The Trump-DeSantis Gordian Knot

40 some days into the Biden Admin and it’s amazing to only those who were not paying attention how quickly its all descended into neoliberal globohomo farce with us bombing Syria, putting a man in a dress as Secretary of Health, and Merrick Garland not understanding how Title 8 immigration law works. As the old saw goes “you’ll never surprise a pessimist”.

Now we are seeing the heirs apparent to 2024 begin to rise. Nikki Haley spins back and forth condemning Trump and then kissing his ring. She is yet another Brahmin class striver from the subcontinent that has invaded the US. “Remember when Lord Indra arrived on the banks of the Ganges, the first word he said before slaughtering 100 million aboriginals was “Namaste”.”

Honestly there are a lot of assumptions here (will explain at the end of this), but the big one is going to be how Trump and DeSantis play together in 2024. Trump still has a large degree of support amongst the Forgotten Americans, but he’s a failed tribune. I say this as a man who appreciates the work he did of revealing so much of our society as Fake + Gay, but was both unable to rule and unwilling to step into the role fate provided him on Jan 6th. Furthermore he continues to make ATROCIOUS personnel decisions, endorsing more neocons and racial greivance mongers who declare themselves “MAGA” before going back to Kemp style Republicanism. There’s a good piece by the guy who founded about his involvement with the Trump legal challenge and how it was pretty much wholesaled over to Giuliani, who didn’t understand it and didn’t really care to challenge vote fraud in a court instead relying on procedural issues.

Anyway, I like DeSantis. He’s got Trump’s touch for dealing with the media: scornfully, like they deserve. Probably due to the fact they attempted to push a gay felon drug user as governor of Florida. He’s also got a solid grounding in executive experience and knows how government works, and that personnel IS policy. That there was the single biggest failure of the Trump Administration, that competent, trustworthy people, when they were found, would get locked out from the President by Kushner and Ivanka who were more worried about appeasing their coastal friends.

The problem that DeSantis has is that his role is “heir to Trump”, and you can’t be the heir to the old King if he’s still around in ‘power’ as it were. DeSantis will need to figure out a way to coopt Trumpism with Trump still around so he doesn’t end up in a Ted Cruz situation. That’s his particular needle to thread.

Of course, this is all extremely academic and assuming we live in a functioning republic or whatever. We don’t and I fully expect 2022 and 2024 to have plenty of electoral shenanigans, by which I mean wholesale election fraud where gee golly gillickers we just found another borillion votes that we must count and what do you know they all were for the Dem.

The real question about 2024 is which man is going to be the leader for the inevitable system shattering event which occurs: a man who already walked up to the Rubicon and went fishing (while abandoning his supporters to be held in prison without bail by an arbitraty system of ‘justice’), or the governor of one of the most important southern states with all the resources that entails? Time will tell.

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  1. Deap says:

    Excellent points, all well taken. Long way to go until 2024. Pacing will be key.

  2. TV says:

    Well said and, unfortunately, scary.

  3. Deap says:

    Best thing DeSantis can do it bullet proof his own state elections against modern era election fraud. He needs to offer a model for universal election integrity for other states to follow. This would be a noble non-partisan project, but would also demonstrate he understands what has become a deep national need.

    With the possible passage of HR-1, everyone is are close to all becoming the toxic California “progressive” soup – under the guise of “election reform”.

    California under “election reform” made sure illegals play a huge role in election outcomes, even if they cannot legally vote. The expanded California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) granted “protected status” to “Spanish language residents”, along with mandating the creation of at least two “minority-majority” voting districts within our six new local voting districts.

    We were forced to switch from at-large voting (one person one vote) to these six new districts of approx 20,000 population each (legal, illegal, minors, registered, non-registers = 20,000) As a result of this CVRA mandate we lost one-person one vote and we now more resemble the Senate since the actually legal voting population is very unequal in each 20,000 resident district.

    Voter turn out in the two mandated “minority-majority” districts has been very low compared to the rest of the city- lack of interest, as well as lack of legal status to vote.

    So in these two “protected” districts of approx 20,000 residents each, maybe 500 actually vote. Which means the winning candidate only has to earn a few hundred votes at best. But those two new “protected district council members” now get two full votes out of the total of seven (plus mayor)

    The other non-protected districts which have always had much higher voter turn outs now need many thousands of votes to earn their one vote on city council.

    The worst outcome is naturally the public sector unions swooped into those two easy to win small voter turnout districts and now control them. So this special interest group needs to win only two other seats ( one other district and the mayor, or two other districts) to have total control over the city council majority.

    Consequently, the city council is now 100% “Democrat”. Traditional conservative votes were put into a single district when the lines were drawn, but with enough “progressives” to make sure they can never win more a single seat on city council – a permanent minority vote even if do manage to win. ”

    Progressives” rule in all the other districts. Whereas in the at-large city council races, conservatives could win at least by a plurality in a multi-candidate race.

    So this is what HR-1 type “election reform” looks like in California — exactly like the Democrats planned it to look like – a total lock on power and zero independence or ideological diversity. So far there has been no chance for any conservative to win any seat in any new district.

    Naturally, the first thing they did was switch to mail in voting, farm our election vote counting to Los Angeles County who most likely uses you know who voting machines. And switched the city council races to even years instead of keeping them on odd years where we could pay attention to these races -now they are diluted with state and national races. Of course, vote-harvesting is legal here too.

    HR-1 will make sure what happened to us, happens in your state too.

    You have two Californians – Nancy Pelosi and tie-breaking Kamala Harris- to do this bidding. Shocking what the again questionable outcome of the Georgia election will now allow to happen the rest of the Nation.

    California was the proving ground for how much damage a Democrat majority can do, in a very short amount of time. The CVRA “reform” has locked us into this dire situation now and forever. Unless someone can mount a successful legal challenge.

  4. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Yep, we’ll find out who has got the sand to cross the Rubicon, by whatever method that will be required to do that which must needs be done, when the moment is reached. And it is coming, because we ain’t voting our way out of this; the rot is too advanced, and the systemic collapse cannot be staved off much longer. Some say that there is a lot of ruin in a nation, but don’t be fooled into complacency, and assume that the descent is just beginning; we have already had so many props knocked out from under our Republic in the past few decades that the time is rapidly drawing nigh. Would that this were not so, but the ugly truth must be acknowledged.

    A Republic as envisioned in our Constitution presupposes a Nation comprised of a largely homogeneous body of citizens, in our case of European stock sharing many fundamental cultural traditions and norms of behavior. The sedulously engineered tribalist hodge podge of peoples resident in the territory of the “United States” has abandoned all pretense of a melting pot; rather it was intended to thwart any such inculcation of agreed upon principles. It replicates the worst centrifugal tendencies of say the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but with no consensus lead culture around which to nucleate, ‘cuz YT is evil.

    We’re for it, mate.

    • Sam says:


      Bread & circuses can go a long time.

      • Gallo Rojo says:

        The modern world speeds up everything, including the ruin in an Empire.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Well, Sam, so it would seem; but think about what happened to the pane et circusam in the Western Roman Empire (at least what was then left of it) when the grain supply from North Africa and Egypt was cut off. Yep, full stop.

        What might we consider to be an analogue to the grain supply in relation to the US Empire (to dispense with pretense)? I submit that it is the hegemony of the dollar as world reserve currency; once gone, all goes to hell in a handbasket. Our Elites have been recklessly destroying the credibility of the dollar for decades, and the handbasket awaits.

        Our admirable position in which, properly managed, we could enjoy the benefits that accrue from functional autarchy, has been squandered. National power follows lost autarchy into the garbage can, all so that Wall Street gets rich through outsourcing, and labor arbitrage, laying waste to our industrial power, and technological and scientific wherewithal.

        Uncontrolled immigration, destruction of the electoral system, enstupidification of the populace via degradation of the educational system (K-Graduate level), corruption of the 4th Estate – these are the clean-up operations against the Great Republic.

  5. akaPatience says:

    I recall reading commentary expressing astonishment that Trump had been so forthcoming and candid with Bob Woodward (of all people) as he was researching his book Rage – a degree of candor that was ultimately much to Trump’s detriment. It was pointed out that one of Trump’s weaknesses was he operated under the [obviously wrong] delusion he could charm and sway even his most ardent antagonists. So I’ve often wondered if this trait is one big reason why he was snookered time and time again by Deep State lifers, and made fatal mistakes about staffing his administration. I realize cabinet positions must be approved by the Senate and that was also a big part of the problem – passing muster among a bunch of entrenched pols, many of whom are corrupt to varying degrees, is no easy feat for outsiders. Still, it’s not hard to believe Trump’s ego didn’t serve him or our country very well in this respect and there’s no reason to believe he’s changed.

    My hope with someone talented and whose stances are agreeable, like DeSantis, is that he/she can at least mitigate the damage caused by The Swamp. IMHO politics is too damned dirty for only one administration’s term to succeed in cleaning it up significantly. It seems to me many Trump supporters tend to think DC can be razed and built anew but devoid of corruption presto chango. Ain’t gonna happen if you ask me. But hopefully someone with principle who’s more experienced at governance can succeed in making realistic, achievable improvements.

    Just yesterday, I happened upon a website that listed staffers (probably not including ALL of the nepotism) and their salaries for each senator. I shouldn’t have been shocked – but I was – that Megan McCain Bankemper gets paid $30,000+ each year as a “field representative” for Mitch McConnell! W.T.F??? AS IF she needs the money from an obvious sinecure. Multiply this by SEVERAL THOUSAND and it’s still just a fraction of the waste and erosion of public trust The Swamp causes.

  6. Fred says:

    Nikki tore down statues to erase history of which her ancestors played no part, doing so out of political expediency and a desire to leave constituents severed from their personal as well as the nation’s past, creating a void to be filled with any fantasy an unscrupulous politician, from Barack to Haley, wishes.

    In 2016 Trump had Pence, while 2000 years ago Octavian had Agrippa. Trump-DeSantis 2024. As long as Fake News, the CCP, CIA, FBI, and an ‘Alphabet’ of corporations can be defeated in congressional and senatorial elections in 2022 and 2024, which would certainly give control of everything to the New MAGA duo and team.

  7. EEngineer says:

    After Trump won in 2016 to my surprise and amusement, I though him the barking dog that accidentally caught the car. He enjoys “stirring the pot” and his original election was essentially an ad campaign for his brand that went too well. IMHO, he never wanted to be “king”, he just wants the spotlight afforded by being the court jester and the center of attention. A calculating individual, the likes of VP Cheney of yore, could really make that work to their advantage if they we’re more interested in actually power rather than the appearances of it.

  8. Janeyre says:

    DeSantis took the unprecedented step of convening Florida’s cabinet in TelAviv, but that was not enough: the Borg is two steps ahead of the game: Bloomberg invested a billion or so to migrate New York City liberals to FL’s southeast, and Biden gave Israel a major foothold in the Gulf Coast by incorporating that foreign state into US Central Command.
    Florida, and DeSantis, are in an Israelic vice.
    Imo, Florida – DeSantis is a false hope. (Nevertheless, the realtors are making hay while the sunshines. Will that go belly-up like the last time?)

    • Charlie Wilson says:

      True dat! Those shekels go right for American politicians genitals. No escaping their talons. Pathetic, really. No effing self respect.

    • Fred says:

      So Southeast Florida IS Florida and even though New Yorkers have been vactioning and relocating there since the ’60s it is really all Bloomberg’s doing! I haven’t seen that bad of an explanation for Florida politics since high school.

  9. A. Landmesser says:

    Interesting analysis. Trump’s failure is his appointments. Why did he appoint Sessions, tolerate Barr, McMasters, McCyrstal, et. al. Someone gave him very bad advice that he accepted despite overwhelming evidence that those in the military and national security realms were working against him. His SCOTUS nominations were disasters following a long line of disasters by the GOP. I’ll never understand why Trump never asked true conservatives who they would appoint.

    Having said that I’d support Trump over any challenger because Trump has demonstrated his ability to fight. The others will promise, they all do.

  10. BillWade says:

    The Biden administration’s 2021 Interim National Security Strategic Guidance mentions the term “Build Back Better” 5 times. It then seems reasonable that our American way of life will have to be destroyed first to accomplish that. It looks like we’re in for a nasty ride ahead.

    What confounds me is that seemingly not one single country on earth defied the Covid19 restrictions, sure some very very poor countries struggled to enforce but they would have if they could have afforded it. Florida and South Dakota were the only real “rebels”.

  11. JohninMK says:

    As Deap says above, the 2022/24 elections are going to be under the new HR-1 rules.

    Under this regime all the shenanigans of 2020 would have been legal. Nothing to go to court on. Its over, Californication of the rest of the US is now baked in.

    The Government is in for the duration, the politicians are good to go, the police/FBI etc are onside, the courts are supportive and Empress Kamala is about to take the reins for the bulk of this decade.

    The only way to change the future looks to be by revolution, a course that looks pretty risky to me.

    • Deap says:

      “Revolution” is a nonsense term. The ballot box remains the only means to change what we let happen to this country. Protecting the ballot box remains job one.

      Time to revisit Rhett Butler’s advice to the Rebels in Gone With the Wind when they chose to revolt against their Yankee oppressors. Succession is the more viable option – that is far more eminently doable than “revolution”. A valid legal threat is far more viable than sabre rattling talk of a “revolution”. Pragmatic needs to be the order of the day. And a wholesale change in our public education system. If you really want revolution, start with your local school boards.

      Not sure how HR-1 can pass SCOTUS muster since only the state legislatures can enact election processes. Even with this current SCOTUS makeup, one cannot bypass the express terms of the four corners of this document. Plus, senate filibuster can still squelch this “election reform” monster in its tracks, if we all take our part in stopping it.

      The unknown unknown in this entire scenario is what happen if/when Kamala Harris takes over as POTUS – will the stars still align for the Democrat Party agenda without the benign benedictions of the old order as at least benignly represented by the presence of Joe Biden? Biden did “win”; but Harris never got any traction whatsoever anywhere in this entire nation. They kept her under wraps during the election process even more than Basement Joe.

  12. Deap says:

    Excellent summation. GOP needs to take out both the RINO’s and the “Trash” – a listing the various conspiracy theorists who poison the debate but who also generate large followings – and are used to make the GOP brand toxic:

    Know them and reject them out of hand. Even the well-meaning ones.

  13. Deap says:

    Keep in mind Democrats were poised and ready to rip any Trump appointment to shreds – how many even wanted to get appointed to the Trump administration and face the vicious level of Deep Scrutiny. Everyone has skeletons and Democrats excel in the politics of personal destruction. of their opposition

    For government salaries and career disruptions, it was just not worth it to be tapped for the Trump administration. Plus now Democrats want to ensure you never work again anywhere, or even hold your head up in public if you were associated with the Trump team. We can no longer accept this level of partisan vilification if we claim we want competent persons to serve in the public interests.

    Trump got the “best people” he could find who were willing to run this gauntlet, and had to work with both hands tied behind his back from Day One.

    I am reminded of Facebook’s early motto: Run fast and break things. That was the best we could expect from a total government outsider who could not possibly understand the deep treachery of the deep state, handicapped from the beginning as not only a government outsider, but a Beltway outsider.

    Props to Trump – he did run fast and break things. His learning curve was steep, but he was a much more seasoned pol by year four – and could have continued good works had he been granted another four – finally up to fighting weight. But it was never going to be easy, and too many RINOs were too ready to stick a knife in his back along with the cadre of Democrat ghouls and their all too ready deep state henchpersons.

    American government has grown too large and too independent. We are now something else. How do we adapt because our US constitutional underpinnings have frayed to the breaking point – they were never designed for permanent Big Government. Agree, there is no magic wand now to undo this. Except from time to time to keep electing those who also “run fast and break things” and hope for momentary pauses and temporary re-sets.

    We are all culpable in this current state of affairs. From complacency about the degradation of our local school boards to complacency about fake news touting “election reform” in fact is not really a permanent super-majority partisan Democrat take over.

    The will eventually run out of spending other people’s money. You can take that one to the bank.

  14. Deap says:

    Tucker Carlson addresses some of the paralyzing, but highly partisan fears now gripping our nation: fears of a peasants revolt to the fear generated by ginned-up fake news.

    Such is the State of the Union in our fourth decade of the Age of Information:

  15. scott s. says:

    So the crown prince first needs to kill off his brothers. Next he gathers his loyal retainers and maneuvers to the point of forcing if not an abdication, at least a regency for the king.

    • Fred says:

      Scott S.,

      Jugurtha did that, as well as bribed as much of the Roman Senate as he could. Then he found there were some who could not be bought.

  16. Some Dude says:

    And how long have you been redpilled, Gallo Rojo?

  17. Teddy says:

    Interesting read.

    There was a color revolution run on Trump & the country.

    Until the mail in ballot fraud, vote counting stoppage in the middle of the night followed by mathematically impossible spike in votes, Dominion machines hooked up to the internet, etc., problems are fixed, it doesn’t matter who the GOP nominee is, that person is guaranteed to lose.

    The overwhelming majority of deplorables would crawl across broken glass to vote for Trump again. No way can DeSantis coopt Trumpism with Trump still around & Trump isn’t going anywhere. Trump & his MAGA Movement have the GOP by the short hairs & “The Big Ugly” is about to begin. 🙂

    DeSantis is no where near as popular nationwide as Trump is. In fact, DeSantis barely won the Governor’s race in 2018. Out of over 8 million votes cast, DeSantis won by 32,463 votes.

    I like DeSantis & have no problem that he’s being groomed as “heir to Trump”. He still has a lot to learn.

  18. #1 problem in America is the uncontrolled vicious Anti-Christian psychotic hatred of EVERY single Democrat in the US, especially in Congress. They hate Trump supporters, Christians, Jews, the Constitution, the military, law enforcement. This is so instilled in every fiber of their mind and body they are unable to make competent decisions.
    Look at the DC wall. Pelosi says the are terrified of the Republicans in Congress. Hey you Dementia old lady…. they are INSIDE the wall WITH YOU.
    i have a psychology background. EVERY Democrat in Congress has a psychological fear of life itself. There is not one Democrat in Congress that should ever again be elected/appointed to ANY public office.
    Not ONE of the appointees by Biden were appointed for their experience or expertise. They were appointed because they were the “first” appointed in their category This is how our country is being run.
    EVERY election from today forward is more important than ever before from school board tot he POTUS. WE must work and donate time AND money to these elections.
    YOUR LIFE AND MINE depend on it.

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