The SCOTUS struggle and the emergent hatred among us



Someone said recently that it is not the US Civil War (WBS) that we are approaching.  No.  It is  the Spanish Civil War, a war in which hatred among Spaniards reached a climax before the war began with an army mutiny in Spanish Morocco in which the colonial army under Francisco Franco went home taking with them their Moroccan Goumiers to take back the country from what they saw as an upstart and illegal Republic intent on destroying traditional Spain and its religion.

"History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme…"  It is rhyming now and the forces of hate are gathering in the land of Mordor.  Judge Barrett was mocked by Senator Feinstein for her religion?   Has Feinstein no memory of the Shoa in which hate like hers led to millions of deaths?  Kavanaugh was very clear in his speech on national TV last night, saying that he will stand by his church and its commitment to justice and will not shrink from being called a Papist by Protestants, Jews or any others

The coming grand crash will not be on the basis of Southern identity.  As an immigrant to the South both physically and spiritually, I regret to say that the South, the South of legend, the "land of song," of Pickett's Charge, Jedediah Hotchkiss and that poor bastard Pemberton at Vicksburg, is largely gone.  Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the Yankee meme of "The Lost Cause."  The South has been beaten down until there is little left.

The new civil war will be one based on ideology like the Spanish Civil War.  It will be filled with fanatics.  You can see them now. The shield maidens of the Left, the middle class Bolsheviks from comfortable backgrounds will be the driving force.  Look at the photographs.  See how many vile, shrieking women there are.  Will they lead the charge in hanging nuns and priests who do not accept their "dogma?"  (Feinstein reference)

Hopefully, I will not live to see this horrible outcome.  I thank the God that the Left does not believe exists, but then, he may believe that they exist and may not forget them.  pl



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