The SSCI and Phase 2

"St. Patrick," as Fitzgerald is being referred to in some quarters, pronounced on Friday that it was up to the Congress to find out if the country had gone to war in Iraq in a righteous way. 

Today, the senate exploded as the Democrats made a serious move to get something moving to learn the truth about that.

In the best tradition of Washington statesmanship the two parties erupted into an orgy of mutual spite and recrimination over procedure and party interest.  "You can’t do that," one group cried!  "That breaks the rules!"

"Gotcha?"  The government is about "Gotcha?" and "lets’s change the subject?"  That’s what the US government is about?  "Gotcha?"  The broadcast media were filled with such trash tonight.

Evidently, the Democrats and the Republicans and the media people still want to play political games with each other while American soldiers are having their arms and legs blown off in the service of a country they thought loved them as they love it?  Is that the truth?  Can that really be the truth? 

Tonight, I listened to Mehlman, the RNC chairman spin, and spin, and dance in defense of his PARTISAN INTERESTS while Christopher Matthews, "a being darkly wise and rudely great," tried to discipline himself into not focusing on political bull.  He did a creditable job of pushing Mehlman into a corner and demanding substantive answers.  After a while Mehlman babbled pitiably and detestably and moaned on with the bag of non sequiturs available to him in today’s talking points.

Meanwhile the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, has actually called for an accounting into what the Bush Administration has done to us in Iraq.  His motives are debatable, but the action is not.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) produced an investigative report a year and a half ago which opined that the intelligence community failed in the run up to the war in Iraq.  That was Phase 1 of the process of finding out what went wrong in the government decision to invade and occupy Iraq.  The two parties agreed on that report.  It is always easy for the elected government to agree on blaming the spooks.  They are easy meat.

There was supposed to be a Phase 2.  That phase was to clarify what the Bush Administration had done with that flawed intelligence.  Had they hyped it?  Had they spun it?  Had they caused some of it to be created and then injected back into the information stream of the intelligence community?  Had they made claims about Iraqi behavior that were untrue?  That was 18 months ago.  Since then, unsurprisingly, the Republican controlled SSCI has produced nothing.

I choose to believe that Harry Reid is actually angry about that.  Take a look at his press conference today.  You can see it on "Crooks and Liars." I saw it live.

One of my friends wrote today to comment on Alan Farrell’s poem, "Joe Lunchbox Went to War."  I quote his message below.

"Thanks Pat..

My Daughter owns One of those Flags..

It was Presented to her on Behalf of a Grateful Nation..

More that being Just a Flag..It is a Piece of His Soul..It Represents a Human Life..A Good Man Who Served when His Nation asked Him to..

He just wanted to Come Home for the Birth of His Son..Come Home to Hugs and Family and Friends..

We all Know What Price Rick Paid for that Flag..

And All others Who Have Paid the Same Price..Because those Flags are PRICELESS..

Those who Serve are Americas Finest…

That is the True Price for FREEDOM..

The First Duty of to HONOR Human Life.."

"Duty Faithfully Peformed."  Surely we all believe in that, surely.

Pat Lang

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5 Responses to The SSCI and Phase 2

  1. Eric says:

    Good thoughts, Pat.
    The Closed Session made plenty of noise tonight on TV.
    It would be nice if St. Merde picked up his scoop and came to shovel out the “Temple”.
    I’m sure hoping.

  2. Curious says:

    Wapo reports that finally a bipartisan committe is formed 6 reps/6 dems.
    So obviously Frist couldn’t get enough majority vote to break the close door session and was forced to formed the investigation committe.

  3. michael Singer says:

    Pat, surely if the Roberts investgation got serious, the Administration would withhold any incriminating documents and Roberts would wink and complain. Nothing of truth and light can come of this; further, if by some chance the truth came out, namely that the WH manipulated intel and lied to the American people about Iraq’s danger to the U.S. what would happen then? Impeachment proceedings by a minority? Please tell me I am wrong.

  4. Geoff says:

    any links to the Matthews/ Mehlman skit? I don’t have cable and didn’t see it at C& L either.
    I used to love Matthews, read two of his books, but I can’t take him anymore.
    BTW, isn’t it 3 Repub, 3 Dem for a total of 6?

  5. blunt says:

    I would remind people that it is wise to leave or niches and travel to the blogs of the great unwashed.
    The Republican blogs are arguing with the help of the press that this is *only* political gamemanship and with chutzpah are accusing Democrats of destroying traditional congressional courtesies.
    I make an effort to travel to a few such blogs and point out that this was also about a BROKEN PROMISE.
    We were told their would be an investigation into the administrations ties to the pre Iraqi inteliigence gathering and this has not been delivered. The comments of Colonel Wilkerson (sp?) last week of his experience as Powell’s aid is in and of itself enough to pursue such an investigation.
    I would hope that everyone would take some time in the coming weeks, search out a few blogs and on this issue and others assert some facts. Also linkinmg back to relevant posts in this blog builds readers.
    We are in a “war of ideas,” it is not simply us and the Islamic extremist, but establishing that there is really value in our means of communication. I believe all humans are subject to mob like behaviors and that political environments right, left and center encourage group think.
    This kind of unity was essential to our survival. But also basic to the human is the ability to shift course when enough information reaches them that does not match the consensus pattern. Getting that information to the people who need it, doing it from a perspective that cares deeply about the troops and violates their cliche of all criticism being Chomskian, that can be useful.

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