The Tulsi Gabbard/ Douglas Macgregor Russian propaganda festival.

LTC Gabbard

On 14 November TG presided over “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” She is a new Foxnews employee. This program has been consistently anti-Ukrainian and effectively pro-Russian since Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet republic in February.

It is clear that the producers and/or writers of this show are IMO assets of Russian information operations. The words that came out of Gabbard’s mouth last night were identical to words that Carlson has read from the teleprompter many times before. What are they? 1- The Ukrainian government is a corrupt fraud that sell all the military aid it receives. 2- Russian ultimate victory is inevitable. 3- Ukrainian victories against Russia are meaningless. 4- The Ukrainian casualties are bleeding the country to death, but Russian losses are not to be mentioned. 5- The Ukraine is simply a waystation for money laundering on a grand scale, etc.

Macgregor was brought on to validate all this. His problem seems to be that he has been consistently wrong about this war since it began and is too ego driven to admit it.

I generally agree with the positions taken by TC (and his writers) but the correlation between the delivered text and Russian IO is so blatant that it cannot be ignored. At one point the robotic Gabbard was made to speak against the US MIC. She is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve. pl

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  1. Bill Roche says:

    Love love, money can’t buy me love … so sang the Beatles. But apparently it can buy some things. I tend to agree w/T.C. about 95% of the time, but he is so pro Russian he is anti-Ukrainian. Why? Can T.C. be a fan of imperialism??.
    As for TG, I still think she is pretty, but c’mon repeating a script? This is political suicide for her. I gave her credit for more sense than that. Is her bank account short these days? I’ll have to find another running mate for Pres. Trump. As to MacGregor, come spring ’24, if Putin has worn down Zelinskky, he can say I told you so. Not quite Col. You had counted the Ukrainians out by last July. Is MacGregor playing a “role” for money too? “can’t buy me love love, every body told me so. No no no, no.”

  2. Steve_01701 says:

    According to MacGregor once the ground freezes Russian victory is assured.

    Colonel, are you now done with Tulsi Gabbard? It does sound pretty pathetic that she’s enjoined herself to this narrative.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Anything that furthers tank operations has a great fascination for him.

    • Peter Hug says:

      Once the ground (and everything else) freezes, the army that will do better will be the one with actual functional winter gear – and I’m not sure that is the Russians.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    She’s frighteningly stupid. I wouldn’t worry about her.
    Your question on the legal angle re serving member of military would be my approach. Your accusation of being a Ru info operation or part thereof is relevant in that regard though I don’t think it’s something likely to even be true – I think she’s just a misguided politician on the make with every regrettable thing that fact not in need of proof implies.

    This is a link I guess:

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/14/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS November 14, 2022

    • mcohen says:

      Not only but also anti gay and democrats will not forgive

      From wiki

      Gabbard worked for a number of organizations founded by her father, including:

      The Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values, an anti-gay political action committee (PAC) founded to pass an amendment giving the Hawaii state legislature the power to “reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples;”

      However if she considered sappho the dems would love her

  4. mcohen says:

    On a similar note kari lake lost.There is also some controversy about vaseline.

  5. MJ says:

    Sometimes folks just go off the deep end. For TC it’s all about the advertising dollars.

  6. Lars says:

    Well, Russia is going to need more than those two. There are now reports that two missiles exploded in Poland, near the border to Ukraine. It may not have been deliberately, given the technology and maintenance problems in Russia, but it is stupid to even take a chance. Unless they want to drag NATO into this, by making an excuse.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      A couple of people were killed earlier today in the Russian area of Belgorod.
      That was mentioned in a comment to this article of Ru Min of Defense denial re Poland. So far the comment has two down votes and zero in favor.

      Russian Defense Ministry denies Poland’s accusations of rocket attack

      The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the statements of the Polish media and officials about the fall of supposedly Russian missiles near Przevoduv a provocation

  7. Fourth and Long says:

    From an email just now:
    Nothing has been confirmed, but some have blamed errant Russia rockets.

    By: —

    Days after a humiliating withdrawal from the city of Kherson, Russia launched a massive missile strike across Ukraine. There are widespread power outages in the country and likely multiple deaths, but the alarming news happened next door in Poland, where at least one missile may have landed, killing two people. All we know so far is that something caused a crater and damaged grain dryers on Tuesday afternoon near Przewodow, less than five miles from the Ukrainian border and about 40 miles north of Lviv, Ukraine.
    Poland’s prime minister convened an emergency security meeting, according to a government spokesman, but he provided no reason for the meeting. No official sources in Poland, NATO, Ukraine or Russia have confirmed the attack, but an anonymous U.S. intelligence official told the AP that Russian missiles were to blame. (The Pentagon has said it could not corroborate the reports.) If it did occur, it would be the most serious moment in the nearly nine-month war because unlike Ukraine, Poland can invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, obligating every other member to come to its defense.

    Possible explanations for the incident include a deliberate Russian escalation intended to coerce the West into pressuring Ukraine to submit to Russian demands; an accidental strike by Russia; an accidental strike by (or debris from) a Ukrainian air defense system; or even something totally unrelated, such as a grain dust explosion, which occurs when an ignition source meets accumulated grain dust in a confined space.

    All we can say for sure is Russia has not formally declared war on Poland or NATO, and the next move will certainly come from Warsaw and Washington. The U.S. commitment to avoiding a NATO-Russia war has not changed and likely will not change because of something that could be explained away as an accident. If Russian involvement is confirmed, Ukraine, Poland and some of its neighbors will surely demand a strong response. But the West has effectively exhausted its most significant sanctions options: Europe is not ready for a gas embargo, the oil price cap is proceeding but won’t be ready immediately and Hungary has obstructed other measures. The likely response, then, would probably involve an escalation of military support for Kyiv, to include Western-made aircraft and armor.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Tuchman, in “The Guns of August”, takes the reader through the buildup, misunderstandings, assumptions, to the longest modern war, 1914-1945 (a bit of license on my part). I have been waiting for some “mistake” to push “seconds” directly into the conflict. This is such an oh shipt moment. I think FnL has the key … this will “somehow” justify the introduction of more ADS, a lot of them, around the Pole/Slovak borders. P/S may just give Ukraine 30-40 Jets to “protect” their common borders. Will they patrol 100 or 200 miles into Ukraine … those rockets are so damned fast! Could they make a navigational mistake and end up 300 miles inside Ukraine. Those jets are so damned fast! Russia will claim it was a mistake. Is a “brush back” pitch a mistake. I think it was a deliberate message from Moscow to Warsaw; “get back Loretta”. Mistakes can happen. . No telling where this could go.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        I enjoyed that book immensely though I was quite young when I read it. I think I liked her “The Proud Tower” even more. Was it really a great work of great historian? I think GofA was fascinating, gripping and well told more than anything else. Couldn’t put either of them down.

        This? I think it’s more likely a provocation by Ukraine and or Great Britain and Poland than anything else. I’m intensely cynical, having little belief in any of these parties concern to protect the brutalized Ukrainian victims. Why? Because I think these countries under US guidance have all along had more than enough power to end this months ago, in fact before it even kicked off. By end it I mean end it with a minimum of bloodshed. Look at the FTX crypto scandal and tell me with a straight face that our rulers are not two legged hyenas. This was predation contra Russia from way back. The Brit vs Russia rivalry predates Ivan the Terrible. Your ideas of armament are certainly possible but I think the idea is to use that as threat rather than execution and keep pressure on Russian society to find a way out. That’s hard to visualize at the moment. Putin has no incentive to stop if he walks away with nothing to show, thus facing personal downfall. He’s an exceedingly entitled isolated, hopelessly spoiled and evidently merciless individual. The most striking thing about him, and the most frightening to my mind (I try to overlook the apartment bombing stuff as propaganda bordering on outright propaganda) is in his origin as the only surviving child of parents who lost their earlier children to tragic misfortune and illness. He came through and children like that tend to be overprotected especially by their mothers who treat the child like a providential gift of destiny. That effects the kid and leads to severe issues of reality testing, understanding danger, etc. So why so scary? Hitler and Stalin each had similar origins. Only surviving children after death of the earlier others. My jaw dropped (not really) learning that. I read up on the phenomenon years ago – highly accredited shrinks say it’s a real thing. There’s a little emperor syndrome amongst the Chinese peoples which has similar downsides: the Chinese wife was under tremendous pressure traditionally to produce number one son (you probably know of their male to female demographic asymmetry). If she did she was set to go and as a result spoiled the kid way beyond what our culture would find acceptable. This accounts for the huge gambling addiction among the Chinese males — in their minds they are children of heaven and simply cannot lose. I had very talented female Chinese students years ago who won scholarships but were forced to work two jobs while in high school by their families as scullery maids simply to pay off their brother’s gambling debts. Anyway, in this formulation Putin is a person, in his own mind, who simply can do no wrong. Momma was just there in his corner all the time a bit too too much. It’s worse than overconfidence, it’s a form of living in another world. Remember, if you read up on him, his kgb mentor and judo instructor who said he was a promising except for one thing – insufficient sense of danger. At least he is a physically whole, healthy and strong individual and not a monster like many of the others – Hitler, Stalin, Kaiser Willy, Goebbels, Halifax etc.
        He’s also highly intelligent.

  8. Al says:

    TC backed nearly a full slate of 2022 losers. One more possible of a loser left for her, Walker in Ga (how in Hell did REPUBS come up with him?).
    She did back wins for Gov Noem and Sen Mike Lee … hardly unexpected wins, there!

  9. TTG says:

    She’s definitely strayed a long way from the spirit of ohana. She seems to be totally eaten up with resentment and anger lately.

    • different clue says:

      I wonder if she has gone from ” revenge is a dish best served over . . . and over . . . and over again” in her response to the utter betrayal she experienced from her fellow Democrats . . . to a total and all-consuming personal rage and hate at that betrayal.

      If she has reached the point of losing all sense of judgement, proportion or even personal survival instincts, she may indeed be Trump’s VP-running mate if Trump gets nominated again. Or she may be DeSantis’s running mate. Or Cotton’s running mate. Or Pompeo’s running mate.

      I would recommend that she wait the next few election cycles out. But I have never been in politics so she could be forgiven for discounting advice from a nameless bystander of whom she has never even heard.

      Oh! If only Sanders would have supported her against the heartless betrayal of all the other Democrats when she could have used that support! She might have become the VP candidate on a Sanders/ Gabbard ticket and would have been voted for even by some Sanders-opponents on the theory that having Gabbard a stented heartbeat away from the White House was having her very close to the White House indeed.

      Choosing to leave Gabbard behind and abandoned on the Democratic primary battlefield is one of the worst political choices Sanders ever made.

      As it is, I won’t be voting for Trump, or DeTrumpis, or Trumpeo, just to get a VP Gabbard.

      • TTG says:

        different clue,

        In the 2016 primaries, Tulsi pulled out all the stops in the New Hampshire race. She campaigned long and hard there. I found her platform very appealing and expected her to do well there. She did terrible there, getting very few votes. I don’t know why her message didn’t resonate, but it definitely didn’t. Now I don’t understand what she’s hoping to accomplish.

        Correction: I guess it was the 2020 primary. It sure seems like it was further in the past than that. She was 100% behind Bernie Sanders in 2016.

        • different clue says:

          New Hampshire was a poor beginning but it didn’t have to be the end of her campaign.

          My media exposure was and remains limited. Something has to be loud, long and sustained to reach all the way to the back of the cave I live all the way in the back of. And all the noise coming from the other candidates reached all the way to the back of my cave. But her media appeals really didn’t.

          I think that is because the MSM and the establishment dropped their Cone of Silence over her campaign as best as they could. I remember reading that the Second Debate was going to happen sometime after the California Primary. And anyone who got at or above a certain percent of primary votes was guaranteed a spot in the Second Debate according to the rulemakers’ rules. And Gabbard got either just at or just over that qualified-to-appear vote threshhold.

          So what did the rulemakers do? They re-wrote the rules to exclude Gabbard from that Second TV Debate. And did the reasonably vote-heavy Sanders demand that she be let into the Second TV Debate according to the rulemakers’ own rules? No, he did not. That is what I mean by leaving her behind on the field of battle. He had no idea that he had even done that, or what it even meant. But I feel confident that she will never forget and never forgive Sanders for his failure to muscle her onto all those millions of TV screens, as per the rulemakers’ own pre-rewritten rules.

          As to why her message didn’t take hold? Almost no normal citizens outside New Hampshire pay any attention to what is said in the New Hampshire primary. Only the political hobbyists even pay attention to who the MSM says is up versus down, let alone what the candidates actually say.

          Her message didn’t take hold because it was not heard over and over and over again for months and months all over every MSM outlet. That’s what it takes for any message to get heard. Just keeping her off the center MSM stage beyond New Hampshire was enough to drop a cone of silence over her such that the mainstream citizens would never even hear her message to begin with.

          And still, just enough people heard it in California ( I think it was) to get her over the qualify-to-appear threshhold in the Second Debate. That would have put her message on millions of TV screens. So the Debate rulemakers changed the rules to keep her off. Her handy disposal of Kamalabama Harris showed how effective her message could be when it wasn’t being kept off of TV screens of nationwide reach.

          But those are just muh feelz as a mere amateur citizen-observer.

  10. cobo says:

    Putin’s black money flows through their veins. The faux right love affair with Russia is required, because the plan for Russia to ‘win’ is, well, you know, the plan. And, not everywhere, especially in war, can you just make plans and expect them to prevail. Mars ain’t no bitch.

  11. Gordon Reed says:

    This war started in 2014 with the Maidan coup but the needless provocations towards Russia have been going on for years with the with sanctions the refusal to rule out nato membership for Ukraine the lies about Trump being a Russian asset etc. It seems as though the neocon retreads wanted to provoke this confrontation. What has Russia done to the west that they should be treated as such a pariah Im talking about before the invasion obviously now they are a pariah.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I agree with all that.

    • TTG says:

      Gordon Reed,

      Ukraine’s integration with NATO began long before 2014. It started when Ukraine joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council in 1991 and the Partnership for Peace program in 1994. Relations were strengthened with the signing of the 1997 Charter on a Distinctive Partnership, which established the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) to take cooperation forward. Since 2009, the NUC has overseen Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration process, including reforms under the Annual National Program. Much of this was what Nuland was referring to when she talked about the Us investment of five billion dollars and ten years.

      Internally, the Orange Revolution of 2004-2005 and the EuroMaidan of 2013-2014 pushed Ukraine out of Moscow’s sphere of influence. Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe, except Belarus under Lukashenko, didn’t want Russia to remain a pariah. They just wanted not to be part of Russia or be dictated to by Moscow in any way.

    • Bill Roche says:

      The war begun in Feb 2022 was a recommencement. It started in 1917 when Ukrainian nationalist fought the Bolsheviks for control of Ukraine and lost. It continued during WW II when Ukrainian patriots joined the Nazis to overthrow the communists. Lost again. It continued after ’45 as a covert operation and still lost. In 1991 (not 2014) the communist fell and Ukrainians, Balts, and other Slavs ran away from Russia as fast as they could. All ran; don’t you wonder why? During America’s revolution France enabled America’s independence but they d/n cause it. Similarly Nuland and the American neocons exploited Ukrainian nationalism but they d/n start war nor did NATO. War began b/t Russia and Ukraine 100 years b/f. But mustn’t we be sensitive to Russia’s security rqrmnts? Imagine how the Slavic world feels knowing they are the “little people” living in some one else’s near abroad. How about worrying about their security needs. Here’s a novel idea; ask the Ukrainian soldier who draws his last breath what he fought for. Will he say; NATO, The E.C., A Greater Europe? He’ll say independence. Few seem willing to say it but that guy who passed gas in the theater is a Russian and he will not accept Ukraine independent of Russia anymore than King George would give up his colonies. So here’s to the colonies and here’s to Ukraine. Patrick Henry had a great line about this.

  12. KjHeart says:

    Col. Lang,

    Although I really like Tusli Gabbard, I am glad I did not see this Tucker episode – It would have disappointed hell out of me.

    One thing I pay attention to (from time to time) is what the religious folks are falling for. There are three so called ‘prophets’ that say Tulsi is an answer to a prophecy that a ‘big name’ would leave the Dem party and they now say it was her. These so called ‘prophets also say things along the line that Putin will save to world (hinting Vlad is the next best thing to the messiah). I have long been suspecting that these ‘prophets’ are propaganda artists. Tulsi’s appearance on Tucker actually follows these propaganda-artist-prophets pretty accurately. Now, if Tulsi fell for it – or if she was in on it – I have no idea –

    I can provide links if anyone needs to see these ‘propaganda-prophets’ though it is probably not worth your time.


    • Fourth and Long says:

      State propaganda and opposition propaganda often flows through churchy organizations. Reasons – people listen to their ministers. Lunatic fringe religious publications are worth watching to see what’s up. You need a sense of humor though. The deeply anti-Semitic right wing mailings often come in holy roller religious wrappings and contain fascinating inserts. The stuff available at the dawn of the pandemic was very informative. You send away for updates to the protocols and voila – the secret communist Chinese plans for poisoning America are folded up inside pamphlet number 1. You “know” it must be “the inside dope” because:

      1- You had to mail away for it and only a few people are smart enough these days to go the effort.
      2- Obviously it’s top secret, they mentioned nothing about it in the protocols update offer but there it is in black and white with color pics from an old dot matrix printer the fbi can’t trace; see?
      3- You’ve had no annoying follow up mailings or harassing phone calls. Obviously this is a very professional outfit just like the guy in the poolroom said.

      • mcohen says:

        Saw one of these pamphlets in Australia years ago.Same right wing anti semitic Church related stuff.The Internet search function has shined a bright light on there dubiosity.
        Politics is fast becoming the new church complete prophety punditry (PP) in the age of the twitter bible and facebook prayer book.No shortage of …..they shalt

        I read europe is becoming “godless” but mankind has an inate built in “god” feature so he is always looking around for social institutions to make spiritual beams for him to be beamed up on.
        Interesting how putin the politick has harnessed the orthodox Church to bolster his political ambitions
        Israel is the same.Right wing religious zionism is on the rise.

        Survival comes first and religion merely provides the will and intent to survive.

        For sure if putin the politick brings disrepute to the orthodox Church he is a goner

        • Fourth and Long says:

          My dad knew the doyen of the ultra loony Antisemitic literature during his time as a Lieutenant in WW2 in the Army Air Corps Air Transport Command. Eustace Mullins.
          They were both Maryland boys from the same area of the state, but knew each other only in the service from what I know. My dad was Jewish from a father who was rather rigidly orthodox, the rest of the family wasn’t. After the war he became a quite good Nuclear physicist before going into astrophysics and cosmic ray physics. Enrico Fermi was over at the house, there was a photo of me as an infant sitting on his lap. He was very close to Richard Feynman, a drinking buddy, from what I gathered. He knew all the eminent physicists of the era, at least professionally. The original business director of the Manhattan project played in his weekly poker game, a great, huge, garrulous, white haired bear of a man. So did the first chemist to synthesize morphine.
          These people were ridiculously smart for the most part, though not as smart as the mythology makes them. The inside true stories never get out. They made all kinds of mistakes, some barely understood things they were expected to understand. At any rate, as a Sputnik era child I was in awe of them. He loved to tell anecdotes about how clever some of them were. So I asked him as a kid and twice later in early adulthood and then before his death who in his opinion was the smartest in raw intelligence of them all, or of anyone he ever knew. He always said “actually, a guy I knew in the air force during the last year of the war.” Really, was he a physicist, mathematician, doctor? “No no, a very interesting fellow though. We’d all talk about what we’d do when the war ended and this guy said he wasn’t worried at all about making money, because he was a writer and he knew there would be plenty of money to be made after the war writing antisemitic literature, and he would cash in.” He never told me the man’s name, but I figured out who he was when the internet era got up to speed. Maryland accent, air transport command, service years matched, and his notorious published oeuvre made it obvious. He may have been in some secret service outfit of the military, I don’t know. I say so because one of the first things Mullins did on discharge was look up Ezra Pound and get close to him in Federal prison. Pound was a very suspicious, very weird character. Could he have been a spy of some sort himself, ordered to infiltrate Europe and England early on and stick to the treason story postwar as part of an operation? Far fetched, I know, but it occurred to me. (Likely not. A true believer. The philosophy is perennial and will always be appealing to all varieties of people). Mullins may have been laying down a cover story in his chatter at war’s end. I say so because there was an intense allied effort ongoing for years, involving the Soviets too initially to make sure that the third Reich racial philosophy would never arise again. Thus the Soviet efforts to make sure no monuments or shrines could arise. It was birthed in psychological studies done during the war at Harvard, Oxford of Hitler which are fascinating to read. Stalin had similar studies done, there’s a book translated from Russian, of the novel length study drawn up by the Soviet secret service that is fascinating.

          Anyway, my dad was a strange man. There are other avenues to explore about Eustace Mullins, some impossible to go into here, and very dark. Most likely he was just a very smart student of literature (he in fact was as an undergrad, I think) who became enamored by Pound’s poetry and his literary circle, and as the whole thing developed up to the war and through Pound’s radio broadcasts from Fascist Italy, he became even more taken with his ideas. He certainly became successful at his chosen endeavor. Witness the Unz review and so much else. The story of the forbidden fruit.

          • jim ticehurst.. says:

            Fourth and Long..Interesting Read..
            Lot of History..Nice to see You Being Open..
            and Honest..Our Division Secretary was Jewish..
            Nancy..She have my a Coffee Cup when i Retired “Shaloam”..She was Great..

            I Appreciate that you Comment on Poetry So Much..I Have been writing for 70 Years..Prepared a Book of It For My Family..

            Since Your Mentioned “Forbidden Fruit”..I Long Ago Wrote a Poem About The Garden of Eden..and The Forbidden Fruit..The Transforming Knowledge of “Good and Evil..”

            With that knowledge..Came Death..and mankind being out of the Garden..Wandering in the Wilderness..As Recorded…The Beginning..The Middle ………..The End..Last Chapter..Eh..

            Now…Humans.. having a” Form of Godliness…But Denying The Power of God..” (AI) Its all Lucifer had to Offer.There is only One Creator…Yes..

            I Anticipate Near Events..And I Feel..You Sense Them Too..Be Well..Find Peace..Regards…

          • mcohen says:

            Thanks for the fascinating history lesson.Unz review according to itzik from tel aviv was to be avoided by myself.Busy bee’s and the honey collectors.
            My family originally came from Raseiniai in lithuania which was a thriving Jewish centre for centuries.By the end of ww2 it was gone.

          • jim ticehurst.. says:

            Fourth and Lond..
            Sorry about the Wrong Spelling of “Shalom”..

          • different clue says:

            Seeing the name ” Eustace Mullins” triggered a memory. When Charles Walters Jr. was still alive and the editor-publisher of Acres USA, he offered a couple of Eustace Mullins books through the “Acres USA Bookstore”. ( They are not there anymore). I bought a couple to read someday and I may yet read them someday. They still rest somewhere in my bookpiles against the day that “someday” ever comes.

            I think I remember their titles being The Rape of Justice and The Medical Conspiracy Against America. If I find them then I will know for sure.

            I hadn’t even thought about the name ” Eustace Mullins” for years. But I see he has a website, either his or set up by devoted fans, I don’t know.

    • different clue says:

      I have no special sincerity-detection skills. But my personal NEAWAG ( Not Even Amateur Wild Ass Guess ) is that she remains entirely sincere, just as she has always been, and has therefor fallen for whatever she has fallen for, and has not been ” in on ” anything at all.

      All-consuming self-blinding rage and hate for her Democratic Double-Crossers and Rat Fink Betrayers has led her to this point of failed judgement.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        A good guess imo. I only watched the outset of her Tucker fillin on the 15th. (I don’t watch Tucker at all as a rule but click on his YouTube vids occasionally because I really can’t drink anymore and he cracks me up – comic relief. My impression – a bright, spoiled, nasty little rich kid. Likes to hurt. Sadistic and knows it. Doesn’t have Dubya’s good looks and not quite of that high a breeding, though high enough. Heir to a frozen foods fortune, his dad, a tough looking hombre, was director of the US info agency (Voice of America). He’s American royalty almost). She came across as you say but not visibly infuriated, just nastier regarding Joe Biden than is warranted, emulating TC in style with visible relish. Was she auditioning to be a nasty sarcastic Murdoch hostess? To my mind, because it isn’t necessary to stoop to that grade school level to oppose Biden or critique him, I didn’t find it admirable at all. So it’s lowbrow entertainment? Not with her, no, because she hasn’t a flair for entertainment – Tucker does. And, Tucker is a thoroughgoing true Blueblooded Pr**k. I find the combination hilarious, but at length tiring and stupid. That’s not Tulsi though, as you detected. It ain’t her. Wounded pride and smoldering anger at unappreciated worth is a different thing. So she just wasn’t authentic in that role. Just my opinion. Clinton in the few appearances I saw before becoming president was so boring that he put me to sleep. Probably strategic, not ruffling, not pinned down to anything. My wife thought he was a clown escaped from a circus when he became potus. Little did we know.

        Tucker personifies a type that goes far in our happy paradise. A real bast**d who laughs at the stupidity of most people, and enjoys himself immensely doing so, preferably from a high vantage point without much need to worry about consequences or sustenance. Tulsi ain’t there yet by any means – she works hard, was (is) an actual soldier/officer, suffers from mortal things like need for votes, donors, ideas etc. Unfortunately for her that’s not who Fox viewers respect – a woman who is a worker bee and actual fighter whose shown actual regard for human life. That’s looked down upon in post cold war financial-capitalism America. Less so now perhaps than before Trump, but the place is too da*n wealthy. “Filthy rich,” as my guv’nor used to put it.

        • different clue says:

          I have watched Tucker but not often. He brings to mind the little bit of doggerel . . . ” Truth there was, well laced with lies; to baffle the fools and fool the wise.” He sometimes has high-value guest on who have been denied a venue elsewhere, like the late Professor Steven Cohen. But mostly the people he has on are just ideological Fox News soulmates or hapless witless liberals to be mocked and mocked and mocked.

          I used to think that if I ever became famous enough to appear on his show I would never appear there. But just lately I think that I would be happy to go on his show if he gave me a huge unconditional payment first, a hundred thousand dollars or so ( which is huge to me ) and full transportation there and back, portal to portal, plus food and lodging while I was out there. And if I didn’t like the way he started treating me on camera, I would simply fall silent in the nastiest way and let him deal with the dead air and bad TV.

          But it is all moot, since I will never be famous enough to get invited onto his show.

      • KjHeart says:

        different clue

        I really like Tulsi – once I like a person – I like them.

        I think the consensus here is that she got caught up in something.

        The PP – Propaganda Prophets saying ‘Putin will Save the World (from Ukraine at the moment)” is just too much for me – I don’t see it.

        Although the ‘fake’ prophets are being fallen for – there IS a REAL and GENUINE recalibration of Christianity going on – the FAKers always swarm when there is something REAL afoot… so many honest and grassroots paradigm shifts are hijacked by the FAKers. It gets old.


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