“These Biden voters regret their 2020 choice 18 months into presidency”

“Three people – a Black man, a trans woman and a homeless mother – all regret voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, each with unique reasoning.

“I feel like I’ve been lied to by the media telling us Biden is the answer to all the country’s problems,” Mikaela Stekly told Fox News. “That’s what I saw him as when I voted for him.”

“And they made [former President] Trump kind of the bad guy in the media, but things were a lot better when he was president,” Stekly, a homeless single mother who blamed the president for her financial struggles, continued.

A Black father of three and lifelong Democrat, meanwhile, said his party has broken its promises to help the Black community. And a trans woman told Fox News she soured on Biden a few months into his term after determining that he embraced a Marxist agenda opposed to freedom.


‘They just want to keep us in the same spot’

“I feel like a lot of Black people, we’re trapped in the vicious cycle of believing what Democrats tell us,” Chris McCullough, the father of three, told Fox News. “And that’s how I was for my whole entire life.”

McCullough grew up believing the narrative that the Democrats were the party of inclusivity and therefore the only option for Black voters.

“I was programmed, in a sense, with that Democratic-savior type of situation,” he told Fox News. “That’s how Biden comes across – as Black people’s savior.”

During the 2020 campaign, Biden said during an interview with Charlamagne Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

McCullough, who said he now regrets voting for Biden, took that to heart.

“I thought that Republicans weren’t for people of color – they were just for rich White people,” he told Fox News. “That’s the way the media portrays it to be. I found out that that’s the furthest thing from the truth.””

Comment: Well, Joe, Joe still has a lot of Blacks and suburban women in his corner. Will that and systematic manipulation of local officials be enough? pl

These Biden voters regret their 2020 choice 18 months into presidency | Fox News

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  1. Harry says:

    If my wife is any indicator, they will need the Supreme Court decision on Rowe to maintain levels of support among suburban women. I think they clearly have a serious electoral problem come midterms. And I think Joe’s ability to coral Dem support will take a mortal blow.

  2. TV says:

    Life’s tough, it’s tougher when you’re stupid.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    I’ve never seen Joe so impressive as in this short clip. If it weren’t for several other things he would get my vote over any Republican in 2024. Alas. Where’s Kamala? Always a ditz every time I’ve looked.

    Biden recounts 10 year old girl rape victim’s story.

    • TV says:

      He read the script instructions on the prompter; LOL.
      So, disaster in Afghfanistan, disaster on the southern border, 8.5% inflation, destruction of the economy for the “god of green,” leader of a crime family and obvious mental incapacity earn your vote?

      • Fourth and Long says:

        No. I wrote “if it weren’t for several other things.” You’ve named three. Blame for which can be focused in a wide beam whose power supply may soon to sputter intermittently.

    • Lysias says:

      Even the Washington Post today admits that that story about the 10-year-old girl lacks corroboration. They buried that admission on an inside page, but still…

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Wow. That would be classic Joe if he actually pulled that straight out of thin air!

    • Deap says:

      Daily Mail often does a better job on American news stories than our local brands – they look into the 10 year old rape story and find far too many missing pieces, including others finding no police reporting of the rape of a minor child.


      Stand back from the lurid narrative for political gain angle, and ask yourself is it that onerous to visit another state for any “abortion” regardless – these states – Ohio and Indiana – are close to each other – no mention of where in Ohio this child lived, but in todays travel climate, simply going across an imaginary state border line is far less effort than 2 million illegals breaking into the US.

      As another internet poster said if there is no record of any police response to the rape of 10 year old child, even with child’s identity preserved, we have far larger problems than anyone being required to travel to a neighboring state to obtain an “abortion”.

      Fact check: highly dubious, but this has never stopped Biden from telling any whopper that suits his personal agenda.

  4. Whitewall says:

    The Plantation white democrats have managed to hold black people in is gradually crumbling, its walls have always been in the mind. Asian Americans are suffering under attacks from black males all over the country as well as being discriminated against simply because their children are high achievers academically. And then there are Hispanics. If Democrat social policy keeps lurching leftward and deeper into cultural nonsense, eg, removing the gender assignment of their language—LatinX, they too will drift toward Republicans. If that happened, Democrats would erect a southern border wall so fast people’s heads would spin. As a bonus to sell the wall, Dems would hire HGTV to hold contests to see who could and how fast segments of the wall could be decorated and who takes first prize.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Everyone has their Room 101. For me it was counseling and providing drugs and surgeons for 9 year old children to get sex change operations. I’d hold Nuremburg 2.0 for that alone. It isn’t communism, it isn’t fascism, it isn’t even science fiction. It’s a lunatic asylum without walls. I’d like to hear my dad telling me: “tolerance, tolerance” over that. Am I an old fogey like my ancient grandad who my parents would prevent the kids from telling certain things? “Oh, don’t tell grandaddy that, no no, you mustn’t tell him those things.” Well, guess what then – I found out and my parents were right, I don’t like it. I don’t like hearing about 100 cops doing nothing while 19 elementary school children are knowingly being murdered either. Maybe I like that even less especially it not taking place in a far away swampy lagoon land ruled by crocodile breeding cannibals. No. The lovely USA.

  5. A. Pols says:

    It’s no surprise the communist leader would endorse Joe Biden. With “The Squad” dictating the agenda while “Riden’ with Biden”, there’s little to distinguish the Democrat party of today from the communist party. The collectivist agenda subscribed to by the modern Democrat party is hard left at its core. It openly promotes ideology driven central planning with its Utopian green energy and build back better rubbish. We should be afraid, be very afraid, for if these people take over they won’t relinquish power and when things don’t work out well (as they currently are) they’ll just double down. It’s a human trait to double down when a flawed plan they’ve come up with doesn’t work; they just think they just have to try harder and all will come up roses.
    So, they screw up the economy and they’re screwing up foreign policy too.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      A. Pols

      You are right about the Dems’ collectivist agenda, but the Utopians are merely useful idiots. Build Back Better originates in Davos and you would be right to be suspicious of a seemingly collectivist agenda promoted by the wealthiest people on the planet. Of course the centralization of power is just a means to an end and that end is Neo-feudalism (the WEF call it “Stakeholder Capitalism”).

      The Great Reset (GR) is all about replacing capitalism with this new & improved variety. I guess they want to keep the name for sentimental reasons. The transition must necessarily mean sweeping away all the old structures and I think it is quite possible that the plan is to deliberately crater the US economy. The coming technocratic coup d’état needs economic and political chaos so it can present the New Order as the only viable solution. Who better than Joe Biden to be the unfortunate bag holder left to epitomize the failure of the old system of the pre-technocratic age?

      To use a Hemingway metaphor, we are in the ‘gradually’ phase of the Great Reset presently. My current expectation is that the ‘suddenly’ phase will begin before 2024 and that a massive cyber attack with be the trigger. Do I have a crystal ball? No, I’m just relying on the WEF’s track record of their sponsored war games preceding reality. Clade X and Event-201 immediately preceded the COVID ‘pandemic’. I think it is reasonable to assume that a real world Cyber Polygon will be the Big One.

      As far relinquishing power goes, I would suggest that if the Reset is successful the real power – that of the global oligarchy – will be consolidated into absolute power. Some form of politics may remain for window dressing, but troublesome artifacts like the Constitution will have to pass into irrelevance or go altogether.

      Will it succeed? I can’t see it. These folk are wildly out of touch with reality, as their dystopian GR promotional material attests. Far more likely they’ll just end up destroying the old without remaking the new. But hey, I may be totally wrong and the 2024 election might come around and we’ll see the Dems and their crazy agenda pass into the trash can of history.

      • cobo says:

        Not generally a warmonger, I see war as the crucible where the impurities are driven out. Once the fight begins, as it has in Ukraine, it’s left to the warriors. And as in past posts, where I brought up the long relationship of Putin to Klaus Schwab, I don’t for one second think that Russia and China aren’t in on the game, the sweethearts for a dystopian future. Uh-uh.

        • Datil D says:

          The camp opposite of your view is that China, Russia and the US have to be onboard to pull off the Great Reset. Europe, Canada etc were in, the stumbling blocks were Trump, Putin and Xi. They handled Trump and the economic and political chaos in the US seems to be well underway.

          • cobo says:

            I don’t disagree with you. From the works of Antony Sutton meticulously detailing the way western financial backers helped develop the three main branches of socialism: welfare state, national socialism and communism, to some really comprehensive work by James Corbett about the purposeful development of China into the power it is today, link below, the desired technocratic control mechanisms already exisit in Russia and China. It’s the US and Europe that need to be broken in order to implement the controls here. The political chaos and economic self deconstruction, as you point out, are well under way. The war is the wild-card. The West might decide not to lose and turn the dynamics of the new world order on its head. It seems the tigers in Eastern Europe might be the best way to show the West how to regain their balls – but that of course won’t be allowed, except war has no rules


        • Deap says:

          I am reminded of the early scene in Gone with the Wind when Rhett Butler explains to the jingoistic southern rebels the realities of war readiness, the steady need for equipment, and lack of independent supply lines. Their zeal was simply not going to seal the deal.

          Of course at the film plays out Rhett Bulter’s wise advice vividly portraying the South’s dispirited and inevitable defeat. Somehow this reminds me of cosplaying Zelenskyy and his attempt to portray long-corrupt Ukraine worthy of dying for in the name of national sovereignty, but with insufficient sabres of their own to rattle?

          Or did Zelenksyy shrewdly forecast Biden would become an endless supplier of US defense industry armaments, during another US election year Democrat vote buying scheme?

  6. Polish Janitor says:

    If DeSantis runs (which he will) in ’24 he will have a sizable black and solid Hispanic votes in the bank. The main question is to figure out whether or not the GOP needs Trumpist rhetoric in order to win? I hope they move on from Trump and adopt a sort of proper conservatism being offered by more policy-minded and a less populist candidate. DeSantis so far has compensated for the charisma deficit by being more active on the policy side of the culture wars which in all fairness has been pretty effective. In the meantime the Dems don’t have legit candidate to sell to their ever- shrinking base. I mean who do they have? Mayor Pete? Michele-O? Tulsi (who is bizarrely pro-Putin!)? Cori Bush? Hilary? Sherrod Brown?

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Precisely why Joe Biden will run for re-election. Nothing makes any sense at all at this point. Zero.

    • TV says:

      “Proper conservatism?”
      As in the fraud perpetrated by the swamp RINOs and the so-called “conservative” media, like National Review?
      Trump is entertaining and good on policy but he’s a TERRIBLE judge of people, is easily distracted and hands too much ammunition to his enemies.

    • Fred says:

      Polish Janitor,

      Gavin Newsome. Mr. Telegenic with Hollywood/investment bank money.

    • different clue says:

      After the way the DemParty leaders and major figures betrayed and rejected Tulsi all through and then after the Presidential primary season, I doubt she will run for anything as a Democrat ever again, or support anyone who does.

      I don’t know if she is studying how or whether to become Republican or Republican-adjacent at some future point. I suspect she may decide that 2024 is still too soon for her to do anything specifically electoral.

      It would be interesting if she and Jesse Ventura were to co-run as an Independent Ticket but I don’t know how likely that is either.

      On the DemParty side, all the other wanna-runs are as unpromising as Biden or even more so. The strongest loudest force in the DemParty is still the millions of Pink Pussy Hat Clintonites in the field still worshipping their Goddess-Empress and the hundreds and hundreds of Clintonite embeds hidden behind every floorboard and wall socket of the Party itself. I think ( just a feeling ) that Clinton will outfight and outlast all the others to become the nominee herself. ” Third time’s a charm” . . . right?

  7. Deap says:

    Recommend the excellent Larry Elder’s documentary “Uncle Tom” – conversations with black conservatives. The light goes off, this alleged national “divide” was never about color, it has always been about values. Welcome abord, black conservatives – GOP is your home.

  8. powderfinger1 says:

    Calling Gabbard “pro-Putin” is a stretch (if not dishonest). Being against a war that the United States has no arguable interest in and calling for less escalatory rhetoric doesn’t mean you’re pro Putin. Is everyone for United States involvement pro Lockheed-Martin?

    • LeaNder says:

      Calling Gabbard “pro-Putin” is a stretch (if not dishonest).
      Thanks, interesting. Not very populist? 😉

      calling for less escalatory rhetoric
      The war seems the culmination of ‘escalatory rhetoric’ over the years. …

      Jeffrey Sachs recently called it a Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster, Jeffrey D. Sachs , June 27, 2022

      While reading it I wondered:

      a) At what point was the Borg, blob, Neocon, US foreign policy complex dropped as the image of the enemy in favor of the Culture War, Socialist, Communists treat on SST and here.

      b) Would it be easy to find evidence that JDS is actually a communist himself, if not a self-hating American?

      c) What are the precise politics of this admin, showing they are communists?

      • Polish Janitor says:

        Good piece you mentioned. A few points on the question of neocons, the blob, int’l socialists, and so forth that you mentioned:

        *The ‘neocon’ libel since 2008 has become a tool of condemnation and belittlement against whoever believes the military should have a voice (even a marginal one) in foreign policy conduct. It is used by both the left and the right. It reached its peak use in 2016 by DJT who got him a lot of votes and even some recognition by the lefties around Bernie.

        *The neoconservative foreign policy is now in the ash heap of history and doesn’t exist anymore. It was popularized most and foremost by Bill Kristol and Bob Kagan back in 1996 in a piece called “Toward a neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy” that laid the foundation for the Bush Doctrine and the GWOT. Kagan now claims he’s a “liberal realist” and not a neocon anymore. You can’t find a more reprehensible and cuck intellectual types than these foreign policy neocon types. Trump killed them altogether and shut their shit Izzy-first magazine ‘The Weekly Standard’ back in ’19 and now they can be found in the periphery of the centrist neo-liberal think tanks and institutions like CAP and Brookings as they sporadically join forces for specific campaign and policies and gratefully chew on whatever the democrats threw at them. There is and has always been miscegenation between dem centrists and foreign policy neocons since the 90s (e.g. see the PNAC). The latter thought they could pass themselves are Republican conservatives but they are all now independents post-2016. Another term for them is NeverTrumpers. Same people, same crap. There’s one coming as the new State Dep. point person for the ME called Tamara Coffman Wittes who is a neocon miscegenated entity tasked with troublemaking in that region and apparently has something to do with using women to pursue certain democratization goals there.

        *The Jeff Sachs types are weasel Soros outfits who fetishize the UN and are in some ways even worse than the neocons above as they are really into globalization of ‘indecency and obscenity’ at the societal level and thus promote the worst urges of liberal democracy, especially in the west. And they despise America, especially American “POWER” (emphasize added!) and would very much like to make happen a rotten Waimar-like western civilization that is perpetually in moral, economic, military and diplomatic decline that does not stand in the way of the UN’s broader social engineering agenda. This group and the neocons above do collaborate on specific issues and join forces, e.g. during the Arab Spring, Syria, Libya as long as the American power in question is 100% submitted to the agenda and command of the UN objectives. This is called R2P doctrine or humanitarian interventionism. Obama employed many of them during his presidency, but they all got booted by Trump. Some of them got back into the administration in the Biden’s WH.

        *Tulsi is an abnormal (former) politician. I used to find her interesting, but now don’t trust her views because they are incoherent. It’s hard to put her in a coherent category because her shtick seems to be only in finding herself swimming against the tide. When she entered politics back in 12′-13′ she held rather a typical mainstream somewhat hawkish views, hung out with Izzy-firsters and donors, etc. But she suddenly went non-interventionist and abnormally pro-Axis of Resistance, pro-Putin, hangs out with Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham. Attends CPAC, dismisses Russian bad behavior and so forth. I have no issues with Tucker etc. but I have reservations about Tulsi. Maybe I’m reading into it too much. I dunno. We’ll see.

        • LeaNder says:

          Thanks for the response, pj. I was as hesitant about Tulsi as I was as hesitant about Haley, based on the little I watched. I share your distrust of populism. But aren’t all politicians necessarily such to some extent?

          Trump killed them altogether and shut their shit Izzy-first magazine ‘The Weekly Standard’ back in ’19 and now they can be found in the periphery of the centrist neo-liberal think tanks and institutions like CAP and Brookings as they sporadically join forces for specific campaign and policies and gratefully chew on whatever the democrats threw at them.

          The Weekly Standard is a good point in case: “We are feeding the hate”. Yes they were, feeding the hate, that is. But they were hardly the only ones.

          But Trump killed the mag? Or its readers and the power seeking conservative elites? Trump wouldn’t have become president without a share of those to start with. And as the Lindsay Graham case and other cases show, that support increased. Even more so under assault?

          But yes, the Colorado owner got sick of sponsoring the magazine and its cruises.

          Wasn’t Trump more pro-Israel than any president before him?

          What now? A ticket Trump – Flynn, as Bannon suggests? After all, Flynn was one of the Trumps best first acts?

          Who killed the Standard:

          • Polish Janitor says:

            Trump’s ’16 win unleashed an anti-elite purge of the GOP and the foreign policy neocons were the most significant casualty of it. So I credit the shutting down of TWS to Trumpism on the right.

            Just recently, the New York Sun was launched (I suppose only in the web format) that is the real successor to TWS, not the Bulwark which is more politically diverse. In fact The Sun is a cross between Commentary Magazine and Bulwark and has that elitist ‘whiff’ which is interesting especially at a time when the conservative intellectual ecosystem has moved dramatically to the far-right (e.g. Patrick Daneen and Yoram Hazony).

            On the Trump and the Israeli question, here’s how I see it: Yes I agree, but Trump aligned himself more with Jerusalem than Tel-Aviv, philosophically. Unsurprisingly, the evangelical base side mostly with the Jerusalem ‘tribe’ than the more centrist/leftist Tel-Aviv ‘tribe’. You can notice this little detail if you have paid attention to neocons and NeverTrumpers’ views of Trump. They would have loved Jeb or Rubio or Hilary to have won in ’16 than DJT. The key issue was democracy promotion which Trump did a lot to undermine in terms of American foreign policy strategy.

            On populism and politicians I agree with you in general. But Trump ‘misused’ populism when he entered the oval office. I would have appreciated it had Trump actually fulfilled his pledges, most importantly the ‘draining of the swamp’. In fact Trump turned populism into a WMD and solely for personal use and we saw the negative result of it in Jan. 6. Populism in terms of elections is essentially a form of political connection with the citizens, through which the politicians would try to attune themselves to the issues of citizens in exchange for their votes. Reagan was populist, Goldwater was populist, Buchanan is a populist and they all had plans and policies to govern unlike Trump who 24/7 used it to keep the ‘base’ aroused by bashing the media, the liberals, etc. He needed to govern properly and he didn’t, because he couldn’t and that was because he had no vision to back up his big mouth. He was there to promote himself and that’s it. Trump’s brand of populism was mostly predatory (one-sided) and psychologically satisfying to the base. At the end he left with 500-600$ million extra in his bank but left nothing to his ‘base’ in terms of political legacy. He also used his pardons to free a bunch of pedos, creeps, tricksters and scammers. Trump has no place in the GOP and I’m telling you that the GOP elite will not allow him to run again in ’24. I’ve read rumors that he maybe cutting some kind of political backroom deal to ‘lend’ his support to DeSantis in exchange for a Florida senate seat for his daughter Ivanka. We’ll se if it’s true or not.

  9. Fred says:

    FJB stickers are showing up in Gainesville, the blue haven in North Central Florida. Lots of black folks there none too happy with $5 gas and $5 milk. The Supreme Court decision isn’t going to get them to vote for Joe & Kamala’s congressional picks, that only energizes the AWFuLs: Affluent White Female Liberals. The J6 tv crap isn’t going to do much either, Sri Lanka’s ‘insurrection’ and Holland’s farmers are both more exciting and show just what a pissed off people will do. Did I mention $5 gas and $5 milk? I left out “where’s the beef” (’80s nostalga reference) because that ain’t in the black family budget any longer either, and “Putin did it” isn’t selling either.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Yes. But don’t forget – you will eat insects, 🐜, own nothing, and be happy 😃.
      And Davos doesn’t have Floridian blacks in mind. Have you seen the advertisements where Nichole Kidman eats from a bowl of insects, one helping after another and saying she enjoys it because they are delicious, non-fattening, and nutritious? I’m not kidding and I’ve neither visited Pluto recently nor baked Psilocybin mushrooms. Try to think that through. Maybe the Stanislovskii method will help. You’re Nichole Kidman. Ok now let that sink in for an hour as you practice your new walk and consider wardrobes. Keep in mind – universally admired as brilliantly gifted, ravishingly beautiful and irresistibly desirable. And you are wealthy beyond any need or capacity to fantasize. Give it a few hours, maybe watch a few old films. Settling into it, Got it? Okay.
      And what therefore? Simple. Nothing complex about it. You eat insects, that’s what.

      Then I’m asking myself: Do I really think the Democrats (or whatever is behind them) are interested in winning another election if international icons like Nichole Kidman are publicly advocating eating insects and pretending to do so themselves in public?

      The ghost of Richard Nixon turns to the ghosts of his political operatives and says: Do you guys remember your childhood when your mom would tell you the stories of the bad things that happened to little kids who ate worms and caterpillars?

      • Fred says:


        I will admit I like escargot, though technically they are gastropods and not insects. Nicole made that ad a while back. As a professional script reader she did pretty well. I wonder what she got paid for that endorsement?

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Marie Antoinette was at least kind enough to suggest cake. I can’t recall if Count Cagliostro had yet stolen her jewels.

          Nichole is a fine fine actress but those people are often duped by Council of Foreign Relations types. “Read this and appear here here and here, and in return we show you the secret tax shelter islands in the Pacific that only our closest friends know about. You know, the islands no one can find on a map because, well, because their names only appear in special Congressional appropriation bills signed during record setting blizzards while Congress is out of town on for the Holidays.”

          My dad had a great sense of humor. Said he never ate escargot. Asked why he said he was only offered them once during the war in France and they were seasoned too heavily with garlic. (Naturally I found canned escargot the very next day, sprinkled them with garlic, sauteed them in butter and after eating them thought: makes sense.) He also claimed never to drink water. Like Conan Doyle’s Dr Watson whose Tale of the Red Rat of Sumatra the world was not yet ready for, that strange story will have to wait too.

          Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette (2006) – pretty good IMO.

  10. Condottiere says:

    I’m hoping for a GOP takeover of 3/4+ state legislative chambers so we can have an Article 5 convention and fix this mess once and for all.

  11. blue peacock says:

    It appears just as voters are souring on Biden, a number of Republican voters would prefer Trump to also sail into the sunset as Elon just tweeted a day ago.

    I don’t hate the man, but it’s time for Trump to hang up his hat & sail into the sunset.

    Dems should also call off the attack – don’t make it so that Trump’s only way to survive is to regain the Presidency.


    Former President Donald Trump continues to lead all challengers in a poll of Republican voters – but with nearly half of GOP voters saying they prefer someone else.

    And the poll reveals a sizable chunk – 16 per cent – of Republicans who say they would vote for President Joe Biden if Trump is the party nominee.


    I agree with Elon. Unfortunately the Democrats and Liz Cheney want to disqualify Trump and go after him on criminal charges to prevent him from running. That will have the opposite effect and force him to run.

    IMO, a Trump candidacy will be a disaster for the Republicans as he will once again suck the media oxygen and make the primary into another carnival show. CNN & MSNBC who are in a death spiral will once again be rejuvenated. Trump had his shot. When it came to taking on the Deep State he was all hat and no cattle. Time for the GOP to nominate someone like DeSantis who did not get cowed by the covid media hysteria or CRT and all the culture war stuff. However, let’s be clear, he ain’t gonna upset the Deep State applecart.

    Unfortunately for us, both parties are deeply enmeshed in the culture wars much to the detriment of much more pressing issues on the erosion of individual liberties to obscurity, an out of control leviathan administrative state far from the constitutional enumerated powers, massive and unprecedented consolidation of the market by oligopolies, and the lawlessness of the national security apparatus.

    • different clue says:

      I also will vote for Biden again if the Republicans run Trump again. I am saying that now to give any Republican operatives who may be reading this a more-than-two-year lead-time to come up with some other ( any other) nominee other than Trump yet again.

      If they come up with a tolerable nominee, many disgruntled Democrats will feel free to vote for some third party or other.

      Here is an “epic rant” from a member of the “Democrats’ base” in the field, showing just how unhappy the campers are becoming.

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