The US Army can’t feed troops in the field?

Well, well, pilgrim turcopoles. National Guard soldiers and airmen are being fed what amounts to garbage during their Pelosi/Schumer inspired occupation of the US capital? 50 0f them got sick from eating whatever kind of crap the Democrats want to feed them?

As a junior officer I was twice the Mess Officer for my units as an additional duty, among all the others. I know a lot about how you feed troops at home or on duty away from their home stations.

The SECDEF, who is reputed to have once been a soldier, let this happen? The Chief of the National Guard bureau let this happen? The Commanding General of the Army’s Military District of Washington let this happen?

Heads should roll, turcopoles. Heads should roll. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    “Heads should roll.” Yes, but General LGBTQ Austin as Sec. Def probably won’t be the one leaving, sadly.

  2. Pat Lang says:


    Three things a competent officer makes sure are ALWAYS in order for his people; their pay, their mail and their chow.

    • The Twisted Genius says:

      A competent officer insures that is done, but he does not step on the toes of the platoon sergeants and first sergeants in feeding the troops. That was always one of the NCO’s sacred duties as I remember it.

      • Pat Lang says:


        That has nothing to do with seeing to it that the men are well and properly fed. “Mess teams?” In my youth the company mess was an integral part of the company or battalion in the case of a battalion headquarters company mess that I ran along with all the other bits and pieces of the battalions’ business that you have read about in “Tattoo.”
        in the field the company kitchen either cooked in the field or brought hot meals to the troops wherever we were. Officers ate last. That was our custom, an iron custom. They followed us and we did not live above them, apart, but not above them. Some time ago the Army decided that company messes were inefficient. Some ass like Rumsfeld must have decided that.

  3. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Here is s link to a report from March 1st on this situation:

    Ah, but I see that Adolf Whitmer has been made aware of this; I’m sure she’ll get right on it, I’m just so sure. /s

    If only that degenerate hag had done as governors of other states had done, namely re-called their NG contingents from their service in The Green Zone once its farcical, agenda-vaulting nature became known, this would not have been happening. Another Dispatch from Clown World, ffs.

  4. The Twisted Genius says:

    I so miss the company mess teams. I guess the NG also got rid of them. I remember the Hawaiian NG had unbelievably good mess teams. When they came to Oahu for their annual training, the 25th Division brass would always show up at meal time, always. Our mess team came with us no matter where we went. We go the field for five days. They were there. We go the Big Island for a month. They were there feeding us wild pig. We went to Subic Bay and they were there , too. They were on the USS Cleveland and on the beach in monsoon season.

    I noticed chef José Andrés had to show up with his World Central Kitchen to feed the NG troops hot meals. The NGB and Pentagon should die of shame. They also left the troops to sleep on the Capitol’s marble floors. What would it have taken to provide cots and blankets. Total incompetence.

    The Army and especially the NG should relearn how to feed and care for themselves. Never mind all this warrior bullshit. We need mess sergeants and supply sergeants to take care of soldiers.

  5. John Minnerath says:

    “competent officer” is the point here.
    There are way too many incompetent officers further up the chain of command.

  6. james says:

    pat – heads never roll except in KSA! and even then it is only people with no power whose head rolls…. the similarities with the USA are striking!

  7. Oilman2 says:

    Well, it would seem that with overseas ballots arriving late back here, and now chow making some sick, and likely being barely edible (assuming those most easily affected sickened) – the stool has only one leg remaining.

    In the land of SJWs, white supremacy and cancel culture – when do people simply stop volunteering?

  8. walrus says:

    Whenever I was duty officer, my tasks included visiting the kitchens, tasting the food, then walking the mess with the duty Sergeant asking if there were any complaints….and of course as officers, we always ate last.

  9. different clue says:

    How much of feeding soldiers in the field is now done by private contracters? Has all of it been contracted out by now? If so, do the Armed Forces have any control over what the contractors please to feed the soldiers?

    Is the only cure for this the long term cure of abolishing outside contracting for feeding soldiers and re-establishing the Army-did-it-themselves system which used to exist before it was private contractor outsourced?

  10. Ranger Ray says:

    Unfortunately we have an abundance of so-called senior leaders in the military today who do not evince the slightest idea of what it means to care for the troops. I’m afraid that “kicking in doors in Baghdad” does not constitute the level of combat experience required to ingrain that concept. I fear for the future of our combat forces.

  11. TV says:

    Why would anyone be surprised?
    The current brass got there by kissing the right people (swamp, mostly Democrats) on the lips and saluting jackasses.
    If they ever were soldiers, what kind were they – avoid responsibility and suck up?
    Calling the current US military the best only works because the competition is equally lame.
    Here’s a parlor game:
    Put the current US Army up against the Wehrmacht.

  12. jerseycityjoan says:

    This is terrible. I hope it is fixed as soon as possible and that the miserable company that supplied this garbage is put out of business.

    Speaking of food and the military, I saw this recently. It’s terrible, too. I keep seeing figures on food insecurity and they are astonishing for the world’s richest country. These are the worst I have read:

    “Since the pandemic hit, one study found nearly 40% of active-duty service members have food insecurity; for minority members, it’s more than half.”

    “Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland’s district includes JBLM. She spoke recently at a virtual town hall about hunger in the military. In December, Congress failed to approve a Military Family Basic Needs Allowance. The newly-elected congresswoman said that must change. “The people who serve our country should not have to worry about food on the table,” she said at the town hall.”

  13. scott s. says:

    That’s the beauty of being surface navy — your kitchen is always with you. Traditionally officers belonged to the “mess”. When you reported aboard you bought into the mess and when you left you got your share back. But in the 70s they changed that as new ship classes were designed to have officers eat out of the crew mess. So there was a standard fee for meals and you paid monthly in arrears. By the meal while inport and the standard daily rate at sea. A JO from the duty section was tasked with “sampling the general mess” and got that meal for free. That made it kind of desirable.

    Enlisted assigned ashore could be eligible for COMRATs (commuted rations) IOW got a “basic allowance for subsistence” instead of having to use the enlisted mess. That was a pretty sought-after option in my day. Current enlisted BAS is $386.50/month.

    I suppose it is a tradition to gripe about the chow, but you don’t really hear any complaints when the bosun pipes “mess gear”.

    For dependents, well the saying always was “If the Navy wanted you to have a wife, they would have put one in your seabag”. But there was a big incentive to get married so you could move off the ship (and as they say, “onboard / on duty”).

    It seems like units in the 25th Inf Div here always have always have some winners in the Army-wide meal preparation competitions. In my day in the Navy, there were many Filipino sailors who had gone into the Commissaryman rating after they were allowed out of the Stewards rating. Many were outstanding cooks.

  14. Deap says:

    Army marches on its stomach has been changed by Biden to … Army gets kicked in the gut.

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