“The Space Force leans into “Galactic Empire” chic with new dress uniform design” – TTG

That’s a bold move, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—The Space Force this week unveiled its new designs for service dress and workout uniforms as it continues to forge its own identity in the Pentagon. Two guardians showed off the business uniform for the first time at the Air Force Association’s annual conference here, showcasing a unisex look that the Space Force initially devised for women before adjusting for men’s comfort as well.

The Space Force is the first military service created since women were given the opportunity to hold the same roles as men, making this the first uniform designed with women in mind from the start.


Comment: Well… these are prototypes. I wonder if the service cap will be styled after an Uhlan helmet. 


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63 Responses to “The Space Force leans into “Galactic Empire” chic with new dress uniform design” – TTG

  1. tpcelt says:

    They couldn’t afford a tailor?

  2. PRC90 says:

    There are continual murmurs of discontent about the free use of the dubious term ‘warrior’ within Land Warfare.
    I would have more reservations about actually being a ‘Guardian’.
    Is there a story that begins with …. ‘Three Guardians walk into a (Marine) bar’ ?

  3. Ramon Villegas says:

    I hope they issue lances and horses with the uhlan/czapka
    headgear to complete the look.

  4. EEngineer says:

    Wow, that’s military grade ugly…

  5. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Those are some seriously baggy, and saggy pants, there. Probably designed for comfort riding a desk all day in front of a computer; don’t think they’ll be doing much else, certainly neither amphibious assaults, nor fast roping out of a helicopter are envisioned for these warriors.

    And trust the Pentagon to find ways to waste money reinventing the wheel. They could have just reached back to the design from the Nixon Administration for their Palace, err, White House Guard uniforms. Remember those? Suitably Imperial, and thus aspirationally ideal for the Empire That Can’t Shoot Straight of this present day.

    Go ahead, look them up in your search engine of choice (duckduckgo.com for me). Right outta Star Wars, Empire Chic. No baggy britches, neither, and you could adjust the color, easy peasy. I tell ya, Nixon was just a man ahead of his times.

    • Fred says:


      Those buttons, straight out of the movie “Patton”, the scene where he was talking about the he was talking about the uniform he designed for tankers. The designers sure knew their clients, though it doesn’t look like they knew much else.

  6. Pat Lang says:

    Look like wokie silliness has broken out in Space Force. “Guardians?” Gene Roddenberry would have liked that.

    • JK/AR says:

      Colonel Lang when all the talk about Space Force broke into the open however many months ago it was, I thought to myself, and mentioned my thoughts to some others (who, to a man didn’t catch the ridiculosity as I was seeing it).

      Anyway I was thinking “We’ve actually come to this. There’s Annapolis, there’s West Point, there’s Colorado Springs. Maybe Hollywood or some similar place can be figured for this new academy because what more fitting term for this new up and coming class of warriors can be other than Space Cadets?”

      So yes sir, might as well be ‘Guardians’ – or maybe ‘Roddenberries’?

      I would respectfully suggest Sir that you open the floor for suggestions on what to call all these other prospective ranks and departments.

    • Just Wow says:

      “They don’t look like Guardians. They don’t act like Guardians. Why why should they be expected to stand at attention like Guardians?”

  7. Steve+G says:

    Two paraphrase a movie and teevee show
    “May the Fo(a)rce be with you, grasshopper!”

  8. Babeltuap says:

    First official mission is understanding the super nova that is the Federal deficit and the impact on space exploration.

  9. semiconscious says:

    the pants come in one size. in this case, they just happen to fit the dude a bit better than the lady…

    • LeaNder says:

      The dudes seem to get a slightly longer jacket too, which in the ladies’ case might have helped to cover the seriously bad cut.


      • Pat Lang says:


        Women look better in a shorter jacket because in general their butts are bigger. When they started having women cadets at West Point they modified the uniform in several ways for them at the women cadets’ suggestion. The academy initially tried taking the tails off the full dress coats but that made the women look ridiculous.

        • Aletheia in Athens says:

          “Women look better in a shorter jacket because in general their butts are bigger”

          Well, in general, Donald Trump being may be the most known exception which breaks that rule…

      • LeaNder says:

        Women look better in a shorter jacket

        Depends on size. But seriously? They couldn’t have hired a costume designer from any nearby theater or film studio, who may have handled the problem easily? For an official presentation, after all?

        Curiously, there is this:
        making this the first uniform designed with women in mind from the start.

        I don’t see it. …

        • Pat Lang says:


          You are a contrarian by nature.

          • LeaNder says:

            contrarian by nature

            What could that possibly mean in this context?

            And what could it mean more generally in a world of contrarians? Then and now?

            But yes, maybe I am. Personally, a quite complex question for me. Contrarian in what issues specifically? I do not recall I ever questioned gravitation.

          • Pat Lang says:


            You wish to argue about EVERYTHING!

          • LeaNder says:

            should have been ‘on what issues’ of course.

            One thing is constant, still wondering about those mistakes. 😉

          • Pat Lang says:


            “should have been ‘on what issues’ of course.

            One thing is constant, still wondering about those mistakes” No idea what you are talking about. Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

          • LeaNder says:

            No idea what you are talking about. Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

            Grammar: in, on, at? Arguing might mean getting more inside the debate, but grammatically correct might well be “on issues”, not “in what issues” as I wrote.

            We once had an expert on punctuation around here, long time ago, maybe we also have a grammar expert?

            … Babbling …

  10. cofer says:

    The designer was inspired by early 20th century elevator operator’s uniform. Something about going up.
    I hope that person is not in charge of any R&D for the force.


  11. Aletheia in Athens says:

    The pants were obviously designed for a man….awful…
    She lacks content to fill in the gap…

    You must never lost glamour, even when at space…one would say, wht if some aliens appear all of a sudden?

    Yet the coat resembles all the way that of a call-boy…may be it is that that is the profile required once the Great Reset unleashed and since they project every vehicle to be driven by AI…

    • LeaNder says:

      She lacks content to fill in the gap…

      With all due respect, AiA. I doubt that is the problem, cut wise. But slightly funny.

  12. Aletheia in Athens says:

    I hope it is a prototipe only and there is still time to change it…

    A better fitting and glamourous outfit…


  13. Aletheia in Athens says:

    A better idea for this chic, concretely….


  14. Leith says:

    The space force motto Semper Supra is also getting some backlash. So are the NCO “orbital” chevrons: https://twitter.com/SpaceForceDoD/status/1439987571166257159/photo/1

    What happens if warrant officers transfer in from other services? Will the USSF have WOs & CWOs? The AF does not.

    • JK/AR says:

      Yeah I too was wondering about the Warrant ranks.

      Recall Cap’n Kirk’s (and Cap’n Picard’s too for that matter) superiors were Admirals. And there were Ensigns as I recall.

      So all this newfangled arrangings seem … well, unseemly.

      (Of course warp-drive and starships are, as the current lingo goes, somewhat ‘over the horizon’ so I reckon such groundwork as it is, is appropriate.)

  15. Deap says:

    Are the pointy ear attachments for dress or fatigue uniform use?

  16. Mark Logan says:

    No pockets, where will they keep their cell-phones?

  17. TTG says:

    I’m okay with the general direction of these uniforms although these two look like a couple of raw recruits coming out of CIF where a sadistic supply clerk just threw these ill fitting uniforms at them. I don’t like the navy blue jacket with grey pants. It has a rent-a-cop look to it. Hell, Apple has a space grey. Why not go with something like that? That collar is also weird. It looks like they couldn’t decide between a stand up collar or an open one. The general look reminds me of the all black WWII German Panzer uniforms. Same shorter double breasted jacket with baggy bloused trousers. It was also a field uniform. Actually, those Panzer uniforms looked a lot slicker than these space thingies.

    • JK/AR says:

      Just wait til the BDUs come out!

      • TTG says:

        The development of BDUs, or fatigues/camis as I first knew them, in the services has been a source of mirth. Why does the Navy have their sailors wear blue camouflaged pattern BDUs that make it difficult to spot them in the blue sea. Who are they hiding from? They need fireproof coveralls that are easy to spot in the water and in darkened recesses of a damaged ship. The same logic applies to those working in offices. Why wear desert or woodland pattern in a cubicle?

        • JK/AR says:

          Well TTG as it was explained to me (previous to women being on combat ships) Dad being WWII & Korea era, me later:

          “The Navy is a red light district.”

          Whether that explanation suffices for you I won’t hazard a guess. Can’t recall specifically what prompted my asking the question but I do know I was in the company of my Dad and his fellow retired Admiral (Dad only achieving LtCdr – that Admiral ‘Flight Surgeon for the Mercury Program’ (Langevin for the nitpickers – Dad and he were newly minted medical officers stationed at Great Lakes back in ’59).

          At any rate it was a Naval Pentagon genius I posed a very similar question to (in the company of my Dad and Jack Langevin) and that’s the answer I received.

          Hope that helps.

        • Fred says:


          “They need fireproof coveralls that are easy to spot in the water and in darkened recesses of a damaged ship. ”

          They certainly don’t need the polyester crap that was popular in the late Carter/early Reagan era. The Argintines showed the British just what a bad idea that was in combat. I agree about the complete lack of need for camo for almost the entire Navy.

  18. scott s. says:

    “the first uniform designed with women in mind from the start.”

    OK, but my wife still has her summer blues packed away in a chest, and that uniform was always female-only. She’s kind of sad to see the “bucket” hat go away, except for the cost.

  19. Deap says:

    Going into space, flying technology desks, and never facing combat would lean towards something more ethereal, than these clunky, utilitarian options. Should have asked leftist Patagonia to design them. Or even Uniqlo.

  20. walrus says:

    Swords may be worn in zero G.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Nonsense. You know damned well that is stupid comment. How are things in the Victoria penal colony?

      • walrus says:

        The Victorian penal colony is revolting. Well parts of it are.

        The majority in my opinion have no sympathy with demonstrators at the moment but are watching our once popular left wing government slowly burning through their political capital through a series of very bad decisions that reflect their total ignorance of the cost to businesses of lockdowns.

        Luckily for us, we are not locked down in the country and even if we were, there is enough work to do on the farm this Spring to keep me very busy.

  21. Personanongrata says:

    “The Space Force leans into “Galactic Empire” chic with new dress uniform design” – TTG

    Very pretty but can they fight?

    Comment: Well… these are prototypes. I wonder if the service cap will be styled after an Uhlan helmet.

    Dunce caps would be more befitting.

    The uniform of the day shall be:

    Space Force deep blue unisex easy breath polyester service dress with matching purse (for those identifiying as women) or fanny pack (for those identifying as men) and low heeled black pumps (for all sexes).

    America’s adversaries are quaking in their boots.

  22. TTG says:

    We’re all having good fun at the expense of the Space Force over this uniform brouhaha. But I fully support Space Force. As a service, they will train and equip the units necessary to make US Space Command successful. If the train and equip function was left to the Air Force and other services, Space Command will be forever hobbled. Stumbling around over what the Space Force “guardians” will wear is small potatoes compared to the critical tasks of managing and directing the development of the right technology, bringing that technology to fruition and training the force needed to employ that technology.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I thought you laughed when SF was established. i would favor midnight black with a Chinese collar and the higher the rank, the plainer it should be.

      • TTG says:

        Yes I did laugh. I always thought USSPACECOM was the more critical need of the two, but I now definitely see the utility of Space Force’s train and equip function. I would favor midnight black as well. What I do see is that Space Force guardians will be almost exclusively operating from control rooms and launch pads for several generations. They clearly will lead in USG robotic operations.

  23. Mark Logan says:

    $50 for who or whatever can score me a Space Force PT uniform (XL), no questions asked.


  24. Degringolade says:

    OK: Y’all are a bit harsh. Really, they don’t look all that bad and I kinda like the rank insignia.

    But I forget, you officer types have better taste than us grunts.

    I kinda kinda like them.

    • Pat Lang says:


      Silly me. I thought you were a friend.

      • Degringolade says:

        We are friends, I am just you friend with plebian tastes.

        • Mark Logan says:

          On the topic of plebian tastes, I would vote for the standard AF uniform, Space Force would simply have a prominent emblem. Anticipating significant cross-pollination between the two branches and would save the personnel the trouble and expense of getting new uniforms. Waste troubles all true steely-eyed misslemen.

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