“The Scouring of the Shire” – JRR Tolkien

“”The Scouring of the Shire” is the penultimate chapter of the high fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. The Fellowship hobbitsFrodoSamMerry, and Pippin, return home to the Shire to find that it is under the brutal control of ruffians and their leader “Sharkey”, revealed to be the Wizard Saruman. The ruffians have despoiled the Shire, cutting down trees and destroying old houses, as well as replacing the old mill with a larger one full of machinery which pollutes the air and the water. The hobbits rouse the Shire to rebellion, lead their fellow-hobbits to victory in the Battle of Bywater, and end Saruman’s rule.” wiki

Comment: Has The Shire not been scoured? Tolkien was a junior infantry officer in the Lancashire Fusiliers one of the illustrious “county” regiments of the British Army in WW1. He survived and never allowed himself to forget what he had learned.

Are we so stupid as to not recognize the analogy to the “scouring” in the destruction of our culture that is occurring around us? pl



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  1. Societal Illusions says:

    seems like it, and no rebellion in site.

  2. Some Dude says:

    And how did Saruman infiltrate and actually rule the Shire?


    Who is our Saruman, how did he infiltrate our Shire, and just who are the collaborators among us?

    Unfortunately, there is no war party on its way home from Gondor to save us.

    The question for me is whether or not very many American military officers, serving and retired, possess the intelligence and, more importantly, the courage and moral fortitude to understand and acknowledge publicly that the constitutional order they swore an oath to defend is collapsing before their eyes.

    And of those who have eyes to see, how many will understand that they are thereby no longer bound by those oaths and will act accordingly, as patriots, and not hired guns for globalist traitors?

  3. tim s says:

    Sarumon made the mistake of not conquering their minds first. His equivalent today has not made that mistake. We are not hobbits, but more akin to the toads in the heating water, with a healthy dose of the fatted pig thrown in. We have been divided from within, and almost fall on our own now. Pitiful to observe; horrifying to realize when it is you. All they had to do was to play on both our best and worst instincts.

    Not all will fall. Some will winter just fine. They won’t be the stupid ones….

  4. aka says:

    BTW sir,
    is this normal behavior for a US military attache? I meant the wearing of the shoulder patch.

  5. Deap says:

    The other side of Hobbiton:

    When visiting New Zealand, this was one of the more surprising tourism spots – the former movie set of Hobbiton. Sounded corny, but it was utterly delightful to wander in its petite scale -a charming world one could get their arms around.


  6. Sam says:

    Col. Lang,

    Who are the “ruffians” in contemporary America?

    What responsibility do the millions who happily provide their most personal information – their DNA sample, to private corporations just to satisfy their curiosity of how their DNA compares to other samples in the private corporations database, have? And also allow private corporations to record, store, mine and monetize all their online activities.

    What responsibility do the citizens of the shire have when they keep electing the same “ruffians” in each election cycle? And are mostly passionate about the partisan battles among the two sides of the same coin? Or happily trade their liberty for perceived safety in the war du jour.

    Would the shire rally around a modern age Jefferson and Madison? Or will it be a Napoleon or a Stalin?

    • Deap says:

      Government employee union labor peace….. is a powerful drug. Voters like to think they are buying it, when they continue to vote for the established insiders. Four years of media ginned-up anger at the last sitting incumbent was destabilizing. People wanted government labor peace.

      Voters still think the candidate who raises the most money is the better choice – they never ask where that money really come from or more importantly …. why.

      When government employee unions endorse a candidate, voters get the warm feeling there will be getting labor peace.

  7. Paradan says:

    Hey did you hear that Colonel Stewart is gonna be on the cover of next months Home & Garden?

    Apparently she just did a new addition to her house, and so she’s gonna be showing off her beautiful new Lebensraum.

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