 elections”.
    I am convinced that Trump has the goods on the Dominion foreign ‘adjudication’ from the NSA – the wholesale fraud. In this light, the call sounds very like an sting op. that Raffensperger fell for hook line and sinker. When he is exposed Trump will even be able to point to WaPo’s recording of him incriminating himself.
    If EO 13848 is the Kraken and is about to be released, as I suspect, it should once and for all demonstrate that DJT is not only stable, but in his own immortal words a Very Stable Genius.

  13. TonyL says:

    “Then God help us as the only thing preventing such a catastrophe is Trump.”
    The only thing preventing such a catastrophe is the person who would be the only one could cause such catastrophe?

  14. Bobo says:

    As a Smellie I do want the record to reflect that I shower at least once per day and most if not all Smellies shower much more frequently than them Liberals.
    Now the head Smellie got there from being an astute judge of circumstances, directions and outcomes thus turning 180 degrees today is completely out of character especially since the perceived gain is minimal.
    The real concern is how quickly will Crooked Joe & Bed Thumpin Kamala get put into the decision making corner as purported above.
    God Help the USA

  15. Seamus Padraig says:

    That would seriously undermine Trump’s legacy. After all, the fact that he didn’t start any new wars WAS his legacy.

  16. turcopolier says:

    Seamus Padraig
    Well, we will see if he can control himself.

  17. turcopolier says:

    I have tried endlessly to teach you all the difference between analysis and advocacy and some of you still don’t get it or pretend not to get it.

  18. turcopolier says:

    Tony L
    No. No. You lefties may have driven him mad. What a smart thing to do to a man with his hands on the nuclear trigger! What a smart thing!

  19. turcopolier says:

    Tony L
    And what, precisely, do you think Russia could do to stop him once he issued the order? What exactly?

  20. Leith says:

    Analysis can sometimes be slanted in order to champion, or advocate for, a particular course of action. I would hope the president is stable enough to reject this one.
    It would of course benefit Bibi Nutsandyahoo. So Trump may go for it. But I for one pray he does not.
    It would not hurt Biden as he would have SecDef Austin shut it down immedi8ately on assuming office.

  21. TonyL says:

    I don’t think Russia can do any thing after Trump issued the order. What I meant was “step in early” enough to persuade Trump not to listen to the neocons/Zionists and pull the trigger. Putin could do this if their intelligence assessment predicts that the attack is imminent.
    And for what it’s worth, I did not like what the Democrats did with Russiagate and the impeachment. In the same way I did not like what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton.

  22. turcopolier says:

    Analysis that is deliberately slanted is not analysis.

  23. eakens says:

    Somebody read this post. The Nimitz is now turning around and heading back to the ME.

  24. Phillip e Cattar says:

    Leith………..Once a war or “bar brawl” starts it cannot usually just be shut down.

  25. Deap says:

    Raffsburger: There was no WIDESPREAD election fraud.
    Trump: I just want to find 11,780 votes.
    Deap: So do I.

  26. Barbara Ann says:

    “Veritas has had an team of undercover agents in Georgia for months.
    1st video release tomorrow morning…
    Stay tuned! Sleep tight! CC @ReverendWarnock”

  27. turcopolier says:

    I’ll bet they don’t go back through Hormuz?

  28. turcopolier says:

    Tony L
    Step in early and do what? you think Russia is going to threaten nuclear war against the US?

  29. Deap says:

    Was the “leaked” Georgia SOS call just a false flag today, while the real action is going on in the Straights of Hormuz, eakens?

  30. TonyL says:

    If I were Putin, I would not threaten nuclear war at all (very unlikely Russia would do such a thing). We knew President Trump wants a good relation between US and Russia (he tried to do that and failed because the Democrats did not let him). Putin would be the person who could persuade Trump to really consider the unpredictable fallouts from the air and naval attack on Iran. For exampe, Iran could launch an all out missiles attack at Tel Avi and other oil installations in the Gulf (Iran have made clear that will be the response in the event that they feel their survival is at stake).

  31. eakens says:

    You are probably right. Which is probably a bigger cause for concern than it actually sailing into the Persian Gulf.

  32. different clue says:

    If President Trump wants to make things long-term difficult for the Democratic Party power structure on his way out of office, I can think of what might be a better way to do that than to start an irreversible un-recallable hot shooting war with Iran. And that would be to pardon Julian Assange for any and all possible Federal Offences that anyone might imagine accusing Assange of.
    Why would I suggest that? Because of the possibility that the various Democrat-and-Clinton-related emails that he received came from an inside leaker rather than an outside hacker. And if Assange were totally pardoned, he might possibly feel free to finally say whether the emails were leaked or not. And if so, whether they were leaked by Seth Rich or not.
    If Assange were pardoned, he would be free to rest and recover from his current health-and-life attriting ordeal . . . and then go into self-protective hiding against the risk of certain scared and angry people trying to find him. Once he felt healthy enough and safe enough to really think and feel, he MIGHT feel some genuine gratitude towards the man who set him free. And that gratitude might motivate him to do something to hurt President Trump’s enemies and persecutors.
    And even if Assange’s mind is a little too “computer-like” to be able to feel and act upon a human emotion like gratitude, he may still be just human enough to feel a cold icy hatred towards the Clintocrats who may be involved in his pain. And he might decide to reveal the leaker ( if there was one) to get revenge on all those Clintocrats.
    If that makes any sense, perhaps someone reading this might be able to suggest it to someone who could suggest it to President Trump, in case it might be a way for him to maintain his kept-us-out-of-new-wars legacy and yet still get very serious long-term revenge on the Clintocrats.

  33. Penny Stone says:

    Revelation 13:1
    “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.”

  34. Yeah, Right says:

    Why is it always assumed that this will be “an air and naval war in the ME”?
    I understand that this is how the USA would want such a war to be conducted. Sure. But the other side does get a say on such matters.
    What if Trump starts his air and naval war and the Iranians say “Oh, OK. Air and sea, you say? We don’t mean to disappoint you, but we prefer a ground war, hope you don’t mind.”

  35. J.Joe says:

    Not everyone behaves like one of the swamp. Your assumption that everyone does leads your analysis astray.

  36. ex PFC Chuck says:

    Although the situation has its dangers I don’t believe it’s dire in the short term, nor do I believe the “Opposition” will be all that opposed. However the long term prognosis continues to get ever more ominous unless the USA makes fundamental change of course in both domestic and foreign policy. But I’m out here in Flyoverland far from the Beltway whisperers so what do I know? I must confess that some of what I throw out here are not based on hard evidence, but I’m not aware of evidence that contradicts them either. They are instead plausible inferences based on the observed behavior of the players involved.
    The Borg (i.e. “Deep State”) consists of elements in both the private and government sectors, and the most influential actors in each are Wall Street and the CIA respectively. Furthermore these two have been joined at the hip since before the latter’s creation in 1947. When early 20th century presidents needed general information from a broader perspective than what was available from the more narrowly focused info than what was produced by the intelligence bureaus of the State, Army and Navy Departments they would get in touch with their contacts on Wall Street. When its deeply connected lawyer Bill Donovan stood up the OSS in 1942 he drew heavily for staff from that same community as well as the law firms that serviced it, and many of those people went on to become founding employees and perhaps also assets of the CIA.
    Three facts about Wall Street are pertinent to the present situation. First, as Willie Sutton allegedly remarked when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is.” Substantial quantities of that money find their way into the campaign coffers of candidates and campaign committees of the establishments of both parties, much of it by way of bundled contributions in which the traders and other producers on the Street are “encouraged” to participate. Since Bill Clinton concluded the negotiations that had been between the DNC and Wall Street for decades, for all practical purposes the establishments of both major parties are now tools of the financial sector. Instead of political parties, we now have two coalitions of stenographers who fight over the front row seats for taking dictation.
    Second, the financial sector has a consensus on long term objectives, and the one that is pertinent here is to preserve the US Dollar as the world wide reserve currency. This, I believe (but with no hard evidence), is what’s driving the USA’s increasingly aggressive and intrusive foreign policy. However it’s proving counterproductive because it’s pushing our most formidable military and commercial competitors, Russia and China respectively, into each other’s arms. Not only is this making the world a more dangerous place, but it’s also ironic because had not Wall Street been so greedy the status quo could have continued for decades. Now it probably won’t. Finally, speaking of greed, for the Street the prospect of near-term bonanzas from time to time trumps its focus on its long term goals, and the forthcoming foreclosure fest has them positively drooling. The last thing they want is a hot conflict that risks stalling off into an uncertain future a feast on the misfortune of others that will approach and perhaps exceed a trillion dollars. You can count on Wall Street and their allies in the CIA to dump sand in every gear they can reach to prevent the situation from going over the edge. And as whistle blower Fletcher Prouty revealed late in his life, the Agency has had covert cells throughout the government since the 1950s. He would have known; he set them up.
    As for the Republican’s “Opposition,” a while back I captured a graphic off the internet entitled “The Republocrat Party Venn Diagram.” (Unfortunately I can’t now find the URL.) In the common area of its two overlapping circles it lists the multitude of issues on which the two parties agree, and elsewhere in each circle are lists of the handful of issues on which they differ. Thus much of the “conflict” we see between the two parties is political kayfabe intended to distract the parties’ faithful from the policies they jointly support. They have to do this because the overall impact of those policies are what has eviscerated our formerly industrial capitalist system and replaced it with a financial capitalism that benefits only those who are already well off. Trickle down has become deluge up.
    The most recent instances of the kayfabe took place just these past few weeks. For months Wall Street had been vetoing any additional stimulus beyond last spring’s CARES bill, but as hardships accumulated and the pandemic resurged they grudgingly acquiesced. $1,200 was floated initially but the Street’s long-time primary ally, the Republicans in the person of Mitch McConnell, refused to go beyond $600. After not much token resistance the Democrats caved, no doubt resulting from “suggestions” from their donors on the Street. Then President Trump threw his $2,000 curve ball. The Street and therefore McConnell held firm, again, and after some more theater and hand-wringing the Democrats caved, again. Can’t do anything that might put off that foreclosure fest now can we?
    As for the ominous longer term future in lieu of a fundamental course change, I suggest this recent interview of economist and economic historian Michael Hudson. The link below has both the video and the transcript. After the introduction by people from the organizations sponsoring the event Hudson is interviewed by journalist Pepe Escobar. It’s a master class by Hudson discussing how the US economy degeneration of America’s political economy and the obstacles that will prevent a turnaround within the existing neoliberal paradigm. He also draws from his decade of work as the spearhead of the International Scholars Conference on Ancient Near East Economies to show why, when the financial sector of a society escapes the chains on its predatory instincts, it’s a kiss of death unless it is somehow reined in again. It’s baked in by the math of compound interest. Ancient near eastern societies addressed this issue with periodic debt jubilees. We desperately need one here in the USA.

  37. DrP says:

    Barbara Ann, all fraud claims always have to reduce to first order physical evidence—the sort accepted by courts—and so, in this case, allegations must reduce to specific tranches of bar-coded paper ballots in specific precincts in specific states.
    Because of the scale of the alleged fraud, if the claims are true, there must exist fifty to over one hundred thousand fraudulent ballots, bagged among legal ballots in indexed tranches (that were fed through scanners) and available to investigators at both federal and state levels. Paper ballots are barcoded to refer to voter registration records.
    Georgia recounted every paper ballot by hand.
    Access the court documents for the 60+ cases here:

  38. turcopolier says:

    Yeah, right
    How do they bring their ground forces to our door? They can bring an assassinations team here but that is about all. How do they bring their ground forces to Israel’s door across all that barren, open desert?

  39. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – is it not the case that all that’s happened so far with this stolen election is that Trump is establishing past doubt who truly supports him in the Republican party and who doesn’t?
    He is also establishing a legacy story and very powerful it is. Trump 2024 won’t be as conciliatory to his opposition as he was in 2016. He knows now that doesn’t work.
    Trump represents forces that the status quo crowd in the West really don’t like. They call those forces “populist” when they’re in a good mood and anything from nationalist to racist to neo-Nazi when they’re not. They need that man gone.
    The demolition work done so far on Trump will therefore continue. It could well extend to his business affairs. He could be vulnerable there. Any top end real estate dealer getting his loans withdrawn in the middle of Covid could be vulnerable.
    He’ll be fighting off all that and more after leaving office just as much as he’s had to before. Maybe more. And the sighs of relief all over Europe that that dreadful man has gone – we do a good line in TDS over here too – indicate that if our various establishments this side of the Atlantic can assist with further demolition they will. They’ve had quite a scare, those various establishments, and what with such as Orban, and a fair few dissident Brits, still knocking around they’ll want to see Trump buried with a stake through his heart.
    The Trump legacy story will need to be powerful to counter all that. Looks like it will be.
    On Iran – is that threat of attack sincerely meant? The threat would also fit the scenario of Trump playing to the two flag deplorables? He needs that legacy story too.
    As a one flag deplorable, and that a different flag from either of those, I hope sincerely it’s no more than that.

  40. Fred says:

    Remind me again how many wars Trump started and how many ‘color revolutions’ across the world he supported. Then please explain how as president Kamala is going keep the Obama wing of her party, along with the Clinton wing and the deep staters, from doing the same thing Obama did for 8 years.
    “if the claims are true, there must exist fifty to over one hundred thousand fraudulent ballots, bagged among legal ballots….. Georgia recounted every paper ballot by hand.”
    GA recounted the same illegal ballots a second time. Perhaps the good professor at Ohio State can go through that libary he overseas and find some examples in law where circumstantial evidence was used to start an official investigation or get a conviction. I suggest he start with all the recent NYT articles on Russia Collusion.

  41. turcopolier says:

    Who are you responding to?

  42. Steve G says:

    Bush 41 essentially hamstrung Clinton
    By launching a “humanitarian operation”
    In Somalia December 92 after his
    Election defeat. Blackhawk down the result
    Of that fiasco so leaving the next
    Administration to clean up the mess is
    Not unprecedented. Has this been done
    Before in our history?

  43. turcopolier says:

    ex-PFC Chuck
    “The Borg (i.e. “Deep State”) consists of elements in both the private and government sectors, and the most influential actors in each are Wall Street and the CIA respectively.” Not my definition. Borg = Foreign Policy Establishment for me.

  44. Leith says:

    @Phil Cattar – “…cannot usually just be shut down.”
    Not impossible. Ike did it. If it turns out to be hard to do in this case then a fighting withdrawal is always achievable. That has happened in war and in millions of barroom brawls. If the IRGC proves intractable and continues a war then a naval blockade of their oil exports might bring them to the table.

  45. Fred says:

    You left out the part about the marxist dictator Mohamed Siad Barre being deposed in ’91. You also left out the millions of ‘starving children’, the UN “humanitarian” mission that began in spring of 92 and all the lefty’s demanding US involvement; a proposal that GHWBush took to the UN (with congressional support to do so) in the summer of ’92. It was definitely not a lashing out after losing re-election.
    On a bright note Clinton resettled “refugees” in the US, including Minneapolis. Which is how the daughter of one of Barre’s bureaucrats, Ilhan Omar, came to America and eventually became a US Citizen.

  46. Barbara Ann says:

    Fred has provided a response to my comment and I’d support this view. As I understand it, the essence of the wholesale fraud allegations involving the Dominion & other machines is that electronically manipulated votes were ‘back filled’ using pre prepared fraudulent physical ballots. This is why counting was stopped late on night of the 3rd. The infamous suitcases under the table episode would be an example.
    Patrick Byrne has just made an allegation as to how the fraudulent but ‘genuine’ ballots were produced and laundered into the system:
    Regardless of the veracity of his claim Patrick Byrne has certainly joined the ranks of the all-in. “All-in” hardly begins to describe where Lin Wood is.

  47. srw says:

    A little humor for our political times:
    The devil went down to Georgia he was looking for some votes to steal. He was in a bind because he was way behind and was willing to make a deal.

  48. Barbara Ann says:

    I’d like to revise the stated position in my previous comment by an edit to one sentence: “I am convinced that Trump [believes he] has the goods on the Dominion foreign ‘adjudication’ from the NSA – the wholesale fraud”.
    What is going on here? Are we going to witness a definitive denouement tonight, tomorrow or on 6th and finally see unequivocal proof of a grand conspiracy to fraudulently fix the election? Or are we witnessing something else?
    Lin Wood is apparently convinced of the reality of the QAnon “conspiracy theory”, as evidenced by his ever more extraordinary claims – which AFAIK Trump has not distanced himself from, to date. Lin Wood’s New Year’s Day assertion on Twitter that Sec. Pompeo is “a truth-giver” rang big alarm bells for me, as I doubt that man is capable of truth under any circumstances. He is also surely Deep State to his core.
    Another thread is Patrick Byrne who appears to have been deployed to promote another, only slightly less ‘out there’ theory that China and/or other state actors hacked the 2020 election via electronic voting systems. His recent ‘reveals’ (again on Twitter) include a link to a thread which itself links to an article by a Brad[ley] Johnson of Americans for Intelligence Reform (AIR – which alleges that “maybe” MI-6 and the CIA were behind the Dominion vote ‘adjudication’ fraud – in Italy of all places. Brad claims to be ex-CIA, appears to have no wiki and AIR was set up in summer of 2017. Does anyone (Larry J perhaps) know this guy?. The earliest web scrape of AIR’s site (href=” includes this quote from Brad in AIR’s mission statement:

    “The overall objective of AIR is to make the the CIA stronger, smarter and the most effective intelligence agency in the world. A strong, effective CIA is absolutely fundamental to US National Security and the safety of our citizens.”

    Are we witnessing the mother of all PSYOPs and if so who is behind it all? Is Trump being pushed to go ‘all the way’ if Constitutional remedy to his victory claims are not forthcoming on 6th? Very Stable Genius would then take on new meaning, as someone seems to have been planning this operation for years (QAnon’s origins are in October 2017) with its seeming culmination in 2 days time.
    I have no desire to see a senile POTUS and a continuation of the corrupt DC swamp in thrall to woke covidians. I am also implacably opposed to the dystopian “Global Reset’ program dreamed up by the Davos cabal of technocratic transhumanists. I don’t doubt that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election. I am also, however, concerned that patriotic Americans are not being manipulated into following a pied piper (himself manipulated by God knows who) all the way into supporting a coup d’état – the aftermath of which would be a catastrophe.
    I’d welcome the views on this whole business from yourself Colonel, as well as TTG and/or any other members of the Committee with professional experience in the murky business of information warfare.
    Regardless of the truth of these extraordinary claims it seems to me that neither side is willing to back down. An unstoppable force would seem to be about to meet an immovable object.

  49. Yeah, Right says:

    They can mobilize their army and send it marching in the general direction of Fifth Fleet HQ in Bahrain. If they hug the coast then they will remain within the air defenses based on the other side of the Strait of Hormuz.
    Not saying they will succeed. Not saying they will fail. But the Iranians have a large army, CENTCOM does not.
    The. Iranians. May. As. Well. Use. Them.
    After all, win, lose, or draw, doing so will upset all the American battle plans because all the aircraft that were planned to be sent against targets in Iran will have to be redirected to support the Saudi retreat.

  50. Steve G says:

    I don’t doubt your sequence of
    Events. However he committed
    US troops in December. You’re
    Saying that was planned all along?
    If memory serves we were helping
    With that aid. Seal team’s landing
    At night while being filmed by
    Media was an escalation was it not?
    Marines and Army Rangers?
    Deployed for rice distribution?

  51. Barbara Ann says:

    Lin Wood has just posted a 15 page document on Twitter entitled

    Americans Prepare for War

    It sets out all the various arguments for how the election was stolen and ends with the following summary:

    Our Remaining Options:
    (a) Contingent Election for US President.
    (b) Accept obvious corruption in United States Government.
    (c) War.

    This release seems timed to coincide with Trump’s GA rally speech tonight.
    Direct link to the pdf in case Twitter take down the tweet:
    I have archived the above link on

  52. Steve Kaczecka says:

    Wars are easy to start hard to end.

  53. different clue says:

    Steve G,
    I am going on long-unrefreshed memory here, but I kind of feel that we sent in our Rangers to capture and bring in Clan Leader Mohammed Farah Aideed. The reason for that being that Butros Butros Ghali ( a UN diplomat) had long had a grudge against Clan Leader Aideed and when some Aideed people attacked a few Pakistani UN Peacekeepers who were sent to shut down Aideed’s radio transmitter or something; Ghali considered that a “last straw” and got the Americans to go in and “get Aideed”.
    But that’s just old memory, to be sure.

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