Court petition against FBI collaboration with ADL


This week, IRmep's Center for Policy and Law Enforcement
filed a formal petition with each field division Special-Agent-in-Charge
requesting they maintain a visible professional distance from the ADL,
especially since past liaisons appear to have severely compromised legitimate
law enforcement investigations into unlawful activities of the ADL.


FBI special-agents-in-charge (SACs) have traditionally
had discretion over whether or not to liaise with regional Anti-Defamation
League offices.  In 1968 and 1985, FBI
headquarters recommended such liaisons, probably without a thorough review of
the ADL's questionable activities contained in its own 10,000 page file.  CFP brings this complimentary (and overdue)
review to SACs with the blanket recommendation they "opt-out" of
joint ADL programs while paying more attention to the group's role in
facilitating espionage against the U.S.


Center for Policy and Law Enforcement Filing to 54 Field
Divisions template is available at:


The complaint specifically identifies the following
reasons for nation-wide disengagement:

1) ADL ties thwart warranted criminal investigations. In
1944, Senator Rufus Holman complained to the FBI that the ADL was organizing an
illegal boycott of his business and re-election campaign, a possible violation
of the Sherman Act. The FBI refused to investigate, possibly because David
Robinson, the head of the local ADL office organizing the activities, was FBI
confidential informant #7 of the Portland division office. In 1946, the ADL
obtained the confidential bank records of a rival organization, the Institute
of Arab-American Affairs. Though aware of the incident, the FBI did not
investigate. In 1969, ADL agents infiltrated a national meeting of the
Organization of Arab Students. Although the FBI considered a Foreign Agents
Registration Act investigation of the ADL which routinely passes such
information to the Israeli government, no action was taken. In the 1990s, ADL
operatives infiltrated and illegally collected vast amounts of private
information from Bay-area peace and anti-Apartheid groups. The FBI played a
minimal role in the investigation. The ADL subsequently paid damages after
civil court actions, but was never criminally prosecuted. (See Criminal
investigation and successful civil lawsuits against the ADL over privacy right
violations 1992-1993:


2) ADL ties thwart warranted counterespionage
investigations. Retired Mossad case officer and author Victor Ostrovsky claims
that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad actively recruits helpers from
organizations like the ADL. Ostrovsky claims Mossad has asked ADL to smear Americans
the Israeli government wanted to undermine. Mossad asked ADL to smear as an
anti-Semite "one stain you can't wash" Congressman Peter McCloskey
(see Ovstrovsky making this claim at Ex-Mossad Agent Revealing Mossad's lethal
By cooperating with the ADL, the FBI may be undermining its own ongoing
counter-espionage investigations against a country the FBI has continually
documented in reports to be one of the most active in targeting the U.S. for
national defense and economic secrets.


3) ADL calls for leniency over crimes committed for
Israel are at odds with FBI's mandate. In 1957, the FBI noticed that ADL was
raising funds and lobbying for special treatment of atomic spy Morton Sobell
who was sentenced to 30 years in 1950 and admitted to espionage for the Soviet
Union in 2008. The ADL has long requested the release of Israel's most
notorious spy Jonathan Pollard. In 2009 the ADL pressured the Justice
Department to drop prosecutions of American Israel Public Affairs Committee
(AIPAC) officials indicted for passing secrets to Israel (documented by an FBI
investigation which amassed credible evidence of espionage that formed the
basis of the indictments). The FBI director and agents involved in the case
were reported in news accounts as being very disappointed that the ADL and
other lobbying to thwart due process paid off and the case never went to trial
for a fair and open consideration of facts. Many Americans who have observed
AIPAC and the ADL over the years felt the same way.


4) ADL-FBI ties embolden ADL to disrupt legitimate civil
society petitions for redress of grievances. ADL operatives had no right to use
illegal means (stolen press credentials, documented by the FBI) to disrupt
peaceful antiwar protesters gathered in Madison Square Garden in the 1940s'or
Arab student engagement activists in the 1960s, or anti-Apartheid and peace
activists in the 1980s and 1990s. ADL has long sought to stand alongside the
FBI in order to thwart closer scrutiny of its unlawful activities and foreign
agent activity. Some undercover ADL operatives claimed to be "civilian
auxiliaries of the Justice Department" according to one complaint released
under FOIA. Allowing this gradual ADL penetration of the FBI to continue unchallenged
stands to undermine public confidence in the FBI and Justice Department.


SACs were further referred to read the following
"ADL Spies" by Jeffrey Blankfort
"ADL Spied on Arab Students" by Grant Smith
"Secret Files Reveal ADL Spied on Noam Chomsky" Asa Winstanley




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6 Responses to Court petition against FBI collaboration with ADL

  1. Alba Etie says:

    May Pollard rot in jail now and Forever ..
    And may These United States wake up soon to the realization that our national interest are in now way necessarily aligned with the State of Israel .

  2. Jackie says:

    I’ll second both of those sentiments. Pollard really sticks in my craw and no. Israel’s interests should receive zero consideration from us.

  3. Alba Etie says:

    And it looks like that Israeli Governmnet has just announced thousands of more new settlements just before the nice round of kabuki peace talks start..

  4. Jackie says:

    I’m not surprised our “best” friend in the middle East has just stuck a giant middle finger in our eye. Not to mention the Palestinians eyes.

  5. Bill Veris says:

    ADL is a hate group.

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