They Have Betrayed the Constitution – Overwhelming Evidence of FBI Corruption

The American people, regardless of political affiliation, should be bellowing a primal scream of outrage in light of the new evidence–overwhelming evidence at that–of the FBI’s corruption. If you have not read John Solomon’s latest revelations about the contents of formerly classified FBI documents that were declassified one week before Donald Trump left Washington, DC, then you need to take the time. You can read it here.

Permit me to point out some background you need to appreciate the appalling gravity of these documents. In theory the FBI is not supposed to be a Secret Police (i.e., a GESTAPO). No FBI Agent or official is supposed to have the ability to wake up in the morning and decide to start investigating an American citizen just because the Agent does not like what someone has written or said. But we now know that world is our reality.

In theory, Special Prosecutor John Durham, could put the brakes on this lawlessness by indicting and convicting James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, Bruce Ohr and others. Do not hold your breath. Durham appears to be a fraud and his failure to act will further embolden the FBI to engage in more illegal acts.

The FBI documents use code names for various members of the Trump campaign team. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • George Papadopoulos — Crossfire Typhoon (aka CT)
  • Carter Page —  Crossfire Dragron (aka CD)
  • General Michael Flynn — Crossfire Razor (aka CR)
  • Campaign chairman Paul Manafort, — Crossfire Fury (aka CF)

But they were not the only ones targeted. These men also were put in the cross-hairs, without knowing the FBI was after them for the mere act of supporting Donald Trump:

  • Future Attorney General Jeff Sessions,
  • Foreign policy adviser Sam Clovis,
  • Economic adviser Peter Navarro

Inspector General Michael Horowitz lied with his claim that Crossfire Hurricane was “properly predicated.” It was not. There was no justification for this massive counter intelligence investigation, which had only one purpose–help Hillary Clinton.

The key informant/spy in this operation is Stefan Halper, an obese bloodsucker whose father-in-law was a top level CIA officer in the 1970s:

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24 Responses to They Have Betrayed the Constitution – Overwhelming Evidence of FBI Corruption

  1. Seamus Padraig says:

    They should rename it the FBD: Forever Bothering Deplorables.

  2. Fred says:

    “The Obama Administration was spying, illegally so,…”

    You should re-label your post to include St. Barack in the title.

  3. sbin says:

    Dishonored disgraced corrupt.
    Think that was in FBI original mission statement.

    At least they are not as bad as CIA.

    Completely unaccountable public servants are never a good thing.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Actually, they are worse. The CIA does not have the power to arrest you and put you in jail. The FBI does.

      • exiled off mainstreet says:

        As you kind of hint by using the word in the context you do in the article, all Gestapo means is secret state police, geheime staats Polizei. That seems to fit the FBI template to a “T”. Another term for it could be Staats sicherheit: Stasi. The FBI record of getting provocateurs to get fools to come up with bogus “terrorism” plots has been well-known for years. They are acting just like historic thuggish secret police agencies from history such as the Okhrana (the Czar’s secret agency) and the KGB have acted.

  4. Lasttruebeliever says:

    Thinking about her:

    We Came, We Saw, He Died

    Do any doubt
    The nature of my quest?
    It’s to continue
    The empire of the west.
    This goes well beyond right and wrong—
    We murder nations for a song!
    We came, we saw, he died!

    He was our greatest enemy
    Along with the commander;
    We beset them by the air and sea,
    And yet they won’t surrender!
    We came , we saw, he died.

    We came, we saw, he died!
    It’s our motto, it’s our cry!
    There’s no greater proof
    Of who we are—than
    We came, we saw, he died!

    You can call me Mystery,
    I’m a woman after all;
    And my arrival on the scene
    Means the curtain’s about to fall.
    We came, we saw, he died!

    I’m lucky I get what I want,
    Satan’s lucky too!
    We made a cauldron of empire
    Where we’ll burn
    Before we’re through!
    We came, we saw, he died!

    Brother Blue Iconoclast

  5. fakebot says:

    Thank you Larry for tirelessly exposing this conspiracy against Trump’s presidency.

    Claims of Russian interference, real or not, were originally about damage control. The DNC/Clintons didn’t know what kind of content could be found in those emails and these claims gave them a means of defense, i.e., any damaging emails were manipulated by hackers.

    Truth be told, the DNC emails were not particularly damaging; however, the emails the FBI legally declassified from Hillary’s private server were more damaging. Among those emails, Doug Band all but admitted that the Clinton charity was a way to grease their palms.

    To date, there is no hard evidence to prove Russia had even hacked the DNC and took all this data. CrowdStrike admitted this in Congressional hearings (the FBI never analyzed the servers themselves, they simply took CrowdStrike at their word). It’s still plausible the emails were leaked by an insider, although I tend to suspect the former of being true.

    Supposing Putin really did hack the DNC servers and leak the emails, then the goal was to damage Hillary’s ability to govern as president in a tit-for-tat response to what Hillary had done to him. When Hillary was secretary of state under Obama, she spearheaded efforts to foment opposition to Putin around the time of the Arab Spring (

    Also, there’s no reason to believe Russian supported Trump’s candidacy. They had no reason to place confidence in Trump winning the presidency. In fact, Hillary won the Democratic primaries not because she was more popular than Sanders, but because the super delegates gave her the edge. I think the Russians intended to fan the flames of Trump’s claims that the US election was rigged and that Hillary stole the vote, but there’s no chance they actually colluded with him so he could become president. That was a lie.

    After Hillary lost, she still tried to engineer a way into office and these claims of Russian collusion suited that purpose. Pelosi was third in line to the presidency if Trump and Pence were impeached on the bogus offence of Russian collusion. Pelosi would have named Hillary as her VP and after Pelosi resigned, Hillary would become president. That was Hillary’s hope, but it was delusional and never stood a chance of happening.

    Obama, for his part, feared Trump would erase his legacy. The leaking, the investigations, the accusations of racism were all designed to impede Trump and his agenda. He played his dirty part in this affair. I’d like to say it was the most shameful thing he did as president, but his naive support for jihadists in Syria and Libya was far worse. If only he had listened to General Flynn.

  6. Deap says:

    Considering J. Edgar Hoover’s iron grip on the agency for so long, how could it have turned out any other way. Can’t shake the image of J.Edgar and LBJ laughing over FBI “intelligence reports” on anyone LBJ wanted to leverage. True or not?

    J. Edgar in a blue dress. True or not also?

    This is how the agency looks to an outsider – a composite of scurrilous vignettes and clumsy Italian capers; not exactly the moral rectitude of steely-jawed Efram Zimbalist playing FBI on the TV.

    I don’t doubt the need for this type agency in the best of all possible worlds and much good must have been accomplished, but large organizations with that much power including the ability to avoid effective oversight, and increasingly dependent upon personal judgement proves increasing size at some point results in increasing inefficiencies and ultimately endemic corruptions.

    One more good idea in principle, overtaken by Bigger Government entropy. Corrupted now even further by meritless “diversity” demands. A commonly shared and noble value system is far more critical for the function of the mission than devotion of superficial externals.

    Just saw the movie “The Guard” – a wry take about small town Irish law enforcement that included a US G-Man coming to break up a half billion dollar drug smuggling operation. Local village deplorable meets “diverse” US G-Man …shades of “In the Heat of the Night” ….proving it wasn’t about token diversity that made a US G-Man, it was about proven talent and commitment to the mission.

    It was also about the temptation of half a billion dollars in cash left floating in the ocean. A good romp of a movie. And a very likable image of a professional US G-Man.

  7. AK says:


    A commonly shared and noble value system is far more critical for the function of the mission than devotion of superficial externals.

    Agreed. But I would add that the FBI is merely a reflection of American society writ large. It seems a significant percentage of the American populace have no more use for the shared and noble value system that got us this far as a civilization, which is why you don’t see the mass, bipartisan public outrage that one would expect at the FBI’s gross malfeasance. Much of our condition arises from the fact that our fourth estate especially has no use for such values, and thus does nothing to guard them against degradation by making the public aware of the abuses of power regularly occurring in Washington. In fact, they actively and purposely commit to degrading these values on a daily basis. American society could theoretically weather the malfeasance of government bureaucrats, provided the public check on their power was maintained by being informed and interested in their dastardly doings. But when the public information conduits are irredeemably corrupt and the public itself has lost all interest and investment, I’m afraid that’s when things pass a tipping point, and we are there now.

    As the Colonel put it in a post a while back, we as a people no longer possess the talent for maintaining a republic.

    • Fred says:


      “But I would add that the FBI is merely a reflection of American society writ large.”

      How many agents and managers don’t have college educations, close to zero? What percent live and work in rural areas? That certainly isn’t reflective of American society. I’ll agree with you on the press, but then they effectively are employees of 6 or so conglomerates that make or hope to make a major portion of revenue and profits in Asia, mostly China, and happen to own news divisions. it is the elected politicians that have failed to hold those companies to account at least since Reagan left office.

      • AK says:


        I didn’t mean to imply the FBI as an institution is reflective in general of American society. I suppose I should have clarified that the malady that plagues the FBI, according to Deap, is reflective of the malady that plagues our society writ large, in my view. Of course, in many other respects, the bureaucrats in the FBI and other bloated and corrupt federal agencies couldn’t be further removed from the rest of American society.

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        Fred, FBI employment certainly doesn’t conform to the educational level of the US population, but it’s probably damned close to the urban/rural divide. In 2020, there were approximately 57.23 million people living in rural areas in the United States, compared to about 272.91 million people living in urban areas. That’s well under 10% rural.

        • Fred says:



          Is that new math? With 330 million citizens and legal residents that’s close to 20% than it is to ‘well under 10%’ rural.


          I agree, but the organization rotted at the top, and in candidate selection and training.

        • The Twisted Genius says:

          Holy hell! Where did I get that math? RPI is going to revoke my alumnus status even though I’m not STEM. It’s 17.3% rural with those figures.

    • Deap says:

      For many of us our only real, diect interface with our “government” is running the TSA gauntlet which is an exercise in asymmetric power. That and the long arm of IRS. Beyond that, many of us have no other contact with our “government” other than elected officials who ignore us and now even voting which increasingly no longer counts as the consent of the governed either.

      Bleak, very bleak. We know TSA can stop us for the slightest misspoken word, glance or perception. Actually a very degrading few moments of abject helpless, bordering on sheer terror is how we now perceive our “government”.

      In practical terms, we are cowed by our “government”, which may be why many stay silent even when faced with further egregious over-reach and documented abuse.

      Reagan got it. Trump got it. But the “government” does not get it. Just the opposite, they enjoy every single moment knowing they own us. Including the insoles on our shoes that we never knew hat metal rods. Until the TSA alarm bells go off.

    • Deap says:

      To paraphrase Shakespeare …..First, we kill all the teachers unions …….
      We must be the hands that rock the cradles; not “them”.

  8. Walrus says:

    With respect, I think some are missing the point which is simple and time worn; almost all organizations that flout the law justify their actions by reference to espousing:

    “A commonly shared and noble value system is far more critical for the function of the mission than devotion of superficial externals.”

    That adherence is the raison d’etre for breaking any and all laws including committing wholesale murder – they have a higher calling.

    In the case of the FBI and DoJ they decided they needed to flout The Constitution in order to save it.

  9. exiled off mainstreet says:

    I wonder if Sessions, whose senatorial record was better, went along with the deep state conspiracy by allowing Mueller to operate and basically betraying Trump and continuing to employ a lot of disloyal types as US attorneys because the FBI sort of blackmailed him to play ball or made it clear more indirectly that they could get him?
    My guess is that Seth Rich leaked the Harpy’s documentation and was liquidated for that by regime operatives. I also suspect that the ballot stuffing initiatives such as harvesting the votes of incompetents, etc. perfected against Trump were first used against Sanders both in 2016 and 2020. I also suspect Sanders probably knew something since he is no dummy. It all makes his craven intense backing of the party establishment despite this knowledge prove that he was a toady all along.

    • Deap says:

      In California, vote-harvesting is done primarily by the public sector union members – they have long been the back bone of the Democrat’s disciplined GOTV efforts ,even before later vote-harvesting. Police and fire unions particularly. They are fighting for their own direct benefits; not for betterment of the good old USA. They are fighting to sit on both sides of the public tax dollar bargaining table.

      I was told back in the 1980’s when volunteering for local elections …firemen just love to walk precincts. I thought they liked getting off-duty exercise in those days. Now I see they liked getting their $400,000 a year tax dollar-funded compensation packages and early retirements on what they now call “service-related disabilities – which even means bowling injuries- see Transparent California for proof of the payoff.

      Ideal state for anyone wanting to move: no mail-in balloting; no closed shop; no vote harvesting, no term limits……………

  10. Deap says:

    sbin, is that really the FBI mission statement? “At least we are not as bad as the CIA”. (Ha, ha)

  11. Deap says:

    Peter Navarro is claiming Durham will be indicting at least three people. Any favorites?
    I would suspect McCabe would be a slam dunk – expendable and documented.

    But the big guys who were responsible for the Get Trump culture, but also smart enough to leave no smoking guns and/or create a boat load of plausible deniability … are they too big to fail?

  12. Sam says:

    The institutional rot not just in the FBI is so deep, there’s no chance of recovery. Look all around. There’s the Fed driving the economy and financial system over the cliff with unbelievable amount of credit that can never be repaid, let alone with interest. Heck, even the judiciary is rotten.

    Yet, so Americans accomplishing great feats. What if we could give Congress and all of government a years paid vacation so there wouldn’t be any new legislation or regulations?

  13. Deap says:

    20 FBI agents, guns blazing raid the home of Frontline Doctors -Simone Gold – because she was present in the Capitol on Jan 6 — and has led the common sense “covid” opposition:

    Our tax dollars at work.

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